Think you're an expert in TerraGenesis? What you need to know is in here. Infobox book/doc; Infobox book; Community. I'm trying to play Venus and the lag is horrid. I know there is a fix in the works, but in the mean-time, I've deleted my Moon game and that has helped some. Category:Templates should cover all templates in the wiki. Wiki Activity; Random page; Videos; Images; Discuss. There’s even a fully-featured ecosystem simulator based on the principles of genetic engineering and biodiversity. If you feel that a template belongs on this page, do not hesitate to add it. Splice genes to create entirely new organisms, and build a global ecosystem from the ground up! If you delete your games from your phone, you're updating that information to the server, so the games will be deleted from the server. Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into this Game. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Are you seriously reading this entire list point-by-point? they don’t cost money), Reduced the “bump” value when rendering planets for softer features, Improved lag when swiping through the Saved Games lists in the Fast Game Switching menu, the Orbit Selection screen, and the Random Planet Generator, Improved planet rendering of atmosphere and clouds, Improved formatting of Hestia thread list, Improved the formatting of Chinese language names in the Language list, Improved text formating on Victory screenshots, Hid all “cancel” and “X” buttons during the tutorial, to prevent players from getting off-track, Fixed a bug where the Native Birthrate on the Stats page in all cities would be 0, regardless of the population, Fixed a bug where credits would be collected from the Welcome Back popup and then immediately disappear, Fixed a bug where planet names wouldn't be translated on the Fast Game Switching menu, Fixed a bug where the Planetary Defense Network wouldn’t show up in screenshots from the camera button, Fixed a bug where the tutorial highlight frame in the Culture section would be misaligned on populated worlds, Fixed a bug where buttons from the UI would show up in a screenshot from the camera button in View Planet mode, Fixed a bug where using the camera button in View Planet mode would permanently freeze the UI, Fixed a bug where victory could be reached on planets with 0 population, Fixed a bug with Cloud Syncing on accounts with many games, Fixed a bug in the Russian version of the tutorial that would block users from getting past the Research step, Fixed a bug with uploading screenshots through Hestia, Fixed a bug that would cause native villages to be abandoned at the start of a game, Fixed a bug where cities would be abandoned randomly on Biosphere games, Fixed a bug where a Gaian random event could add biomass to a natural satellite, Fixed a bug that would change the player’s faction after victory on Historical Earths, Fixed a bug where there would be no confirmation pop-up after purchasing the Flat Planet Mode, Fixed a bug that would lock the UI when visiting the Satellites section on Beginner mode, Fixed a bug where players couldn't log into Cloud Save, Fixed a bug where the Hestia support screen would fail to load, Fixed a bug where rapidly tapping on the tutorial popup would prevent the highlight frame from appearing at the end, Fixed a bug where the Culture step of the tutorial would be shown repeatedly for some users, Fixed a bug where multiple Exit Confirmation pop-ups would be displayed if the "Back key" is stressed, Fixed a bug that would show the Welcome Back popup during the tutorial, Fixed a text overflow in the Switch Game list, Optimized server connections in several places, Added the Lens Flare effect to the Welcome Back popup, Added a new, in-house customer support system, Added quick-start for new players, auto-launching them into a Gaian game on Mars with the tutorial enabled, Added a new Incoming Transmission button design (coming soon), Added “victory completed” text to Stats Summary page after victory is achieved, Added a random event for discovering Natives on Earth, Added a random event celebrating the Moon Landing, Added several new random events that only happen in Flat Planet Mode, Added more social links to Rewards section on second world, Added victory banners on Orbit Selection screen after achieving victory on a world (only applies to victories after installing 5.1), Added “tap to continue” label to Worldkiller countdown popup, to make, Added tap-to-copy on the Firebase ID, lower-left corner of the Control Panelit clear that you can tap on it for more information, Added in-game years to the Culture section and Event logs, Fixed the starting air pressure and temperature of Titan, Fixed a bug with the background in the Orbit Selection screen on very-wide devices like iPhone XS, Fixed a bug with cloud saving on networks with a bad connection, Fixed a bug where you couldn’t build the Planetary Defense Network on Cretacea, Fixed a bug where there is no confirmation in-game about the GP's purchased amount, Fixed a bug where the missions menu could be activated from within other menus, Fixed a bug where the app crashes after accept terms and conditions, Fixed a bug where navigating through menus in Japanese the text starts disappearing, Fixed a bug where the Genesis Points section disappears from the Store in French language, Fixed a bug where the game may crash, freeze or take long time in any screen transition on mid to low end devices, Fixed a bug where external audio (like music) would auto-pause when launching TerraGenesis, Fixed a bug where Ragnarok’s cracks would only glow on the nightside of the planet, Fixed a bug where the tutorial highlight frame background wouldn’t reach the edge of the screen on iPhone X, Fixed a bug where the credit value on the header bar would jump, rather than animating the value up, Fixed a bug where there would be text spillouts on the Fast Game Switching cells, Fixed a bug where the Resolution change popup wasn’t localized, Fixed a bug where the Independence level would decrease, Fixed a bug where the user could quit the app during the beginning of the Victory animation, and thus miss the Victory screen, Fixed a bug where the text "No Connection" spills out from the purchase button in the Starter Pack, Fixed a minor bug with facility names on Stats page, Fixed a minor bug with the LaGrange Academy, Fixed several incorrectly-placed highlight frames during the tutorial, Tutorial: Fixed popups so the text doesn’t jump up row-by-row, Tutorial: Added a location suggestion for placing cities and outposts, Tutorial: Highlighted various “X” buttons to clarify player action, Tutorial: Players are now required to research something during the tutorial, Improved efficiency of the translation system, Improved the rate of extra habitations for Sons during random event, Increased efficiency of the saving system, Adjusted several texture compression settings for better performance, Made several optimizations to memory handling for better performance, Limited “Echoes of the Past” event by mission years, Having the Planetary Defense Network built now gives you 50% more warning for Worldkillers, Removed the faction-specific requirement bar from the Culture screen on TRAPPIST-1 and Historical Earths worlds, Removed the habitability popup to improve game performance, Blocked all Incoming Transmissions until the end of the tutorial, Numerous minor tweaks and polishes to the tutorial, Improved planet lighting on Victory screen, Improved the Error Code system for Cloud Save errors, Improved UI spacing on New Game Details screen, Improved Worldkiller menu spacing on extra-wide devices like iPhone XS, Added “?” help buttons to Organism table section headers in Biosphere section, Added a note to the Random Planet Generator before purchase, clarifying its use, Added a “skip dialogue” option for Historical Earths worlds, when playing a second time after achieving victory, Added faction info popups to the Culture screen when tapping the faction icons, Added much clearer instructions for victory to Culture screen, Added the “Welcome Back” popup to the Notification Log, Added Native Villages (if there are any) and habitability status to the screenshot overlay text, Added planet name and faction icon to the Stats Summary screen, Fixed a text spill out on the Satellite table, Fixed a bug where demolishing a mine would increase the ore amount in that location, Fixed a bug where a new organism’s name wouldn’t show in the input field, Fixed a bug where Gaian games would reach Victory without achieving Paradise status, Fixed a bug where the alien artifact on Asintmah would fail to fire, Fixed a bug where the Population Stats page wouldn’t show negative effects, Fixed a bug with incorrect upgrade time calculations, Fixed a bug with the Horizon victory condition mission, Fixed a bug with upgrading a downgraded facility, Fixed a bug where a Worldkiller impact would reduce the air pressure of planets like Venus, Fixed a bug where the Current Priority on new worlds would be “none”, Fixed a bug where demolishing a facility you paid GP for wouldn’t retain the extra space, Fixed a bug with the flightpath of the ship on the Victory screen, Fixed a bug where Worldkiller missions didn’t actually cost any money, Fixed a bug with the facility names not loading properly when playing Biospheres on Lethe, Fixed a bug with the planet positioning on the Victory screen, Fixed a bug with app permissions on Android, Fixed a minor bug with population calculations when building a new city, Fixed a minor bug with the hex button positioning, Fixed several “star screen of death” issues, Fixed several minor issues with the Pressure Stats page, Adjusted Natives Missions list order to be latest-first, Adjusted “Incoming Transmission” button so it doesn’t overlap the header bar, Adjusted the revenue from Natives Missions and Faction-specific random events, Adjusted text to read “independence” rather than “victory” on the Stats Summary screen, Worldkiller impacts now clear out and reload Priority missions, Reduced the rate of Worldkillers happening multiple times on a single world, Numerous minor optimizations to the Cloud Saving system, Reduced the rate of the Industrial Accident random event, Allowed external app audio to continue playing when launching TerraGenesis (Note: TerraGenesis music will also continue to play, but can be disabled in the Control Panel.