The best breathable face masks for playing sports and... All of the best vacuum sales at Walmart for Black Friday, Get the Instant Pot VIVA for only $49 at Walmart. She became “so popular that guards were assigned to fend off her admirers,” the Times noted. I wasn’t feeling well that Friday night, and almost went home sick with a migraine, knowing she could take over the 10 p.m. show for me.

Officer Miguel Moreno, 32, died June 30 after being shot in the head while stopping two men on the street near downtown the day before. “Much too young. The photographer who worked with Michelle on that final story, Sal Salazar, is still with us at KSAT. Firefighter Deem, 31, died fighting a blaze in a Northwest side shopping center on May 18 while searching a burning building for potential victims. Here she’s seen in the WCBS-TV newsroom in 1980. The longtime democratic state representative who served  District 120 for two decades died at age 74 on Dec. 19 following an extended battle with cancer. Here, she leads the news with the Amadou Diallo murder trial. TV news anchorwoman Michele Marsh, who left San Antonio in 1979 for a groundbreaking career in New York, died this week. Longtime WCBS traffic anchor Tom Kaminski was one of too many fans to count who posted remembrances of iconic New York City anchor Michele Marsh, who left her job at KSAT in 1979 to anchor at WCBS in the Big Apple. Michele Marsh in a promo during her KSAT-TV anchoring days in the late 1970s. She was headed places that, as it turned out, we were not. “In this fast-changing business, there are still several of us that were here that day, and I know we will never forget her beautiful smile and amazing personality.”.

I am so sorry to hear of her passing.”. I will miss her beautiful smile and her infectious laugh, and will always be grateful for the time she spent as part of the KSAT12 News team,” said KSAT News Director Bernice Kearney.

Polunksy died Aug. 20, at the age of 85. She was only 30. I’m a better man because Michelle was my friend.”, RELATED: '60 Minutes' star embraces life in the Texas Hill Country. If you need help with the Public File, call 210-351-1241. She came to KSAT as a news producer in 2000.

Instead of watching Michelle on the weekend edition of KSAT 12 the next day, I would take her place and anchor the most difficult newscast of my life to date. SAN ANTONIO – To those of us who’ve spent decades working at KSAT, this week in Spring brings a moment of remembrance of one of the worst nights in news coverage in San Antonio, a night when all the bright cross talk of KSAT’s 10 p.m. Nightbeat went silent. Michelle was a smart reporter, a beautiful looking person, a full-ride Loyola University scholarship recipient and one of the nicest people you would ever have the pleasure of meeting. “Rosenda is one of the kindest, most generous women I’ve ever worked with. Maine was the home state of another San Antonio TV news veteran, former KSAT anchor Don Colson. Julie Moreno, Executive Producer/Digital Content. San Antonio viewers also remembered Marsh. She was not only a great journalist and a consummate professional but someone I was honored to call my friend. A Wednesday New York Times article reported she was at her home in South Kent, Conn., at the time of her death Tuesday. I miss Michelle.”. Even if you did not know her with us 20 years ago, take a moment and join us in remembering this lovely woman, who reminds us all that each day is a gift to be celebrated on this earth.. It was in the final minutes of the Friday, March 26, 1999, newscast, when our producer told us in our earpiece that there had been an accident with our news crew.

She told The Bangor Daily News in 1976 that she had gotten fan mail “from little boys who say, ‘Let’s run off together, my father owns an ice cream truck.’”. RELATED: WOAI-TV anchor welcomes first baby. She anchored the weekend newscasts and was part of the KSAT Defenders Investigative Team. Today, numerous scholarships carry Michelle Lima’s name and her picture remains on the wall at KSAT in memory of a bright, shining star, taken far too soon.

Garcia, a former anchor and consumer reporter in the '80s and '90s on San Antonio TV, died at 65 of congestive heart failure on Feb. 24. San Antonio musician Fernando Herrera most widely known for playing for John F. Kennedy just hours before the president’s death died Sept. 12, in San Antonio at the age of 88.

Her “What’s Driving You Crazy” franchise was very popular with viewers. Anchor Steve Spriester worked alongside Michelle as weekend anchor for years.

He was formerly a key administrator in the San Antonio archdiocese. In 2000, Michele Marsh also anchored the 6 p.m. news on New York City’s NBC affiliate. She offered to stay and anchor for me, but I said I’d muscle through. Salazar also rightly noted that KSAT work procedures changed from that point on, as well. “She was the definition of professional.”. Marsh, who worked at KSAT …

Saw Michele on WABI-TV. and publisher of La Prensa died June 25 at the age of 82.

Reporter Michelle Lima had reported live from the scene of a search for a missing 9-year old boy. Her first marriage, to Nathaniel Price Paschall, ended in divorce. She was 63. She writes on a wide variety of topics from breaking news to trending stories and manages KSAT’s daily digital content strategy.