Do you have extra time? I want to understand as needed, what that means. [inaudible 04:55:53]…. Congresswoman Lawrence: (04:25:00) Mr. Duncan: (02:05:36) I make that request on behalf of the committee. Namely, the Senate Leadership Fund and American Crossroads, correct? In my opinion, that would be incompetence at best, or perhaps this was intentional. Thank you, Madam Chair. Passed $25 billion from the US House of Representatives yesterday, and if you don’t get that money that we passed on Saturday, will the post office be fully operational on November 3rd? Chairwoman Maloney: (04:51:33) Can you-. They don’t want these changes. Speaker 3: (01:10:16) I called Senator Schumer. Speaker 11: (02:20:46) Did someone tell me that? Congressman Jordan. Thank you Chairwoman and ranking member. It’s typical of how this hearing has gone, and what’s amazing to me is that this bill had to be rushed out this past Saturday. I love your carriers. So at least in Wisconsin, you should be getting more revenue in with the election. Yeah, so there’s no different. Mr. Grossman, you are now recognized. Because these changes have resulted in, and you have said yourself in this hearing-, DeJoy: (05:16:25) He has a deep knowledge about the institution and how it can be strengthened. Congresswoman Plaskett: (04:41:41) In a tense exchange, Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper asked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy if his "back-up" plan is to be pardoned by President Trump. Ms. Wasserman Schultz: (03:25:16) Alix Matos, a protester from Cary, NC, attended the rally. One, either through gross incompetence, you have ended the 240 year history of delivering the mail reliably on time. Okay.

We’ve had a couple of other Democrats say that they didn’t have confidence in you, but they gave you a $25 billion blank check with no strings attached. Do you anticipate the election causing that to be rundown at all? But you’re adding fuel to the fire, and that’s the point I want to-.

Democrats here today are doing a great disservice to our postal workers and undermining American confidence in our electoral process. Chairwoman Maloney: (04:26:15) Madam Chair? DeJoy: (02:15:48) Mr. DeJoy, do you today, because this has been… You’ve gone back and forth a bit. In other words, is the USPS perfectly capable of handling any amount of mail that would be attached to our election in November? … than prior to my arrival. Speier: (04:02:19) Mr. Duncan, how much did the postal service pay Russell Reynolds to be the company to look for a replacement?

I’ll be happy to try and provide it for you. We’re working it very hard, and it will be a successful endeavor for the United States Postal Service. Madam Chairwoman, I ask unanimous consent to submit to the record two press releases from the US Post Office. Some of us represent dearly the people we represent. We had a briefing to discuss that just a couple of months ago.

Well, we want to make sure that … Campaign contributions are illegal. Is that true, Mr. DeJoy?

I receive it every day. Mr. DeJoy: (39:03) Another person I spoke to said she receives her mail now every other day, and still hasn’t received a check she’s relying on. Congresswoman Pressley: (05:01:17) Congressman Quigley: (05:24:08)

And if dozens or hundreds of mail-in ballots are dumped into blue mailboxes instead of left in regular mailbox for pickup or dropped off at the post office, would it make sense to report to the postal inspectors, make sure that those ballots are legitimate? Mr. Comer: (02:58:31) Yet the States and localities have been left wondering if this is no longer the case and what the president’s continued broadsides against mail ballots will mean in practice for those efforts.

Mr. DeJoy, I just want to apologize to you. An estimated 14.5 million rural Americans who lack access to reliable internet, rely on the postal service to meet their basic needs, including receiving life saving medications, collecting paychecks, and paying the bills. He’s running it into the ground, as he has declared bankruptcy a few times on his own businesses. Actually it’s saddening.

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez: (04:54:34) So, it’s actually the practice of the committee under Chairwoman Maloney to do just that.

It’s not just the postal boxes, the blue boxes, the mail sorting machines, but you heard from Congressman Cooper that the requirement about trucks…. I, as a supervisor of delivery, I know what it took to remove a post office box, it’s called a collection box, it’s not a blue box, it’s a collection box. And so we have a postal service right now that has $14 billion cash on hand, another $10 billion available to them with the treasury.

There was no Republican input, not at any step in the process.

It’s my understanding that the removal of mailboxes, whether it was 20 years ago, 30 years ago, or last week required density studies.