Licking the lips Gleaming eyes Your suggestions really helped me write this prologue. Sighing Her smile would brighten up the room. Crow’s feet around outer corners of eyes, Hatred, hostility Hi Kathy, These lists must be very helpful for writers with little imagination – for some do write in a mundane way….The really ‘clever clogs’ (to be applauded) can, sometimes, also overwrite and tend to really milk their prose. Writers need good facial expression descriptions in their writing to help the readers picture the characters, to convey emotions, and to set up lines of dialogue without having to write “said” or any of its synonyms. Glancing away

find more articles on describing character at our character writing hub. Squinting Kneading the face Cocking the head Wincing

Pinched lips Frowning or scowling Lowered head She is young, I realize. Fine platinum hair wisping out behind. his eyes narrowed

Minimal eye contact her expression hardened his expression dulled

Rubbing the chin

Do your characters nod or roll their eyes like marionettes?

Spitting Grinding teeth Trembling chin And if you don’t want to miss future free writing lists and other posts about writing, follow the blog — there’s a place to sign up below. Moist eyes Glowing cheeks Agony, pain, suffering she bit her lip she winced Curled lip Squinting Some common clichés to avoid in describing eyes: Even though facial movement can be effective for describing your characters’ inner thoughts and feelings and outward expressions of these, facial tics should also be handled with care: Overuse of facial tics is a common pitfall.

he squinted And sometimes in the middle of writing, when we’re trying to find the words to describe an angry expression or a sad expression, we draw a blank.

Grinding teeth Biting the lip Runny makeup Wrinkled nose Frowning or scowling Touch of a smile Thanks for your kind feedback, we’re glad to help and that you’re enjoying our articles. Partially opening lips, Deceit, deception, dishonesty Monitoring the face of the object of sympathy, Conceit, egotism, narcissism, vanity Thanks, Selena! Bulging eyes

Broad smile Wincing her jaw clenched I created this list of words for facial expressions to address that challenge. If you’re stuck for a facial expression, try a YouTube search similar to the following: facial expressions __________, where the blank specifies the expression you’d like to see. Sculpted face. 200+ Ways to Say Frown or Scowl It’s hard going to slog your way through 6/800 pages – however good they are when you’re a busy writer yourself. a line appeared between her brows Staring

Curling upper lip

100 Sexy Names for Contemporary Romance Heroes! Veiled skin wreathed in dark colours. he gawked she took in the sight of…

Does she glare, unblinking? Bared teeth Grinding teeth Humming or singing _____ glowed in his eyes Dark circles under the eyes Rigid expression Learning how to show surprise in writing can be a little challenging, because the “show, don’t tell” rule in writing is sometimes difficult when applied to emotions.