see also: Napoletane by Modiano→, Above: unopened copy of Neapolitan pattern No.97 by Modiano in factory wrapper, export tax stamp visible on the ace, 1958. The courts stand on coloured platforms and the eagle on the ace of coins is double-headed and uncrowned. This post is about making your tarot deck look older and more vintage. It is also popular in Argentina and Brazil, brought in by Italian immigrants, mostly in the Scopa di Quindici variation. OMG! Above: later edition of Napoletane pattern by Modiano. Was wondering if you read the cards with a revered meaning when they are drawn reversed? My fam is half Italian as well. tan (nē′ə-pŏl′ĭ-tən) adj.

It has a small format and examples are known from the late 18th century. Scopa is also played in former Italian colonies such as Libya and Somalia or some other countries like Tunisia with changed appearance in the cards. I remember my grandmother laying them all out in 5 row 8 in each row and she would point to a woman then the cards closest to her was the answer of the future ...can anyone help with who the person is dealing and asking the question/intention of the cards, 2- arguments, misunderstandings, conflict, separation, 3- cheating, meddling, 3rd party influence, betrayal, 4- inactivity, a halt, waiting, no action, illness, 5- loss, endings, changes causing tears, rupture, cutting, break-ups, mishaps, accidents, 6- obstacles, blocks, restrictions, external influences, hinderance, inability to move forward, regrets, living in the past, emotional baggage, 7- depression, sadness, suffering, grief, great problems, burdens, pain, uncertainty, clouded thinking, alcohol + drugs, Fante/Donna (Woman)- gossip, lies, a female enemy/rival, ex-wife/gf, Cavallo (Knave)- a man who is cunning, only cares about himself, can't be trusted, enemy, false person, Re (King)- authority, man in uniform, gov't official, police, doctor, ex hubby/bf, the Law, 2- unions, contracts, partnerships, marriage, 3- little by little, increase, growth, branching out, 4- letter, written communication, paperwork, faxes, documents, paper, information, messages, 7-YES, success, realization of goals/wishes, abundance, achievement, dreams come true, Fante- female friend/acquaintance, coworker, in-law, Cavallo- news, delivery man, the post, visitor, Re- male friend/acquaintance, coworker, boss, in-law, 2- couple, relationship, mutual compatibility, harmony, 3- child, new beginnings, small, innocence, early stages, youth, immature, 4- home, house, family, domestic environment, 5- improvements, positive changes, transitions, pregnancy, birth, 6- the past, memories, healing, forgiveness, 7- emotions, intuition, feelings, true love, inner self, wishes, Fante- sister, mother, female relative, dear friend, Cavallo- friend, faithful, loyal, supportive person/situation, sincerity, Re- father, brother, male relative, dear friend, 2- crossroad, indecision, options, double, 3- meetings, verbal communication, conversations, speaking, phone calls, chatting, discussions, 6- gatherings, events, outdoors, parties, groups, socializing, 7- studies, education, knowledge, facts, the mind, Fante- female significator, friend, lover, coworker, Cavallo- travel, trip, vacation, movement, Re- male significator, lover, friend, colleague. Playing cards have been with us since the 14th century, when they first became a part of popular culture. Read more →. It mention a poular playing card (Neapolitan cards) where “frusc” is for a card with few value while “primmere ” for a card with no value. Log in. A Romance language of southern Italy, spoken in the area of the former kingdom of Naples.