"target=_blank><\/a>"), For experienced players, dungeons and raids, "Brothers Bound in Chains" (PK counter reducing), https://l2wiki.com/c/index.php?title=Spears&oldid=112432. If you do not know of Rogue Lineage, then I suggest getting to know about it first, however you are welcome within the server. We are a freindly house server for rogue lineage. Main weapon for Warlord class. So there aren't many people. Leveling up this passive and equipping a polearm is recommended for this class. Ultimate Hate: Increases damage dealt, reduces damage received, and provokes enemies to attack the player. ";h" + escape(document.title.substring(0, 150)) + ";" + Math.random() + Oh yeah, this my video also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teMgiOzklo0. Discord servers tagged with rogue-lineage. The Warrior can branch off into a handful of Tanks or a Melee based DPS classes. This passive synergizes incredibly well with the Abyss Walker's active abilities. Killy updated the value for the custom field on Mythril Spear

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The Warrior serves as an all-around solid tanking and melee DPS class.

Divine Link: Increases the defense of your party members depending on the number of party members within your party. Guidance: Automatically applies an accuracy increase buff to you and your party members when located in the vicinity. Lineage II Revolution is a mobile re-imagining of NCSoft's hugely popular MMORPG Lineage II. Force Mastery: This increases the player's attack power when wielding a spear or polearm. I can't trust that you'll live very long in this world.

This server is a Rogue Lineage based server. Mythril Spear * (Oresfall/Flowerlight) - [45] Silver. Seek Blood: Reduces target’s defense and critical resistance when attacking the target that has less than 50% HP. Graceful Mind: Increases the HP absorption rate of you and your party members. All rights reserved. They are a race ideal for those who prefer ranged or magic combat due to the natural affinity given to them through their passive skills. Specialized Classes allow players to branch off into a handful of different paths, allowing for more diversity in playstyle and party composition. Warrior Weapon Proficiency: When this skill is upgraded the Warrior will receive an increase in their attack when Sword and Shield, Spear, or Dual Swords are equipped. Below we will be providing an explanation of each class and the skills available. Critical Sign: Gains a chance to increase accuracy while attacking. Fiver: Players get a 10% chance to gain a buff that increases their physical attack when attacking. Lineage II Revolution offers a variety of healing classes and unique healing options, such as raw or "pure" healing and healing through regeneration over time. Espirt: Gains a 10% chance to increase critical rate while attacking. Cloth Mastery: For each piece of Cloth armor equipped the Mystic's attack power will increase, allowing the Mystic to deal more damage - or heal more effectively upon class transfer to one of four healing classes available in Lineage II Revolution. Frost Power: Chance to gain attack buff when attacking enemies that are affected by movement speed debuff. Death Whisper: This skill applies a critical damage buff to you and your party members in the area. While leveling them may prove tiresome, players and Guilds will always have room for tanks in their parties. Specializing in Heavy Armor gives them a higher defense than the base classes of the Rogue and Mystic, making them perfect for the front-line and players who might not be as adept at moving outside of AoEs. Light Armor Proficiency: For each piece of Light Armor equipped the Rogue will receive a percentile based increase to their evasion. Again, ROGUE INEAGE TEAM UP SERVER!!! Revenge: Players get a 10% chance to gain a buff that increases their physical attack when attacking. Spears are two-handed weapons, but, unlike two-handed blunts and swords, they have a broad hitting range and can damage several targets at once. Attack Aura: Increases the attack power for you and your party members in your vicinity. Accepting players new and experienced alike! Boost HP: Increases max HP of you and your party members in the area. Upon completion, new active and passive skills will be unlocked. It keeps the intricate class system of its predecessor intact. A server based around the roblox game rogue lineage. Good luck on your adventures, thea out, If you exploit & play Rogue Lineage, and you want some Azael Horns, join my discord. This is a RP about the game Rogue Lineage. Lucky Defense: Has a chance of increasing the defense of you and your party members when a critical attack lands. You possess a 10% chance to heal a flat value of health while attacking. Just a regular ol' Rogue Server, with the canon map and countless extra things to do in both Gaia and Khei.

Just a server that I felt like making. Tomes can be acquired by either: Purchasing one from the drunk old man in Oresfall by the bar, or being a race that naturally spawns with one. :

This server is also a place to just chill out in. Those that want to specialize in both damage and provide parties with invaluable status amplifying buffs should look into the Dark Elven Bladedancer and Elven Sword Singer. However, their characterictics are average. However, this means that they do not have any on strength in particular until reaching their first class change. While the Dwarf lacks any real natural attack power, this race makes up for it with their sturdy natural defense and high hit points, making this race appealing to newcomers to the game. At level 31 players will be able to pick one of several Ranged DPS classes below if they started as a Rogue or Mystic upon completing a series of class change quests. Doorstuck is a 15+ ironic homestuck meme server. 10% chance to increase movement speed by 20% for 6 seconds. Fiver: Gets a chance to increase critical damage when attacking. The Mystic specializes in ranged, magic combat, shooting spells at enemies from a distance while kiting around the field. Blaze: Gain a chance to increase attack power while attacking an enemy. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts While each healer specializes in their own style of healing, all are adequate options for PvE content. This is for fellow rogue lineage players, houseless, or with a house, to team up and work together, if you are a lord you can become an ally of our house.

Lucky Pure Heal: Has a chance of recovering HP of you and your party members when attacked. Lush Impact: Has a 10% chance to get a buff that increases attack power when attacking, lasting 6 seconds upon activation. Fortify: Increases the HP regen of you and your allies. with love, document.write("
Can be turned into Witch Malady for 1 Candy Point each, eaten for stats or sold for 5 silver each. However, they have the highest natural critical and attack stats in the game which makes them formidable when it comes to dealing damage. Swift: Grants you a chance to gain movement speed buff while attacking. You gain a 10% chance to increase your attack power for a fixed rate for 6 seconds.