Despite Dungatar’s complications, Farrat considers the townspeople “his flock”, and this religious, Christ-like imagery here tells us how he is essentially their protector. Rear Window is a film primarily concerned with the events which L.B. She lost her son Hector and her husband in the Trojan war, her daughter Polyxena also died and Cassandra was raped. Use a pencil rather than pen. However, Farrat’s position is far more complex than meets the eye - as a police officer, he is entrusted with enforcing the “legal law”, yet must also contain the influence of malicious individuals such as Buela Harradine who would otherwise use the enforcement of that law to spread slander about individuals like the McSwineys, who she considers “bludgers” and “thieves”.

The consonance ’s’, Shakes so my single state of man”..‍. For a detailed guide on Text Response, check out our Ultimate Guide to VCE Text Response. As such, for both Salem and Dungatar, the very idea that anyone could move between the classes and make a better life for themselves is inherently dangerous. What are the keywords here?

Mr Brown understands that Christianity held no appeal for people well integrated in Ibo society, concluding that “a frontal attack on it would not succeed” (p.132) and thus introduces education as a new method of cultural displacement and erasure. What themes or characters are embodied within these literary devices?

If you're interested, How To Write a Killer Text Response ebook shows you the inner workings of my brain 💭- what I think when I see an essay topic, how I tackle it, and how I turn these thoughts into a high-scoring essay. Analysing Tilly requires an understanding that she believes she is cursed: starting with being exiled from Dungatar after the accidental death of Stewart Pettyman, and then finding her “seven month old” baby Pablo “in his cot...dead”, as well as witnessing the deaths of Teddy and Molly.

Unlike other forms of text, a collection of poems is not one continuous body of writing, instead a poetry collection is more like a series of vignettes, snapshots into poignant moments, in this case, of an author’s life. Give these essay topics a go. Remember, however, that the actions of characters are always connected to the themes and ideas the author is trying to convey. Not every book can do that - and, seemingly, on a surface level, you wouldn’t expect a novel about fashion and betrayal to do it either. Often the most emotionally pulling, these poems tug at the heartstrings and showcase the relationships between Peter Skrzynecki and his family, as well as his exploration of his heritage, his ties to his Polish background. Then, let’s broaden that out to interpersonal conflicts between characters. Helen then escaped from Menelaus’ palace to be with Paris, starting the war between Greece and Troy. Importantly, he joins the marines not out of patriotic pride, but because he believes it will aid him to pursue his academic curiosities and steer away from violence. Leave your details and we'll be in touch to better understand your needs. However, she is devastated by Beast’s (10) prognosis, lamenting “I am not ready”, despite having previously baulked at “Twinkie’s pacer” (11). Linking Sentence(s): In contrasting Lewis’ meekness to his boldness, Nowra alludes to the personal benefits that personal growth can have. If you’re unfamiliar with this strategy, then check it out in How To Write A Killer Text Response. However, in reality Friendly uses this action to manipulate the men to his advantage. The Dressmaker shows the audience the treatment towards Tilly Dunnage upon her return to fictional town Dungatar years after she was wrongly accused of being a murderess. The cartoon symbolises the famous movie, Titanic, and indicates that the Labor Party is bound to ‘sink’ against Baillieu and fail to ‘move forward’ to a victory. His initial ambivalence after Joey’s death is highlighted through the thick mist that covers the city and consequently obscures the people’s vision. During his exile, British missionaries arrive in Mbanta and establish a church. In the Trojan wars, the Trojans suffered great losses while the Greeks did not suffer. Or is he trying to criticise this belief by showing that women are so much more than just those being governed by their emotions?

Women of Troy by Euripides (Don Taylor's version), The Secret River by Kate Grenville Study Guide, The Longest Memory and Black Diggers - a comparative essay breakdown, Extinction by Hannie Rayson A+ Essay Topic. Click here to access the FULL version now! For The Crucible, that’s precisely why the witchcraft crisis is so threatening, as the Salemites are prepared to replace Reverend Parris and deny his authority. Yes, women do suffer, but do they suffer the most? Nancy and Sister Ruth Dimm are shown to be having a secret relationship in the back of the phone exchange building before the perspective moves back to Buela Harridene, who demands that Sergeant Farrat investigate the McSwiney children for supposedly pelting her roof with stones. This is best done through how you thread your arguments together, and how you make those links. In Static, Anthony attempts to negotiate his own wishes with those of his wife and family, leading him to wonder whether anything present in his life has been created by his own will or merely his eagerness to please others. Because it is summer holidays, and most people aren't really studying right now, this is for the truly keen beans, the people who are reading the text before the school starts, which, by the way, you should be doing. The first one will be Rosa, the poet. He was being sensitive and subtle instead of abruptly delivering the news. Achebe provides numerous examples of the clan’s dogma and brutal traditions denying people such as Ikemefuna or twins control over their lives (Chapter 2, 7). The negative implications of marriage are portrayed through Jeff’s act of voyeurism as the interactions between his neighbours personify his fear of marital entrapment. The Alexander, a transport ship for convicts has reached New South Wales, Australia after a travelling across the world for majority of the year. However, this is where the challenge begins. Nwoye, disillusioned with his own culture and Gods after Ikemefuna’s death, is attracted to Christianity and is an early convert. Without strength in unity, the Ibo are vulnerable to further encroachment of British control in their other institutions. This was one of the most commonly chosen text in last year’s exam, meaning that the assessors probably have read many good responses. This was one of the most…

One, Natan, the person who was murdered, toys with all his whores, demonstrating male dominance in 1820s Iceland.