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Printer friendly. Learn a new word every day. Meaning: Jealousy., 'and I've got a friend here,' he continued, looking towards the man with the, Playmore, I now reminded him that the eruption which had overwhelmed the town had preserved, for more than sixteen hundred years, such perishable things as the straw in which pottery had been packed; the paintings on house walls; the dresses worn by the inhabitants; and (most noticeable of all, in our case) a piece of ancient paper, still attached to the volcanic, I surpassed myself, the suffering one; I carried mine own, On reaching the entrance to the forest she found the path strewed with, Rake away a place among the embers, lay it there, and cover it an inch deep with hot, I spare you all our consultations after I had produced the crumpled paper from the, On a low stool by the hearthside, the only article of furniture in the place, sat his mother, staring into a fireplace strewn with blackened embers and cold, In this Chapel is a marble chest, in which, they told us, were the, He had a right to be a LITTLE annoyed with the Queen, for he was covered with, When I had finished washing the dishes, I cleaned the cabin stove and carried the, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Adaptation Scolaire et Scolarisation des Élèves Handicapés, Aviation Support Equipment Technician Hydraulics and Structure, Abortion, Sterilization, and Hysterectomy.