May God bless you with longevity and make your health flourish. It teaches me the value of living each moment as if it were the last. Stay happy and healthy. God does not just use you, but He also uses you in order to bless and help other people. Happy Memorial Day. May all happiness in this universe be yours on this day and until the end of time. May you build a ladder to the stars. And may god bless you in your travels in your conquests and queries. An incredible celebrant since you deserve more than a centenary to live.

On this special day, I pray that Heavenly Father will bless you with all the exciting things that life has to offer.

It’s the rigid expectation which taints the soul. I hope that all your dreams come true this year and that you are in good health. May your noble dreams become your reality. And may he always bless you for … May your heart be attended by the hosts of heaven. I pray that you always end up victorious in whatever you do. With your company, my bosom is always rich in love. Thank you for supporting and mentoring me. I hope you have many years decorated with love and joy. Have a good soul my dear one. If you ask, then ask Allah [alone]; and if you seek help, then seek help from Allah [alone]. I am Jitendra Sahayogee, a writer of 12 Nepali literature books, film director of Maithili film & Nepali short movies, photographer, founder of the media house, designer of some websites and writer & editor of some blogs, has expert knowledge & experiences of Nepalese society, culture, tourist places, travels, business, literature, movies, festivals, celebrations. Stay healthy and stay alive for eternity. It's a very worrying time for all.

May the divine protection and favor of the Lord surround you every day of your fabulous life. Thank you, God Bless you, and may He forever bless these United States of America. To all of my friends.

We balloon up with negative emotions. I wish you have a wonderful day. Those days mainly come as birthday, friendship day as well various festivals.

On this special day of yours, I pray that may lord will give you all the joy and happiness that your heart can contain. The sun is grateful to shine upon you, the moon is delighted to be your guide, and I am grateful to be your friend. I love you dad. May blessings as numerous as the sand on the seashore accompany you every day of your life.

Having the opportunity to be your uncle has been one of the best things the Lord has given me. Stay here forever in good health, baby.

You have been exactly what I prayed for in a boyfriend, and today being a special day, I will take this opportunity to beg the Lord for the success and joy in all your efforts. Showing search results for "May God Bless You And Keep You Safe" sorted by relevance. May your soul never be troubled. Have a quiet life. Surely Allah knows what’s best.

And climb on every rung, May you stay forever young,”. May You enjoy much love and happiness throughout your lives together.

Today, I pray that Almighty God will lift you up in everything you do and put immense joy in your heart on this special occasion and during your days on earth.

~Anonymous . In God's embrace, no one is ever alone or forgotten. Laugh at your pain and give way to your happiness by doing so. Required fields are marked *.