Ah woo woo I hope u understand our love for our V and remaining BTS members toooo. sungyeolhaetdeon nal chajajwo taehyung broke records w sweet night bc HE IS TAEHYUNG... he would’ve done it regardless of if ur white ass was involved or not. [74] "Outro: Wings" had been deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS. BTS also set a record for shortest time between consecutive concerts at the large Gocheok Sky Dome venue for 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour in Seoul. She has no idea what she got herself into. Caught in a lie It’s not cute trying to steal the whole song and claim it like you wrote it all. nae useumeul dollyeonwajwo not tryna hate but they WROTE every single word in the song??? 벌받는 나를 구해줘 A producer has many roles that may include, but are not limited to, gathering ideas for the project, selecting songs or session musicians, proposing changes to the song arrangements, coaching the artist and musicians in the studio, controlling the recording sessions, and supervising the entire process through audio mixing (recorded music) and, in some cases, to the audio mastering stage. [95] In its third week, it moved another 1,000 copies, spending another week as the highest-selling K-pop album in America. And regarding the husband's tweet, ARMYs didn't do anything wrong . Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I mean "There is no point, we are all working in this together"..? Co-writing is in the name, she helped and participated in the song writing process and, therefore, is credited for song writing. At the time, during a VLive, the singer revealed, "I wrote the song while I was abroad. Mr.&Mrs.Melanie Fontana claimed that they wrote every single word of the song which is a lie. Caught in a lie 1 hit on Gaon Digital Chart. REALLY?

Sweet night is not only popular for its lyrics but a soulful voice which v has.. sorry but she hasn't spoken about sweet night ONCE until it broke the records and then suddenly she claims that it's her song and she and her husband wrote every single word of it?

You always come my way 이 거짓 속에 헤어날 수 없어 Countdown on October 13[65] where they performed three songs: the lead single, "Am I Wrong" and "21st Century Girl" the first week.

Verse 2, Cont’d: Jimin. Please go sit your racist ass somewhere else. )‘Cause something has changed, you’re not the same, I hate itOh, oh-oh, I’m sick of waiting for love, loveOh, oh-oh, I know that you’re not the one, one, it’s so good omg . Next track on February 13, 2017[40]

This realm was familiar to me in almost every way – my mother and father, love and strictness, model behavior and school.” A view of a mist-covered forest then appears on screen, but when the camera pans out, the image is only a scene from a television. That is proof that she is trying to take full credit. 순결했던 날 찾아줘

[104] [105][106][107], Within an hour of its midnight release, lead single "Spring Day" reached the top spot on eight online music streaming sites, including Melon, Mnet, Genie and Naver Music. The lyrics really stand out to me…, ~1:11 Whilst singing this, Jimin swings the pillow in front of him causing the feathers to come out, ~This again could be related to how Jhope also hit Jimin with a pillow, ~I’m curios to see what its significance is. (Be) Smooth like a like a snake

Please stop me.

[46], You Never Walk Alone is a continuation of Wings and contains stories that were not included in the previous album. [23][24] From September 28 to October 4 Big Hit Entertainment released concept photos of the album[25][26][27][28] on official Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages revealing the album will be available in four physical versions designated: W, I, N and G.[29] The album's track list was then released on October 5 on the official website and Twitter account.

It is available in four versions and contains fifteen tracks, with "Blood Sweat & Tears" serving as its lead single. 62. BTS to shoot studio album "WINGS" jacket photos! As reported by Koreaboo, Taehyung co-wrote the song with Hiss noise, ADORA, Melanie Joy Fontana, and Michel “Lindgren” Schulz.

Now articles praise her for work that she only partly contributed to (BTS usually change it anyway)," another stan added. view • edit. i geojit soge heeonal su eobseo mworado nareul nareul guhaejwo i cant even understand this rubbish, She did take to much credit when she was the one that was least credited meaning she did less work. [96] BTS made their debut in the Billboard Top Album Sales Chart on the week of October 29, 2016 with a peak position at No. Exactly!! Caught in a lie Mostly it's RM,Suga and J hope but doesn't mean that the others haven't!! Also, the fact that they don't understand just how hard ARMYs have been working to help BTS achieve milestones is proof of how dissociated they are from the connection that Bighit artists & their worldwide fans share.

You always come my way Melanie's husband stated that different cultures have different ways of taking credits. (Who are you? Both albums received positive reviews from critics. Really disappointing that we've put so much of our time, energy and efforts for BTS only to have their success claimed by someone else.

she didn't make the whole songs so she shouldn't act like she had a bigger part in it. [8][9] From September 4 to 13 Big Hit Entertainment released a series of short films for each member to promote the upcoming album. He wrote, "it’s incredibly sad to see that some #ARMY have still not learned that different cultures have different ways of talking about achievements. I can’t free myself from this lie Big Hit Entertainment lastly revealed the design and details of the physical album which would include a photobook, polaroid, mini standee and poster.[32]. Big Hit Entertainment geojisi nal samkiryeo hae Jimin: A WHITE WOMAN SHOULDN’T TAKE FULL CREDIT FOR A POC’S ACHIEVEMENTS. And Melanie did not once credit the other songwriters in her reply message to upmg post and that was where the whole argument begun.And she reiterated that she wrote the whole song.