They are black with red tails. If you want to keep two of them, then a 75-gallon tank would be better. They prefer slightly acidic water, and they can adapt to a number of different water settings, but they are more orientated towards warm waters.

For this reason, you need to pick the tank mates for the Oscar fish carefully. I’ll come to the heart of the matter, is your aquarium sufficiently enormous for one Oscar, in addition to some tank mates? Referred to as the “waterway hounds,” Oscars are known to grow close bonds with their owners; some even say that Oscars shake or sway their tail like that of a pooch. Dempseys make moderately great Oscar tank mates since they are about the same in size. Our team is made up of several writers all of whom are experienced fish-keepers, store owners and writers within the hobby. They also have a fabulous lifespan, often living for up to twenty years, and grow to a massive 12 inches long and sometimes even bigger! Severums are meek fish that will mind their own business. However, this kind of behavior can be a little deceiving as they are certainly not all sugar and spice. Oscars are usually an aggressive species. All of this is crowned with a spiny dorsal fin that runs right down its back and makes quite the formidable defensive weapon. Disclosure: I earn a small commission when you purchase products through my affiliate links – read more. This means that this species is not hard to care for at all, and it will eat a variety of different foods.

Severum Cichlids additionally coexist incredibly with non-aggressive species, for example, Silver Dollars and Plecos, so they are an extraordinary option to network tanks too. In short, they make a good tank mate for the Oscar fish as they are good-looking and also peaceful. As they age, the male of the species will develop a fatty lump on the forehead. The black ghost knife fish are semi-aggressive fish that would make good tank partners for the Oscar fish. Be that as it may, they do have a couple of particular requirements and this is expected due to their large size.

On the other hand, tank raised Common Pleco only reaches a maximum size of 15 inches. It would be fair to say that the Oscar is not the best at making friends with other fish, but nor is it the worst. Although these cichlids can grow 12 inches in length, they are exceptionally peaceful. The jewel cichlid originates from Africa – the muddy rivers in central Africa. They are a long and slender peaceful fish with a rather large odd-looking mouth. This means that if you intend to keep a single green terror cichlid, then they are suitable for tanks of 35 gallons or more. If you’re just thinking about buying an Oscar Fish then you simply have to read our Complete Tiger Oscar Guide.

An aquarium thermometer and heater will allow you to keep its water temperature between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. I have been working in the tropical fish industry for over 30 years now and I'm still learning. There are … Oscar fish have a special appeal to them. The size and the temperament can make them a great tank mate for the Oscar fish. They are not that demanding and are ideal for community tanks. Bichirs are passive fish, so keep an eye out for hostility on the Oscars end. The bala shark is quite a large freshwater fish species that can grow to up to 12 inches. The Plecostomus are well known for their craving for green growth; a large number of aquarists buy them to help keep their tank clean.

That is because they can get aggressive towards other fish and they might get territorial, too. Oscars are meat-eating fish, so your finned companion will welcome a substantial eating routine. A littler Convict ought to have the capacity to face the occasional nip or pursue. Be careful when they are spawning, though. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. And secondly, passive enough to stay out of the Oscars way whilst being aggressive enough to defend themselves if need be.

If this is the case, then you should get a tank divider or a separate tank altogether. They aren’t called “Terrors” just for the sake of it. But they only turn aggressive if they are running low on space or if they are threatened; also, when there are smaller fish in the tank that they can prey on. Any hardy species above over 3-4” with suitable rocks and Caves will be fine with Oscars. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t confront an Oscar if they need to. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. How Can You Tell If Neck Biting Between Dogs Is Too Rough? They have an elongated shape, rather like that of the red tail or rainbow shark, and spend a lot of time near the bottom. It has been accounted for that Oscar fish grow up to 1 inch for every month while they are youthful! They can reach an incredible length of up to 24 inches, twice the size of an Oscar. All these traits make the convict cichlid a good partner for the Oscar fish. We have a staggering collective total of 200+ Years of experience in the business between all of us who write for FishKeeping Forever. But they can be kept as a single specimen, which is why a 30-gallon tank would be good enough for plecos. Keep them well fed, and provide some big rocks and caves with plenty of water volume and a good size aquarium and you’ll have no issues finding suitable tank mates for Tiger Oscars. Ideally, 4 or 5 of bala sharks together would be great. However, they indeed aren’t for everybody. The Jack Dempsey fish is not an easy fish to keep in your tank. They also become more aggressive when they are breeding, so during that time, it might be a good idea to keep them separate. This, however, is rarely needed though, partly due to the bottom-dwelling nature of the Sailfin Pleco, and also its inactivity. How Can I Keep A Very Small Tank Well Oxygenated? Ideal tank mates for the Oscar will be firstly large enough that they will not fit in their mouths to be eaten. This has all the basic information you’ll need to know including cost of keeping one, breeding, size, diet and lots more helpful information.

Due to their peaceful behavior, they make a great choice for community tanks. You might need to be careful about putting some specific fish species in the tank with the Oscar fish. If you love fish-keeping and would like to join our team please email us at Also be mindful of putting small invertebrates and shrimp together with the Oscar fish, as they too might be under threat.

Oscars are excellent pets. Other species you should consider their natures and see if they are appropriate as tank mates for Oscar fish. Some Oscar proprietors will need to blend it up a bit and add a couple of other fish breeds to their tanks. It needs to be noted, however, that the Jack Dempsey like the Oscar, will eat any fish that are smaller than them.

The jaguar cichlid is a very attractive fish. Also, try to avoid having other smaller animals in the tank, like the smaller invertebrates – shrimp, snails, and other similar creatures. But when they grow up, they might turn aggressive to stray fish and smaller fish in the tank.

The convict cichlid would make a good choice for a tank mate for the Oscar fish. When searching for Oscar tank mates, typically you would be stressed over the Oscars being the aggressor. The majority of the fish that I have suggested as tank mates will require at least 50 gallons just for themselves, excluding the Oscar. They would make great fish tank mates for the Oscar fish because of their peaceful demeanor and also great looks. But above all, this is a very beautiful fish.

They look kind of cute to the Oscars grumpy appearance, making a fabulous contrasting look. While considering them as an Oscar fish tank mate, there are some vital components to consider. They can grow to about 20 inches in size and can live to up to 15 years if cared for properly. Do tiger Oscars eat other fish? These fish are very peaceful fish, and they tend to mind their own business in the tank. In general, they tend not to be very complicated to care for and should not cause too many problems if they get enough space and are treated well. They are known for their long bodies and an interesting appearance.

While it is not aggressive in community tanks, it can be aggressive towards stray fish in your tank. However, you should have the capacity to house them in tanks more than 100 gallons. With Oscar fish, however, they should get along just fine provided that you give them both enough space to live so that they will not clash and fight with each other. Named for their round shape and silver coloration that resembles, yes you guessed it, a silver dollar, this fish is one of the smallest on our list. Are Oscars a hardy fish? These cookies do not store any personal information. Where Do Penguins Live? Named for their round shape and silver coloration that resembles, yes you guessed it, a … We can say that the convict cichlids are quite similar to the Oscar fish in terms of behavior. By utilizing a test pack or pH meter for aquariums, you can accomplish the best equalization of acidity and alkalinity in your pet’s water by ensuring it remains between a 6.5 and 7.0 pH level. My name is Nadine; I am a passionate writer and a pet lover. The black ghost knife fish are mainly nocturnal animals and they are mainly of black color; then the only place where they are not black is on the tail, where they have white spots. Although they are somewhat less aggressive, Firemouths develop a moderately large body (6 inches).

The content of this website is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. In essence, the jewel cichlid is not an aggressive fish. The red-tailed sharks can grow to up to 6 inches. They can grow to up to 6 inches in size. Most of the fish I am going to recommend as tank mates will require a minimum of 50 gallons just for themselves, not including the Oscar. To conclude, the Oscar fish are stunning fish that are very popular because of their stunning appearance. Oscars (Astronotusocellatus) are a sort of Cichlid local to South America. In fact, they are a type of carp. Read what size tanks are best for Oscars here, Marineland Magniflow 360 Canister Filter 360 GPH | Pros and Cons, Green Mandarin Dragonet: Diet | Breeding | Size | Cost |Guide, Filter For A 20 Gallon Aquarium( Types, Price, Size ).

Your Oscar’s water temperature ought to be between 74° and 81° F (23.5° and 27° C), so you require an aquarium warmer and a thermometer. They are very peaceful fish, and they do not get in the way of larger fish as well.