Yes. Status in Country of Origin. It felt very real for me. She was too strong, too fast, and too beautiful… However, she was defeated by Heroes who opposed her ferocity, and her ambition was brought to an end. Please use proper spacing and paragraphs. And she only have one love interest and the relationship between them also develop as the story goes on. The translator has a solid length in footnotes and explanations, while also drawing attention to specific passages in particular. is a historic fictional novel. For example, in the arc where Claire's onee-sama, M (shortened to make it easier to write), is transferred to Claire's school. It does get revealed a bit later on in the story though. For example, MC's third uncle is her grandfather's only shu son. Links are NOT allowed. It's already pretty good that I didn't ask for the other party to not take concubines, not have tongfangs, and only have our Wan Wan in his eyes." Good to see even a little change. When he got mol*sted nobody believed him. Because if the original story is true, the male lead will fall in love with the princess of the ruined country and bring her back!

The characters are quite draw well. Format your description nicely so people can easily read them. Is happy ending by the way, since I couldn't wait and skipped to the raws LOL. abandoned the plot to preach her own views on real-world issues. Dunno, just read the summary since it was a boring pointless arc). It's enough as long as he can be good to Wan Wan.

Other people’s bad reputation, if not because of themselves, then it’s slandered by others. As my first shoujo ai/girls love novel, I came in purely out of curiosity. And of course ML has mental health issue from what he experience both past and present life.

In other hand, ML is described as a typical ML, super beautiful, etc etc, but he has super rotten (deliberately cultivated) reputation. The quality takes a nosedive later on tho. Honestly, I think I feel that same anger when I read about polygamy yet I tolerate it with the understanding that it happened in history, people have been. As the two were described negatively since the beginning of the story. At least the ML in this novel is unwavering with his love for the MC. His approach is unbearably soft that I even felt moved. The start was good, but the place the story is at now is tiring to read. Alright, for the sake of his disease not becoming more severe, and seeing how there’s no little three or little four and other little demons, Jing Wan rolled up her up sleeves and went all out.

Every mystery and sub-plot of this novel will be greatly satisfied.

Our family's second son will probably be just that in this lifetime, so I won't ask for the other party's family background to be extremely good either.

My favorite part is the cute family interactions and friendships. It could be better. Although some details are missed, I greatly enjoy it because the MTL is not that bad. The story itself is very thorough, very detailed. I figured I could do my part to give back as the audience and as a reader to determine if this is something you from the future would decide to take a chance on. The feeling of chasing someone that is clearly interested in others is enough. Format your description nicely so people can easily read them. Trusting in her ability!

I'd also recommend against it for anyone who's ever been the victim of sexual harassment, stalking, or other sexually motivated crimes as it will likely trigger you. As of now, these are my opinions and might be changed later. Her past life (modern life) she's already in her twenties. Like why? 1st Part Complete (112 Chapters+epilogue+7 extra), These are recommendation lists which contains. I just love it! Love it! Seemingly, compared to others' 'indifference', this kind of feeling made him happy.

Who picks son-in-laws like this? He's by no means a nice guy, nor is he a good guy either. There's a lot of politics in this novel and romance is secondary for the most part (although this probably changes later on). This plot is also frustrating to read, so I skip it as well.

This lacks a NTR tag.

If a girl is 18 and not married, she's already considered an old maid. I'm always up for some characters who have things they can do and things they can't, just like any normal human being ever.

A novel with new idea in QT genre, It was the first time I saw this kind of refreshing main plot in this genre. It was perfect. Her banter is excellent, and if you read it you can kinda tell it's not all cut and dry. Raising concerns for mental illness. Basically, every plot point from then on had nothing to do with telling a story and existed only to tell about her politics, no matter how little sense it made to the world she built. And there is none of that in this story. He himself was also accustomed to this. I've wanted a story like this for a while. Spoiler Overlord (Completed Project) (Licensed) Weird. By the start of the story both ML and MC have already been in this 'world' for a few years now. ML simply because of how deep his schemes go. (Edit: For me, Netorare is when the MC is chasing after someone that loves or is interested in a third party. The introduction of the fact that, to the public, the ML is infamous for indiscriminately favoring beautiful men and women for only 7 days of pampering. Sometimes I often be disappointed of abrupt ending of some historical novels.

Second, the MC's method of revenge was to use a scalpel. Also, his crazy-pants devotion for her that also doesn't just come out of nowhere -- the more we learn about his first life, the more we feel sorry for him... op mary-sue that holds her halo up with two devil horns (that inevitably attracts the ML) but this FL better suits the modern-day black-white-grey moral ethics that we all have, crossing some lines, just not her own. The main character's introspectives/narration are fairly interesting; it's not just your typical I have to do this and do that, etc. “I am the heroine of an otome game, so is it wrong to like the villainess?”.

As important as mc's marriage is, I don't feel much excitment or eagerness about how it will be resolved. Aaahhh, the whole thing about the ink orchid, how Grandfather Pei Shan understood Jing Wan wasn't intimidated or fearful of him which in turn makes him happy. Wait... some flashbacks are coming back. Who wouldn't if you experience what he went through. Also in the later chapters we get a bombshell dropped on us that one of the males is actually a female and we get an entire lecture arc about gender identity. A person has many sides, the one that you see maybe not always true. Forums > Novels > Spoilers. The system still thinks his host is kind though and that's pretty funny. She is one of the most interesting character in this novel, in my opinion. These are recommendation lists which contains. It just doesn't feel like that kind of story. They intended to retreat from the politics in their country by being teachers at the academy but are forced to go ahead as "baits" to another country. The poor thing was tortured and committed suicide in hopes his death will make somebody listen but the parents just received money from the pedo and used the money for their other kids and his death was just covered up.

The story has a decent plot and is very engaging at the beginning, with multiple view points that make the story feel more intruiging. It was very bittersweet a realization to know that they both acknowledge that she could have stood in his home as the one and only. Sure, we get the drama of the Sun siblings, MC's marriage prospects, and ML's marriages from imperial decree but... At this point, I just skim thru chapters to see interesting tidbits and only reread if I get confused on what's happening. MC face-slapping others is a common pastime in cnovels and can get quite draining in some cnovels. His nickname is "the Living Enma" because he was so unpredictable and loved making trouble for his Royal family. Links are NOT allowed. Father is human, not bad not good, maybe useless but interesting, too. MC literally says, "I'm gonna go sexually harass Claire, now." To make it worse, Rei’s love became directed at the villainess, what does Claire’s future hold? When my husband went to war, I started preparing for a divorce. Novel Updates Forum. This novel has a pretty compelling plot and the author really spends a lot of time laying out every character's motivations and interpersonal relationships. In the original story, the male lead accused his ex-wife of abusing him when he was younger. I don’t understand how people can justify and romanticize ML’s actions towards FL.

First off, the translator is AMAZING. I have never seen a QT like this! It's a cut above exemplary and there's even a list of characters as well as glossary for historical notes which really shows the dedication undertaken. are that it's a decently written yuri novel.