Bus yeh hai keh MA ka istamaal nahin hua … Jisne pehli jamaat bhi na paas ki ho, uskay chances zyaada hain, film industry mein, aajkal.‘.

Wahid’s old associates Pervez, Mysore, and Sohail, whom Wahid himself had taken aback with, were the flags of success in his own field. (Read Reason 10 to know more)!

And he wasn’t afraid to show his diverse multi-lingual talents!

Waheed Murad Actor Pictures Interview Biography Pakistani Film Heroes from the 1960's First film: Aulaad (Urdu - 1962) Last film: Hero (Urdu - 1985) Waheed Murad was the most popular and stylish romantic film hero in Pakistani Urdu films. The door of Waheed Murad’s room didn’t open until daybreak, so the hosts had to break the door. Waheed Murad Rare Interview with Anwar Maqsood Posted by Tariq Luqman at 12:37 AM. If you’re NOT a millenial, and vaguely recall his hay days in Cinema, read this. On his 81st birthday, search engine Google paid tribute to him by placing a ‘doodle’ on his homepage on which social media users from across Pakistan are thanking Google. When onscreen lives mirror real lives, we stand up and take notice. This was the only hero whose fans organized the fan club. The filmmakers were just ready to put their money into the experiment. His father was a film distributor in Karachi. One newspaper even wrote that 44-year-old Waheed Murad is no longer dead. Your email address will not be published. In 1966, Waheed Murad created ‘Arman’ under the banner of his own company ‘Film Arts’. Salt-halal employee showed loyalty to the old owner and gave him work in his Pashto film ‘Pakhtun pe Walayat Kamba’ which was accepted by Waheed Murad. The film, released in 1981, has flopped three of its four films. The goddess of fame was now pouring the jewels on Nadeem, the new hero from Dhaka. What can we say? Arts & Entertainment. A user named Bilal Dogar said that Waheed Murad is a hero in every heart who has spent all his energy renewing the Pakistani film industry. It was Pakistan’s first Platinum Jubilee film. Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2- A Sequel To A Classic. Waheed Murad was taken away too soon from us. During one of his last days interview , , sitting at his house named Armaan , in Gulberg Lahore, Jump to. Director Pervez Malik told former Arif Waqar in an interview that Waheed Murad had become very bad at achieving such a tremendous success in youth, and every success was just shaking his head.

Any takers? بھٹو نے سلامتی کونسل میں پولینڈ کی پیش کردہ قراردا... بادشاہ ملکہ کے ساتھ سوئے یا لونڈی کے؟اسلم ملک کا قلم. Meanwhile, the filmmakers have frozen Waheed Murad into a hero who just sings, sometimes teases and sometimes cries after the heroine in the gardens. Meray Paas Tum Ho – Do Our Dramas Need An Adult Rating? Do tell us if you find them! Artist.

Workout At Home? Waheed Murad is also the top trend today on social networking website Twitter in Pakistan. We presume, they don’t make ’em like him anymore!

The Pains of A Daughter Please Find Idrees Khattak, Funeral of Quaid Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan Visit to USA. The 1960s and 1970s in Pakistan’s film industry can rightly be called the era of Waheed Murad. Perhaps the next generation actors, and actresses have a lot to learn from this #ChocolateHero! Kashf – Are We Responsible For The Tragedy That Surrounds Us? Thus his appeal extended across ethnicities in Pakistan, and so does his contribution to Pakistani Cinema – a true Pakistani hero of the silver screen! His mother (Shireen Murad), his wife (Salma)and his daughter (Aaliya). A user named Qaratul Ain Ismail wrote that Waheed Murad is also the hero of this generation who was born after him. Take over the duties of. Showbiz Diary: Is it guaranteed that Mika won’t do shows again in Pakistan? Beautiful article. But Did It Work? Public Figure. He should pull himself aside and clear the path for young Nadeem. If you’re not humming this today, perhaps you should. How’s THAT for setting an example on youngsters? The #ChocolateHero sensation in Pakistan captured many young hearts, led the way for others to follow, and perhaps, if he had stayed with us longer, who knows where the Pakistani film industry would have gone in the past – perhaps a different way? Shamim Ara FanClub. And if that’s not enough, the ever popular melody Tumhain Kaisay Bata doon Tum Meri Manzil Ho, originally sung by Ahmed Rushdi, and later, (by many more) was picturized on Waheed Murad in his film Doraha.

Required fields are marked *. Always Preach Love No Hatred In his sudden and untimely death, he left behind his wife Salma – and the rest is history. The fall of Waheed Murad. عبدلستار ایدھی کیسے ایدھی ٹرسٹ بنایا طارق نسیم کی ... رنڈی اور اس کی حقیقت سعادت حسن منٹو کا قلم. The YouTube link mentioned both Ahmed Rushdi and Mehdi Hasan Saahab.

Which actor in the industry today, can measure up to his astounding achievements? His favorite hair dresser (if you still fancy a Waheed Murad cut): Rafiq hairdresser in Karachi and Khursheed hairdresser in Lahore. Waheed Murad’s father Nisar Murad was a successful distributor in Karachi. Waheed now got a side role in the films of Muhammad Ali and Nadeem, who accepted the request but they continued to grumble in their hearts. Artist. “, Tumhain kese bata Doon tum mere manzil ho ” was sung by Ahmad rushdi . It’s a moving cartridge. Waqas Khan Baloch wrote that Waheed Murad has made his mark on the subcontinent film industry. Jemima Goldsmith, ex-wife of PTI chief Imran Khan has extended wishes to Tyrian White, the alleged daughter of Khan, on his birthday callin... Race Riots spread all America after Minnesota Deat... Dilip Kumar Visit to Saudi Arabia Perform Umrah. Masters – When TikTok Stars Deliver A Light Hearted Romcom On YouTube. Pia Plane was Reported Multiple Defective Reported... پاکستان کا معیاری وقت سعید جاوید کے قلم سے.