The web belt hanger was doubled over and secured with a rubber band. Bayonet Knife, M7 The Ontario Knife M7-B Bayonet and Standard Scabbard, 6277 is made in the USA. Later production had a smooth pommel and were marked "HMAK." Bayonet-knife for use on the 7.62 mm. The Army, Navy, and USAF still use M7s and may do so for years to come. Haven't handled the new ones yet. Finn's designs proved extremely popular, and were widely counterfeited and sold illegally by other makers.

Designed to be used as a hand weapon or fighting knife, the M7's primary role was as a bayonet for the M16 rifle and the M4 carbine. "1005-300-5378 [1][2][3] It is a refined copy of the Russian AKM Type I bayonet. Made in 2009 by the Ontario Knife Co., of Franklinville, New York, this example is from contract W52H09-06-D-0068. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - What is the difference between an M11 and an M9 bayonet?

Other than some verdigris around the brass rivets and glove fastener, the scabbards remain perfectly preserved after more than 50 years in storage. Another M7 still sealed in its factory wrapping. Other manufacturers included Carl Eickhorn [for Colt], Columbus Milpar & Mfg. The M7's 1095 carbon steel blade is 6 3/4 inches long, with an overall length of 11.9 inches. Nice Vietnam-era examples (with scabbard) regularly bring twice that. HTK is an abbreviation of Hærens Tekniske Korps (Army Technical Corps). M8A1 scabbards were produced by two additional manufacturers other than Beckwith Manufacturing Co. (Victory Plastics) and the Pennsylvania Working Home for the Blind.

—Imperial Knife Co. (later, Imperial Schrade Corp.) Another example, still sealed in its factory wrapping, contains both the M7 bayonet and a black M10 scabbard. [2] Most notably, the diameter of the muzzle rings, and the locking mechanism. A/        11/70". CAGE:  20014 P/N  1100077

Later M8A1 scabbards were manufactured with a modified extended tab on the web hanger to provide more clearance for the M5 bayonet which rubbed against the wider bayonet handle.

The M5A1 incorporated an improved press catch design. DAAFO3-73-D-1046. Bayonet-knife for use on the caliber .30–06 M1 Garand rifle. (MIL-PAR), Conetta Mfg., Frazier Mfg., General Cutlery (GEN CUT), and Imperial Knife. The draw animations are different too.

From the little I've been able to dig up about it on the net, the consensus is that it is better than previous bayonet models like the M7 and M9 at doing the things that knives are supposed to do.

"Mickey" Finn at his R&D company, Qual-A-Tec. Foremost of these was the M7 bayonet, introduced in 1964. Some M8 scabbards were later modified by adding the M1910 hook. Phrobis III: The Winning Edge",,,, Articles with dead external links from March 2020, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles lacking in-text citations from July 2015, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from October 2017, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Smith and Wesson, Phrobis, Buck Knives, LanCay, and Ontario, This page was last edited on 6 October 2020, at 02:56.

However, none have similarly received M14 rifles, so the presence of M6 bayonets is not explained. These bayonets first surfaced in 2017, about the time Turkey returned 13,000 M1 rifles to the U.S. Government. Restraining Lace used with the M8A1 Scabbard. During its long production run, Colt Ontario Knife Company, Carl Eickhorn, Columbus Milpar & Mfg. Early production is believed to have been produced by E & F Hörster. The scabbard construction differs from the MKE scabbard above, being a more refined copy of the U.S. M8A1, with a belt hanger made of webbing. The belt hanger on this example is made of canvas, folded and stitched. The basic M4 bayonet design became the basis for subsequent U.S. M5, M5A1, M6, and M7 bayonets, until superceded by the M9 in 1986.

This package contains two M8A1 scabbards assembled at the Pennsylvania Working Home for the Blind in 1968. It was introduced in 1964, when … AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types.

This M7 example is still sealed in its factory wrapping. In contrast to the design of military M7, most commercial M7s had long sloped or curved runouts. Stylistically, the M-16 rifle was a radical departure from the long, heavy, wood-stocked weapons previously carried by GIs. The M9 multipurpose bayonet system is used as a bayonet on the M16 series rifle, on the M4 series carbine , as a fighting knife, as a general field and utility knife, as a wire cutter when used on the sheath , … Fraser had hundreds of government contracts and was most well-known for its design and production of vehicle mounts for machine guns.

Just be prepared to put considerable effort into making a bayonet into a fighting knife. I've got both the M7 and M9 bayonets. M6 producers included: —Aerial Cutlery Co. DAAA09-88-C-0366 It was adopted around 10 yrs ago I believe. The first of Colt's M7 bayonets were made 1961–1962 by Universal Industries of West Haven, CT. David Doyle is a prolific author having written more than 100 books on military hardware. DX2   4/73 Vietnam-era pieces are the most desirable. DAAE20-98-P-02418 A       1/99". After the Phrobis III bayonet contract was completed, rights to the M9 reverted to the United States Army and there were many subsequent versions from other companies. 1 EA DAAF03–67–F–0002. The maker's identification code, along with “US M7” were embossed in the underside of the parkerized crossguard on genuine GI-issue M7 bayonets (NSN 1005-00-017-9701). The steel parts have a uniform dark grey/black parkerized finish. Bayonet-knife used as a field knife by Denmark.

NATO caliber U.S. M16 assault rifle. M8A1 Scabbards Produced by the Pennsylvania Working Home for the Blind. Unlike other M8A1 scabbards, this scabbard body has a rough crinkle-finish and no metal tip protector. The M7 has been partially replaced by the M9 bayonet in Army service, and the Marine Corps replaced it with the OKC-3S bayonet. The Marines are evidently looking at a bayonet with a KaBar style blade. M9 is shorter, with a wire cutter and the back is suppose to be a saw. Neither The High Road nor any of its directors, members, managers, employees, agents, vendors, or suppliers will be liable for any direct, indirect, general, bodily injury, compensatory, special, punitive, consequential, or incidental damages including, without limitation, lost profits or revenues, costs of replacement goods, loss or damage to data arising out of the use or inability to use this forum or any services associated with this forum, or damages from the use of or reliance on the information present on this forum, even if you have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Bayonet w/Scabbard (M-7) The "Scabbard, Bayonet Knife, M8A1" is assigned NSN 1095-00-508-0339. The bayonet's grips are made of cast aluminum, painted black. Although it would mount to the M1 Garand rifle, it was typically issued as a field knife, without regard to whether the soldier was armed with the M1 rifle.

CAGE: 2V376 P/N 8427025

The M7 bayonet, introduced in 1964, was used as a bayonet on the M16 rifle and as a fighting knife. MAP records do not show shipment of any bayonets to Turkey, which explains the need to produce indigenous bayonets for the M1. "1005-00-076-9238 Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more. The olive green scabbard body for the Imperial-made Colt New Model bayonet is unique. Scabbard (middle): "U.S. M8A1" over "WD", Scabbard (bottom): "U.S. M8A1" over "VIZ/WD".

The modifications evidence crude hand work, suggesting these were done by a country that lacked modern production facilities. In addition to the M7, this scabbard will accept the M-4, M-5, and M-6 bayonets. It can be used as a fighting knife and utility tool. Supply Corp. 1005-07-9238 From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. The non-slip grips are molded black plastic. The cardboard box was produced in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, a town on the western edge of Philadelphia founded by Welsh settlers in the 1680s. 1095–508–0339 *French Gras Bayonets and Rifles for Belgians in WWI and WWII. Knife bayonet for use with the caliber .30–06 M1 Garand rifle. Bayonet-knife for use on the 7.62 mm. The cardboard carton has been unsealed, revealing two scabbards sealed inside a single cellophane wrapper. The M7 has the same two-lever locking mechanism as the M4, that connects to a lug on the M16 rifle's barrel. It is not surprising, then, that newly designed bayonets were issued with this weapon. I'm not challenging you, but as I had to carry a bayonet for 23 years (both the M7 and subsequently, the M9) I find it strange that someone would want to use one of these heavy things as a field knife. Plastic Wrapper: At the top of the scabbard a M-1910 bent wire hook was installed, differentiating it from the earlier M8. Late military as well as a few commercial M7 have more curved and less sloped runout, which are difficult to distinguish from authentic military examples, but certainly date after the Vietnam war. 1 Each

1 Ea.

The M7 was and is a cheap piece of crap as opposed to the M9 which was and is an expensive piece of crap. Viz Manufacturing Co. of Philadelphia, PA appears to have been the successor to the Working Home as prime contractor for M8A1 scabbards. They are fairly easy to find with a little looking. The USA provided 51,338 M1 rifles to Korea between 1950 and 1963 under the Military Assistance Program. The M7 was also manufactured in Canada, West Germany, the Philippines, Singapore, Israel, South Korea and Australia. —Utica Cutlery Co. Their marking also appears to have been added to some scabbard throatpieces that had already been marked "VIZ," appearing as "VIZ/WD," with the "WD" being off center due to its having been added later.