Been with her for years!! Toothed whales also often live together in groups, called “pods.” By living together in groups, toothed whales can work together to hunt for food. A toothed whale also uses its teeth very differently than most other mammals. Dr. Ziegler explained everything and had me meet the Oral Surgeon prior to implants. Usually, the whale doesn’t use its teeth to chew. When a toothed whale locates a group or swarm of potential prey it may signal to other pod members that it has found a source of food. The other type has something very different, called baleen, instead of teeth.

My daughter has braces and has to go every month and I never feel burdened by making the trip because I am in and out quickly and the office staff are very accommodating. I’ve been with them since I was young, I’ve always had a good experience. Than…. that’s how great she is!!! Best decision I’ve ever made.

Believe it or not, some species of whale do in fact have teeth. Recommend highly ! How will my inability to eat during the first trimester affect my baby? I trust Dr. Ryan. Simply beautiful everything about my visit was great. Me devolvieron la confianza en sonreír. Thank you guys! Great professional team of doctors and their amazing staff. We Are Open – Safety is Our Top Priority! New patients are welcome! I get a hello and smiles from everyone I come in contact with. Después de haber tenido una mala experiencia en otro lugar. All rights reserved. My son has been a patient for almost 17 years. Clean, and amazing stafff!! Dr. Ryan truly cares, and did a great job putting in a crown. I would recommend anyone to come to this office, but above all I think this is one of the best places to go to! His Assistants the girls are wonderful and Magali is a gem. Toothed whales are usually smaller than baleen whales, though there are exceptions, such as the enormous sperm whale.

The whole staff was friendly and my son enjoyed the visit.

Love Maria! Best dental experience ever. Happy to be a patient from them. They have also been observed using distractions to separate one marine mammals from its group or pod so that they can make an easy meal out of their prey and are even known to leap onto icebergs in an attempt to capture seals or sea lions.

Very considerate and nice and understanding let you ask questions always gave answers never belittled you or made you feel like you can’t ask questions and just awesome ! Dr. Ziegler is Great. Will continue to come here for treatments. Baleen is a skin derivative. The whale with the biggest full set of teeth is the sperm whale. What is the timing order of an 1985 Plymouth horizon? You must Go see them for the BEST quality dental care. My hygienist is Janine and she is the best. I recommend this group as the best at what they do. Most toothed whales have cone-shaped teeth. The best service ever! Will recommend to everyone I know. Baleen is similar to bristles and consists of keratin, the same substance found in human fingernails, skin and hair.

Una excelente atencion y muy profesionales se los recomiendo son los mejores en Miami. Girls are all pleasant, professional and most important of this place… ALWAYS on time.

The whale then pushes the water out, and animals such as krill are filtered by the baleen and remain as a food source for the whale. The staff was very friendly and polite, and the doctor explained everything to us in a good maner. From the time you walk in they make you feel special. My wife an I have been coming here years, now my youngest son has use the orthodontist services…..very professional office staff and dentists……, Had a wonderful experience the doctor and staff are amazing. As the names suggest, one type of whale has teeth. In fact one of the only species believed to be able to swallow a human is the sperm whale, which hunts giant squid that can measure in excess of 40 ft. long, however these marine mammals typically hunt for their food thousands of feet below the surface of the water, which is significantly deeper than a human is able to dive (without special equipment most people are unlikely to dive below 30 ft.).