These days I only use standard pressure stuff in the snubbie j frames.

No magnum recoil! The amount of powder in the case is irrelevant to the amount of powder burned. Unfortunately, this has happened to me.

Love the moon clips.

The second answer is there is a slight ballistic advantage over .38 Special, but there is also a significant cost advantage. (Reliability is five stars with 115 and 124 grain.). There are lighter revolvers shooting .357. Grip peg allows for a variety of grip styles to be installed. Tula steel and Federal aluminum tend to swell and expand in the cylinder. Monolithic frame is made from aerospace-grade, 7000-series aluminum in .22 LR, .22 Magnum and .38 Special models and from 400-series stainless steel in the powerful .357 Magnum, 9mm Luger and .327 Federal Magnum models.

The gun always goes bang, the cylinder always turns, and it shoots straight.

Whether it takes the form of gasses moving at 4000+ FPS, or unburned powder granules being pushed by those powder gasses, the vast majority of it exits the front of the handgun, just like the bullet, and contributes to the recoil.

Having put thousands of rounds through the pipe of Glocks using their trigger reset, I instinctively pulled again.

This doesn’t happen with every round, but one cylinder of each was enough. That’s a load I sure wish would takeoff to drive down prices. Not a hi-cap 9, but it is with me every day. It would alleviate the hanging pinky, but I think it cuts back on how well the LCR conceals. The LC9 is a double-action-only, hammer-fired, locked-breech pistol with a smooth trigger pull. I find that the SP101 snub nose with a spurless hammer carriers just about the same as the LCR, but you do need to have a good belt & tighten it good with the extra weight. While I normally carry, and prefer, higher cap pistols, for CC and SD purposes it’s hard to go wrong with the LCR’s. It’s the Glock of revolvers so…. Both rounds were intended to use in revolvers so that you didn’t have to use the clips.

Ruger LCR 9mm The 9mm LCR (top left) has a white front sight insert for fast targeting. Never had a crip jump. Surprising for a barrel cut in half, no? Glad to be rid of it. Our motto, "Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens®," The Ruger OEM seem thinner, the SBz often bind up the cylinder by the 2nd run of 5. However, the fact one round of 147 disabled the weapon forces me, to be honest, and real. I’ve had issues in the past with speed loaders and J-frames, but the moon clips make reloading fast and easy. Overall: * * * * It shoots extremely well, once you get through the learning curve. A 1 pound 357 Magnum is not for me to shoot with full bore ammo. echoes our commitment to these principles as we work hard to deliver quality and Various sources of handloading data show charge weights for .357 Mag/125 grain bullet loads to vary from 6.5 grains to more than 21 grains (! The stock rubber grips are wide and pretty good at displacing the recoil throughout your whole hand. The moon clips are at least a quarter of the reason I bought this gun. It’s because the 9mm LCR uses the same steel frame as the .357 version – both cartridges have similar high pressures, and the aluminum frame of the .38 Special models can’t handle the higher pressure. I’d be interested in an SP 101 with a 2.25″ barrel in 9 mm if they made one.

Replaceable, pinned ramp front sight with white bar. Maybe if I find an honest used magnum I’ll take it. And more and more companies are now bringing out 9mm revolvers. Ruger LCR 9MM 1.875 BLK/SS. I contacted Blazer and they said, send it back. On runs, it goes in a small cross body bag. Five rounds of the +P+ did NOT at all. The LCR 9mm weighs 17.2 ounces which are almost four ounces heavier than the Ruger LCR.38 Special. rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. With products made A harder push, but not for as long. Great ballistics, Easy to Carry, durable, none of the high recoil of the 357 or muzzle flash, or loud noise. Get use to this gun and recoil is very manageable.

Patented friction-reducing cam is a next generation design in fire control systems that results in a smooth, non-stacking trigger pull. With 115 and 124 grain ammunition the weapon has performed flawlessly.

), where 9mm/127 grain loads show much smaller charge weights (6 to 9 grains; with the smaller case, the 9mm CAN be more efficient; again, depending on the load). Grip peg allows for a variety of grip styles to be installed. Don’t get me wrong, the LCR is still a fantastic gun.

On the third full cylinder of firing, we had this occur with a single round. “If GLOCK made a revolver it would be the LCR.” I never would have thought of it like that, but it seems to fit this gun pretty well. I pocket carry some but mostly keep it in a drawer. responsibility. Can one crimp the 9mm ammo out of the box? I’ve found the SpeedBeez clips to be very difficult to work with. OOps, that was .38 S&W, I’m not familiar. Had a similar experience with my J-frame using 158g LSWCHP +P loads.

9mm rimmed is a duplicate of 9×19 except for the rimmed case.

The 9mm is a closer kin to the 357 than 38+P. I also reload a lot of 9mm ammo and it shoots all very well. If I want a 9mm revolver, I’ll get a S&W, a Ruger Blackhawk, or a used SP101. For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community Lightweight power, easy to carry IWB (Blackhawk! Stings a bit. Hogue Tamer grip and Polycase 80gr ARX are the only way I can get through more than 5 rounds 5 times at the range. I do not give reviews, but now in 2020, and owning the gun for 5 years now and shooting it very often, I can say this. The Ruger LCR 9mm is about the same size as the Ruger LC9s semi-auto, which holds three more rounds and delivers less felt recoil. When a revolver is fired, the rounds in the cylinder are hit by some G forces. Mousegun Addict did some great chrono work as well. To date, I have over 500 rounds of ammunition through the gun and this is the only time this happened. I love the trigger and shooting a snubby is always a fun challenge.

Capacity: 5

Ahhh. 9mm: 1090 fps. It handles well, carries like a dream with my Alien Gear holster, and reloading is fast and easy. If so, the maximum pressure would be almost 3x that of .38 S&W – I seriously doubt any gun designed for the latter would withstand it without undergoing catastrophic failure, most likely blowing up the cylinder (and a finger or two off the person holding the gun). It hanldes a lot nicer than most one pound pistols,. My EDC gun is the LCR in .327 Federal – 6shots of a fairly effective load (1500fps), laser grips, light, reliable with all of the ammo I have tried in it (headspace on a rimmed case allows a serious crimp on the bullet), compact when carried in a DeSantis Belt Slide holster, and I pack an extra 8 rounds in an IHL flat belt pouch with a TuffStrip. They aren’t as bulky. Most of the power of a lighter 357 load with higher capacity. I see that a lot with folks that “ride the reset” after shooting Glock (or other striker-fired pistols).

I wish we had the 9mm Federal Rimmed back, but evidently it would fit into 38 S&W chambers. (Oddly, when I asked the lady at Walgreens what nail polish is best for guns she suggested white matte on the spot.). Style: * * * Lovely trigger. Even a heavy tap on the ejector rod won’t eject them. You’re right that the extra weight is because it’s chambered in 9mm, but it’s not to tame recoil and prevent bullets from jumping the crimp. .45 auto rim gave people that owned surplus 1917 Smiths and Colts an ammo option that didn’t use the clips. Great gun, Thanks Ruger! I still feel this revolver is light enough for near anyone to carry without complaint. Even 115-grain loads tend to slap the palm a bit. I think I’m still angling towards an SP101 in .357 for the extra ounces to soak up recoil. To solve the pinky finger issue, try our no finger groove tamer grip. LCR ® Monolithic frame is made from aerospace-grade, 7000-series aluminum in.22 LR,.22 Magnum and.38 Special models and from 400-series stainless steel in the powerful.357 Magnum, 9mm Luger and.327 Federal Magnum models. There is no way the recoil energy is less than a .357 Magnum, but it is likely experienced differently. I practice with 125g lead loads but went to 125g jacketed HP for carry loads. And the 9mm will have the robust build of the 357.

I’ve included a link here if you want to take a look. I’d like to know the brand, load name, and “model code” (from the box) identifying each load, as that .357 looks surprisingly slow for the bullet weight listed (maybe it’s a low-recoil load?). You have convinced me that moon-clip 9mm revolvers are not a good choice. Of course, you can get a grip laser or a laser mounted on the trigger guard. lines. I put a Tritium night sight and a LaserMax laser on mine for a best of both worlds. Customizable: * * * * owned the same, it was absolutely brutal to shoot so I sold it. With products made One smooth motion and then release fully. A .40S&W SP would be intriguing as well. 9mm 124g +P. Those the LSWCHPs? The LCR in 38/357/327 are all probably five-star guns. The answer to the first question is simply because I wanted it. 9mm +P max SAAMI pressure is 38,500 psi, or 10% higher than .357 Magnum.

.357 125g. The .357 Magnum has a larger case capacity than the 9mm, so in the rare cases where velocities are equal (or nearly so), it generally uses more powder to get the same velocity at the same bullet weight. The pistol was heaver but the single action trigger wasn’t any better.

Steel cartridges against a steel chamber in these instances result in stuck cases.

I sold it shortly thereafter. Really though I just wanted it, I don’t need or have a real reason. Go figure. But honestly, if you feel the need for buffalo bores you should probably be carrying a .357.

Trigger is out of this world, easily concealable, and reliable as all get out. See individual spec sheets for model specific features. Seriously? I like the little gun, even though it’s ammo picky, and I lost the front sight insert, and the grip is too short. “The exception that makes the rule”, maybe?