That's not very good, although is Tanking is near godlike, Super Saiyan Goku (Angel) (Kaioken) next....because why the fawk not. share. REMEMBER, this is without calculating Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black’s boost to Extreme Class after he supers, meaning Goku Black actually hits harder than this.

[2] Toriyama originally devised Zamasu as a character who is on par in single combat with an individual who has attained the Super Saiyan Blue form, whereas other elements such as the retconned time limit of Potara fusions and Zamasu's effective immortality were added to make the fight more interesting. Present Zamasu/Goku Black (left) and Future Zamasu (right), as depicted in the manga adaptation. from the manga. Only thing that didn't work out was Black had no ATK links activated. [45] Shawn Sharis from IGN considers the final blow delivered to Zamasu by Trunks to be one of the greatest moments in Dragon Ball Super. Kofi Outlaw from noted that Schemmel's voice for Goku Black is very different in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Dragon Ball FighterZ compared to his performance in the FUNimation dub, which was released after the video games. I plan on doing this as long as I can find units to do this on.

The TEQ Golden Frieza EZA is 120% to all stats so making Goku Black and SSBKK 130% makes absolutely no sense. [9] Marsters has never provided confirmation as to whether he is involved with Dragon Ball Super as the English voice actor for Zamasu. "Instantaneous Movement", renamed "Instant Transmission" in FUNimation's dub)[13] as well as a variant of his signature move, the Black Kamehameha (ブラックかめはめ波, Burakku Kamehameha, lit. He got a critical, though, & only hit about 18 million. (未来からのSOS! I do this mainly because I believe many of these units are in actuality good, but don’t deserve what comes at them. Goku Black/DBS belongs to Funimation/Toei Animation/Shueisha & Akira Toriyama. We Investigate", "SEAN SCHEMMEL INTERVIEW PART 2 of 2: LIFE AS GOKU, Career Retrospective, Debunking Myths, + more", "James Marsters Talks Runaways and Where Dragonball Evolution Went Wrong", "Dragon Ball Super : un acteur de Dragonball Evolution a-t-il secrètement doublé le méchant de la série ? Valdez noted that it differs from Nozowa's performance in the original Japanese version, and that Schemmel has twisted his Goku voice to frame the character in a "destructive and disturbing light."[47]. THE MIRACULOUS POWER OF A RELENTLESS WARRIOR!" "Black Turtle Destruction Wave"). makes absolutely no sense" when he gives 120? [29] But the failed attempt to seal Future Zamasu by Trunks and Future Mai and Black being defeated by Vegeta causes the pair to realize they have underestimated their enemies, using their Potara Earrings to fuse into Fused Zamasu.