From there, anything goes. 1. No matter the mode, this narrow space is great for up-close-and-personal gunfights, launching attacks on enemies leaving the Gun Shop, or maneuvering to the Market Rooftops in relative secrecy. Look for a paned glass door leading from the main Market lane. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2020 & Warzone - Wiki Guide. Duck behind the narrow scaffolding at Bridge’s edge to heal, call in a Killstreak, or swap weapons. Several objective modes require breaching this massive site; read on to find out more. Losing a confrontation? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Stadium Access Codes & Locked Doors - How To Open. Read this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 (CoD: MW) guide to learn about the Rammaza map! Hotly contested in any mode of gameplay, the Electronics Shop is the location of several   important objectives. But, Ruins’ main lane shines in Hardpoint or Headquarters, where an objective is placed on the covered, grassy path that directly links Road East to Back Alley.

Features Tons of Hiding Places It's overall design evoke that of a village broken by war.

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Upon exiting, you’ll face a ramp made from sandbags and destroyed scaffolding, which you can climb to reach the furthest end of the map at Road West, where the Electronics Shop is located. This restaurant can also serve as a HQ location. In Domination, Coalition players might forge straight ahead into the Barber Shop, which hosts the A Flag. Creep from room to room to clear hostiles or exit through a door at the Café’s west side to infiltrate the map’s core. And, Back Alley makes for quick traversing between spawn locations. The unpredictable urban setting leaves tons of room for experimenting with creative tactics and strategies. You can view the revised policy. Rammaza's abundance of buildings makes it one of the more camper-friendly maps in the game. Stay frosty. Coalition fighters should keep this in mind, as the western locations of both hardpoints can be easier to access for Allegiance. /r/ModernWarfare is a developer-recognized community focused on the title. Check Out the Rammaza Map Guide Here Map Layout This open-air location is perfect for launching strategic attacks into the road, across the map to the Bridge and Construction, back toward the Market, and even into the Back Alley. Formerly an up-and-coming civilian town, Rammaza is a location hit the hardest by Modern Warfare’s global conflict. The Café’s west exit also provides access to the northern part of Market Rooftops. Or, wage war atop the open-air landing, which looks down at the B Flag, across the map to Construction, and toward the map’s opposite end at Road West. This route grants quick access to the Back Alley, where bomb locations can be found in both in Cyber Attack and Search and Destroy.

The main landing is accessible via two staircases.

Or, hang a left and follow the Road West path, where the B Flag in Domination can be found. From the Bridge, several semi-concealed walkways grant access to Construction. Turn around and climb the ladder to scale the building and launch attacks from the roof.