I don't give a damn. “I couldn’t believe it.

Let's take this to the police now.".

In October 2016, Lulu Sosa  pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of second-degree solicitation of murder, avoiding trial and a possible life sentence.

And we average about 200 some members a month. But this time, he was looking for a different kind of knockout. Her next hearing is scheduled for later this month. In order to get Ramon camera-ready, police first had to consult some experts. And she had no idea that the whole time, I had a plan too. Mundo: I gave Lulu the impression that I was gonna reach out to a hit man, that I have the guys already ready. DETECTIVE: OK, well, you can tell her that's incorrect, if you'd like. Ramon Sosa is a boxing coach in the Houston area. I'm your daughter. This time Lulu was by his side. But Mundo did. Elias Sosa Death Fact Check. “She knew what buttons to push to agitate me,” Sosa told ESPN in 2018. Ramon Sosa: "Brujaria." Tell 'em I'm offering 'em jewelry. Mia's brother handed her the phone. For hitting me, dumbass. …This is what Lulu wanted, right here.

LULU'S SON: Please don't take my vehicle. …Our dad was a jokester. Ramon Sosa: I fell in love with the sport of boxing. "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant goes inside the twisted case of a man whose murder was ordered – and who lived to talk about it. This is what she wanted.

After a call to hotel security that night placed by Maria, the couple slept in separate rooms.

CBS News Next, they had to find Ramon a grave.

…I'm working people out a lot more and I see new faces all the time. Police had enough to arrest Lulu right there and then. The question now: will a jury believes Lulu's claims of abuse? UNDERCOVER AGENT: Heading out. "I would have never thought that anyone would want to kill me," says Ramon Sosa. Ramon says there was so much animosity between Lulu and his children that they weren't there for a major event in his life. Using his street smarts, Mundo would pretend to hire a hit man.

Ramon Sosa: I'm an ex-professional fighter.

Lulu was often generous with her friends.

According to The Courier of Montgomery County, Maria Sosa was sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree felony solicitation of capital murder. Everything good. And I did the pistol sign [gestures pointing a gun with his fingers]. …And she's working hard and hard and hard. Ramon hung up his boxing gloves and decided to pursue the American dream.

", For Ramon Sosa, the police sting to bring down Lulu seemed to be taking a cue from "Witchcraft," the first song they ever danced to.

These have always been for fighting in the ring and not even in the streets, not even in the streets.

Knowing Lulu was dead serious, Mundo had to think fast. Mundo: A conversation was taking place – about … a customer … that was there that supposedly was claiming to be a big shot, that he had connections of – of -- hit men, of just people that could inflict harm.

You know, looking left and right the whole time at a light. Mia Sosa: Personally, because that's my father, I want you away forever.

It's already too much, you know?

UNDERCOVER AGENT:  It's done. He said to call him Mundo. Tell 'em I'm offering 'em, you know, this much money.". As Lulu awaited trial, that assault charge against Ramon was dismissed.

After training for more than 10 years, Ramon took a shot at the pro boxing circuit. I'm somewhere safe. “I will continue to empower men and women around the world that see themselves in abusive relationships to speak out and get help. I took an eight count.

Ramon Sosa: After we start having problems at home, with the marriage, there was issues with the gym.

…she has so many people believe all this stuff that I had … put my hands on her? Powered by. You know, I'm tired of him. Ramon Sosa: She … told Mundo that … when they kill me, to make sure to take my watch … That is why I wear it all the time now. Lulu Sosa is shown the photo of Ramon, who appears to be dead, lying in a grave. He came up with a plan to stop her. It's an injustice, says her divorce lawyer, Julio Joglar. Mia Sosa: It's been a really good outcome for me, and for him. Ramon was ordered to move out of their home and stay away from the Woodlands gym. He came out fighting, helping police in an elaborate sting which meant he'd go down for the count in a most unusual way. Beth Blair: She doted on him. It was like being a superstar almost. …He came … in a strong way at home … and force to do things that she doesn't want in that moment. “I will continue to empower men and women around the world that see themselves in abusive relationships to speak out and get help,” Sosa tweeted alongside a photo of him on a press tour for his book.

The story has been the subject of many TV episodes and segments, including being featured on CNN, Crime Watch Daily, ESPN, Inside Edition and the ID Channel.

Ramon told no one about what he and Mundo were up to, and living in fear over what Lulu might be up to took its toll. I’m blessed to have live through it and now proud to help pic.twitter.com/shGNuNKR2i, In 2018, Ramon Sosa wrote a memoir titled I Walked in My Own Grave. You know, Ramon ends up dead? But it was actually all a ploy to protect his friend Ramon, who he called as soon as he left the gym. DETECTIVE: So he hasn't contacted you in the last 24 hours? Peter Van Sant: Was it emotional for you to be in here? …What caught my attention was -- was towards the end – of -- of the conversation, whose name came up. …That they fear for their lives -- for their lives, you know, living with me, staying in my house. According to the sneak peek, Sosa is a family man who was able to live after climbing out of his own “grave.” Correspondent Peter Van Sant investigates the story, which includes interviews with Sosa himself. Ramon Sosa: And that was it. Today, Ramon wears a precious reminder of how his time on earth almost ran out. Little did Lulu know that her roof was about to come crashing down. The boxer turned businessman and motivational speaker faked his own death (complete with pictures from the grave) to take back his life and return to his family.”. Ramon Sosa: Her attorney wrote up the orders that … I was abusive, that I hit her son.

Peter Van Sant: When someone in a murder-for-hire case actually pays some money, have they crossed a threshold? / Talk out they neck like a chain

Lt. Mike Atkins: This is it.

I took my frustrations out. She danced very, very well. Ramon Sosa: I don't think so. Mundo: The sheriff's department needed more.

You know, they got along really well. Ramon Sosa: And he tells me, "Lulu wants to kill you.". It shows the level of intent.

Ramon Sosa: Yes, sir. He was born with a fighting spirit. Peter Van Sant: What brought her to Houston? He started carrying a gun. I'm the only person alive that has ever walked out of his own grave.". LULU SOSA [handing money to the undercover detective]:  I have … umm… I have a thousand.

[Lulu laughs.]. ABC 13 reported that in July of 2015, Maria Sosa paid $500 plus her husband’s wedding ring to a man who she thought was a hitman but was actually an undercover officer. Ramon Sosa: Lulu has never had any problems with the law, she's a beautiful lady, a mother… we don't wanna go to -- to a jury trial and have one of the jurors feel sorry for her.

Ramon Sosa, center, with Peter Van Sant, left and Lt. Atkins, at the "dig site" where Atkins and his team staged Sosa's death and took photos. Ramon Sosa: Nobody knew where I was.

We got him today, this morning.

UNDERCOVER AGENT: He fought. We had a confirmation to her that the murder had taken place. …We were, like, just nothing to her.

When all her plans didn’t work she decided to have me killed. “The words kind of hung in the air for a split second and when I began to process the message, the words fell into my brain one by one,” he told the outlet. https://t.co/UDv9yYkZvx pic.twitter.com/Nch8sYGTrk.

Ramon soon learned where some of that money may have gone. Even my family -- everybody was looking for me … I was very, very upset … rage and sadness, all the emotions came through me. Mundo offered to get involved and hire the hit man himself.

…At this point I already had the makeup, they had already started with the bullet hole. In the book, D'Souza asserts that the 2016 Democratic Party platform was similar to the platform of the Third Reich. Ramon Sosa: "We're planning to take a picture of you -- dead. And all these are claims, not one of 'em -- not one have -- have I been charged for. Her father was on the line.