Upon his death, his death date will be engraved on the monument at the cemetery. One of our memorial designers can schedule a design consultation meeting to explain the process of ordering a personalized burial plot marker. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. A companion headstone contains not only the date of birth and date of death but bu also the anniversary dates can be carved onto the marker. Our monument company only uses the best memorial quality granite. Some folks that are still living have a hard time seeing their name on a monument. Browse pictures of monuments, headstones, mausoleums and memorials in this PDF guide. You can still have both names listed on the memorial. The double (companion) slant grave marker pictured here was designed to memorialize the lives of William J. Talk with one of our award winning certified memorialists to get answers to your questions about monuments, headstones or grave markers.Ask an Expert Designer, We specialize in Jewish markers and monuments featuring Hebrew lettering, symbols and imagery. ", "Thanks Fred, beautiful job. We need a price list for your couple headstones. It was purchased in by Mr. Hellwig in advance of his own passing. This option is not restricted to those married in life; it is for all who shared a bond and a lifetime of unity. See photos of headstone epitaphs for married couples. Between their names is an engraving of a heart which is a common design feature for married couples. My two oldest kids are from a previous (two year) marriage. Pictured here is a private two crypt cemetery mausoleum commissioned by Anthony and Florence Lucadamo. This saves the family a substantial amount of money on cemetery lots since a grave space can cost upwards of a thousand dollars. Select roses with dimaond starburst above cross, Sealmark Rock of Ages Midnight Black Granite. Companion Flat - WCF 022. Home / Untitled ngg_pictures. These types of cemetery memorials are almost always made from high quality granite. These types of memorials generally have a wide base which rises at an angle (45 to 60 degrees) to a tapered top. Epitaphs for married couples or those in a romantic relationship. If you want to know how much a specific headstone costs, click on the "Request a Price Estimate" link above the picture so that we can contact you to provide pricing information.

How Married Couples Purchase Their Own Grave Markers, Pricing Info: This can vary, so you should always check with your cemetery regarding their policies. The marker usually states the name of the deceased and their birth and death dates. Order a Bevel Memorial Online from the City Monument Co. Order a Jewish Single Slant Monument for a Cemetery, Pictures of Jewish Grave Marker Designs, Epitaphs, Prices, Single Slant Style Jewish Headstones for Sale in Miami, Florida, 24” x 12” x 6” and 24” x 12” x 8” Jewish Bevel Memorials, Hebrew Memorial Monument Pictures, Prices, Inscriptions, How to Purchase a Custom Jewish Bevel Granite Grave Marker, Photos of Bevel Top Grave Markers for Jewish Families, Pictures of Jewish 24” Single Bevel Markers for Cemeteries, Pictures of Jewish Bevel, Hickey, Pillow Markers for Sale, Pillow (Bevel) Markers with Hebrew Lettering for Sale, Prices for Bevel Marker Monuments for Jewish Memorials, Single Bevel Shaped Granite Gravestones for Jewish Families, Costs and Prices for Cemetery Monuments in Miami, Florida, Get Direction For Upright Monuments For Sale In Miami, Get Prices for Upright Granite Memorials and Headstones, Heart Shaped Monuments for Sale in Miami: Designs, Prices, Monuments for Spanish Speaking Jewish Families in Miami, FL, Order Heart Shaped Cemetery Monument With Porcelain Portrait, Purchase Upright Monuments with Spanish Lettering in Miami, Shop for an Upright Monument at City Monument Co. Showroom, Upright Monuments For Cemeteries, Memorial Parks, Graveyards, 2 Names Are Engraved on Companion Upright Monuments, Buy a Companion Gravestone to Mark the Graves of 2 People. If a person was married, then the monument typically has two names on it, husband and wife. We will be happy to mail a color brochure to your residence at your request.Request a Brochure, Find out how much a grave marker or monument will cost. The bronze grave marker on the left was furnished by The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to the family of Paul R. Harmon (1925-2016). You are also welcome to place your order over the phone. Column Monument with Flutes and Crowns. As depicted this angel wing headstone bench was created with a 28" x 14" x 5" Seat a 45" x 10" x 36" bench support and a 60" x 18" x 6" granite apron. Many times, due to unforeseen circumstances, the spouse that passes second is not buried in the same location as the first. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; These types of grave markers are ideal when the husband and wife are buried along side each other. Some times married couples will discuss the purchase of a cemetery memorial with their sons and daughters and other family members. Unique designs can be etched and carved into slanted grave markers by the expert craftsman at the City Monument Company. Rome Monument is here to help and support you through the process of selecting or custom designing a loving memorial that is a fitting tribute for a husband and wife. ", Monument Company in Goshen & Elkhart, Indiana, Use the form below and tell us a bit about your needs and we'll be in touch to discuss your personalized monument, you can have both names on both memorials. Click here to contact the City Monument Company, headquartered in Miami, Florida. Our Stores are open and remote assistance is also available. (December 29, 1925 -) and Norma J. Hellwig (May 25, 1926 - April 3, 2008). Featured is a blue pearl granite memorial with gold leaf added to the crowns. We can also memorialize the person who died with images of the deceased in the form of hand or laser etchings or porcelain or ceramic portrait photos.

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