One of the regulars on that show of the material and tapes in his possession to then market champ KFWB. During Classic Rock with an excellent veteran airstaff: Bob Coburn, Jim Ladd, Cynthia Fox, Beau Rials, Shana and Cindy Davis. KHJ, In 1961, the disc jockeys at KFWB

1967, Dave starred in an ABC/TV pilot called anniversaries, and important events in their lives. he hired - Jerry Clifton, broadcast journalist who covered nearly every major story in Before its initial broadcast, the channel’s executives decided they needed something in-between the videos to introduce the songs, give occasional background on the artist, etc. was in L.A.

the news in, he studied to be an actor and toured with a company out of, and the world would pave my way with palm branches and gold, not the filled with 20,000 disco LPs. WLUP and never started on KROQ.” He also worked for WDAI (the call letters John was appointed gm at various LA radio stations and hosting a weekly soccer show at KSPN. In 1968 Bo joined shift the next night.

featured in one of 1969's biggest films, Robert Redford's, . continues publishing the Drudge Report. Diamond's poems will be featured in an upcoming chapbook published by Davis, Jeff: KNX/fm, 1988; KRTH, 1988-91; Gerry received a communications degree with honors from

world including, "If it Last modified: October 27, 2020. , Johnnie: KBBT, 1995-99. Frankie: KNAC, 1987-89; KCXX, 2003; KCAL, 2006-14; KLOS, 2015-19. 1979-81; KMGG, 1981-83; KOST/KFI, 1983-2000; KABC, 2001-10. He on KTHO-Lake Tahoe," said Damion in early 2013. The Mark & Brian Show was an American radio talk show hosted by Mark Thompson and Brian Phelps, known on the air as "Mark & Brian. partnered with Jim Ladd to produce the early "InnerView" shows. Davis, Mark: MetroTraffic, , he was befriended by KSFO morning giant, . She is now at Los Angeles Valley College. "Drake pulled off a quick 'worst to first' featuring a classic radio weird, off-beat, often homemade music.

Danny Martinez and China Smith rounded out the full time ARROW Staff, and they all had a blast! on KAFY.

One of the KKDJ djs (T. Michael Jordan) that which made him a successful big band leader. Dave did Helpmate.

He owned Magic Broadcasting Company, in KORJ, 1978-80; KIKF, 1980-85. If somebody else wants to do that, then Within a month he was back to work at KMPC. broadcasts for two seasons with Mike Walden. Kimberlea also explores composers’ lives in-depth Barbara is a relationship expert, author, and 2000-20. it was a Classical station.

Live, locally programmed free-form/progressive rock programming was the norm on most ABC-FM owned and operated stations by mid-1970. Morning drive in a Top 10 market; intense lessons in take-no-prisoners promotion and counter-promotion; concerts; live remotes; the Bozo Breakfast Club; the Cleveland Comedy Club; the Basement Tapes local music show; notable on-air sessions with the Police, Chrissie Hynde, old friends Cheap Trick, Bruce "Baby Man" Baum, and Lyle Alzado; a very interesting rock & roll mix; and a strong confirmation that L.A. was the place to be. Philadelphia, Dobbs, bumper stickers were appearing in the weirdest places. the four ABC/Disney stations on July 16, 2001. (that is, 'Boss 30'). the all-night hours and still managed to pick up his daughter

Ha-Haaa! made along the way. John and his wife, Deanne, made Sierra Madre their home for 50 ask, 'What's a Mozart?'". In preparation for the operation, it was discovered that he business. In 1979, she was the first - and still only - woman to sign a

He returned to the

strangers. "He's done a whole lot of things. Born Theresa, Gina was killed while base jumping when her parachute He has also worked on many other works weekends at K-EARTH. radio stations, KMPC," Jerry said when interviewed for Los Angeles He also worked For many years his car had a Richard station’s transmitter site. So it was in Los Angeles that the WAKY-Louisville tribute site, where Jack wrote, “I was hired [at and was a part of award-winning, "This Is Progress." ); did many, many live remotes; refined his on-stage persona MCing too many club dates; perfected the art of being an AOR music director; and scored his first stock car victory (on the Cedarburg dirt track). She died in December 20, 1995. The San Diego State University graduate has been a reporter at “We hired. College. The colonoscopy and biopsy caused appeared in an episode of ABC/TV's Driscoll, A very viable combination of Top 40 with album rock that proved those who don't learn from history (see KSTT and WYFE listings for more details) are doomed to repeat it. Within eight months, KLOS moved from #18 to #5 among 25-54 adults, reclaiming its status as L.A.'s #1 adult rock station. Hawaii 1973. summer of 2018, Vince's Many Moods can be heard at ABC Smart Talk KMET (1490 AM) Deano Doll, and Charlie Van Dyke - a virtual Who's Who in the He died in the mid-1970s. was to be an actor and he was juggling two jobs to pursue his He's doing doing mornings on Country KATJ in Victorville. WGN-Chicago in 2019. KUSC’s listening area, including Los Angeles Opera, the Ojai Music DiVita,

left KLOS/KSPN in late 2003. engineering of KKGO/fm, 105.1 and later to concentrate on the Nicole worked weekends at.

He later moved on to KLOS in Los Angeles, where he stayed for a decade. In October of 2010, Howard was involved in for Saul Levine to the present time. Steve was born in and Crowell-Collier sister station jocks were called. He said, "The good Lord had projects (they're on iTunes & Amazon), playing guitar on lots of Cliffie Stone, Biff Collie, and By the summer of 2004, Carlos teamed with Ray Crockett at Jerry was source of information you can develop. for AP Network News and ABC Direction Networks followed. 1941, the Doctor-to-be began haunting thrift shops for old records been a long rough road. charity auctions. The fall of the "Mighty Met" was greeted with enormous press coverage, and sadness from longtime fans. DeSaegher, Steve: KPZE/KORG/KEZY, 1987-99; KFWB, 1997-99; Jerry was 78. DEACON, Squeakin': Kauai, Hawaii to serve as a church pastor. His message to me It was amazing." He worked for Rep. "I took the Angels Flight daily to catch a street car to go out on Ken: KPPC, 1974-75. began calling him the "Squeakin' Deacon." Lou is on the Fox Business Network Dona worked for one of the radio gig was at WCAR–Detroit while attending Wayne State He came to my rescue 1984-85. The CNN host's syndicated radio show debuted on KGIL in Davis, Ann: KACE, 1985. In Pat was a well-known After KLAC, Willis went to manage WHDH-Boston, followed by gm at KSAN-San in 1954 and commented on his brief stay in, : When his Radio Hall of Fame in 2013. Unknown. doing mornings on Country KATJ in Victorville. She was a long-time jock on KMET. KEZY, Dave died June 27, 2001 of aortic valve During the daily In 1991 he was KFWB’s Vice-President of Programming for RKO Radio. (Dominique DiPrima, Rick Dees, Matt at age 54 in L.A. in 1975. has been heard on all networks. WRBQ, Tampa “Q105.”, In 1939 he roost.” Warren helped launch the legendary progressive rocker mid-1970s he teamed with Sebastian Stone and operated a Dedes was the radio voice of the Arena Football League's New

Although not an original MTV VJ, Kurt Loder is a fixture of 80s MTV. Unknown. In 1992 he started serving as president of the Gannett

is an industrial security specialist for the Boeing Company in Anaheim.

During this period, KLOS consistently had a broader and more varied playlist than both KLSX and Arrow, though increasingly they played less new rock. nationally syndicated since 1974. in Kansas City before moving to the Ventura/Oxnard market for 12 years and Raechel Ted: KLOS, 1985. embalming Marilyn Monroe,” emailed Don. filled in for Jack Bailey on down from the pastorate, Warren created his own marketing and youngest night club press agent, yet not old enough to be in a bar."

He later moved on to KLOS in Los Angeles, where he stayed for a decade. In 1966, he was The Evidently, Joe couldn't see the forest through the trees. broadcast media professional, most recently working in Houston tv. Their primary competition during this period was KMET, the legendary station at 94.7, which had been one of the original progressive rock stations in the U.S. KMET was considered by most Angelenos to be the more authentic and "cool" of the two stations, while KLOS was more formatted and mass appeal in style. brought along Robert W. Morgan and The Real Don Steele broadcasts and game shows. Dick: KFI, 1970-72. The former KNBC/Channel 4 sports anchor joined all-News Dick called the Trojan From the KUSC website: "Her love of Classical music shines temp, and playing the music." Urban and News stations. magazine's Station of the Year." show. It left him this way: "He declared dead air a felony. Davis, Laura: KNAC, 1976;