With so few of the special model arriving on American soil, there's no doubt that the entire allocation will sell out very quickly. What's interesting is that BMW of North America has since requested that the post be removed - something that it wouldn't really feel the need to do if the post were inaccurate. How do we know that this number isn't just a made-up figure? The U.S. allocation of the 2020 BMW M2 CS is expected to be around 400 units, according to a report in BMW Blog, out of a 2,200-car run. The changes are minor, but the CS looks more purposeful than the M2 Competition.

The steering reminded me of BMWs of old – lots of weight, a linear character from on-center to full lock, and a slight numbness.
The M2 CS is a car that takes an already good thing and dials up its best characteristics. The S55 engine remains a joy, revving eagerly and unloading torque in great heaping helpings. The M2 CS is the best of BMW, distilled down to a convenient, compact package. Some may even argue that this will be the greatest M car of the past decade. We predict insane dealer markups with this few available! A sizable lower cushion provides ample thigh support without requiring a separate extender, while the heavily bolstered backrests support the driver through corners without compromising on-road comfort. At the same time, where old Ms were surgical tools that required strategic planning to get around slow traffic, this coupe is a satisfying blunt instrument. But it's also one that will be hard to get a hold of. The M2 CS might look like a standard M2 Competition with some bits pulled from the BMW Performance Parts Catalogue, but dig deeper. Grip levels improve as the tires and track warm, and I can start exploring the M2’s performance out of corners – helping manage matters is a quick-shifting seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Then again, perhaps patience is key. And beyond the better-balanced mid-engine cars, an optioned-up M2 CS ends up nose-to-nose with the Track Pack-equipped, 760-hp Ford Shelby GT500. On a drier surface than the slick Monticello asphalt, this two-pedal M2 CS tasked with track work dispatches 60 miles per hour in 3.8 seconds. One of the M2 CS' few options, the $2,900 gearbox is in full automatic for this run.

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It's 45 degrees and gray at Monticello Motor Club in New York state, with the kind of drizzle that can ruin outdoor activities but doesn’t preclude them altogether.

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