Flytefoam Lyte is the bottom layer of the midsole. In the Kayano 26 they added more Gel cushioning in areas of the midsole to improve shock absorption. As it stands now and for use as an easier run and recovery shoe I prefer the Kayano. It runs from the beginning of the external heel counter down to the front of the arch. It is the top tier offering priced at 160 dollars, which is comparable to other top tier options. Your purchases help support RoadTrailRun. The Flytefoam Propel and Gel cushioning, stars of the midsole, work together to provide a springy feeling on every stride. ASICS GEL-Kayano 26 Ride. Without a full review period for the Nike, I can’t definitively say which I prefer, but I would take the Infinity React over the Kayano for anything that required some faster running, to be sure. There was some tightness felt in the midfoot and toe box. As it stands now and for use as an easier run and recovery shoe I prefer the Kayano. If the 27 has a similar shape then this shoe is probably again not for me. Most with “normal” feet won’t. Sam has it right; this shoe isn’t a NovaBlast or GlideRide (or even MetaRide!) Like the sole the upper is built with durable materials ready to handle some serious mileage.

The React midsole is softer and bouncier and more slab like than dynamic as the Kayano's midsole and ride is. Sam: The upper is an engineered Jacquard mesh. There is copious cushion here front to back with just enough rebound to keep things moving along. Pairing both - the Kayano for recovery and long runs, the GlideRide for faster runs and workouts - would make for a great combination. Here, the Kayano of old triumphs over any new improvements, and the generous slab of “AHAR” rubber, while probably a bit of overkill, will ensure this shoe lasts for hundreds of miles.

Sam: If you need some support and want to have a fast, light option the almost 2 oz lighter Forza 4 is the way to go. MSRP: CDN $220.00 Again it is an element like the Dynamic Duo Max sidewall that works mostly in the background. The platform and profile of the shoe look more like a down-market (and down-weight!)

Here we are 27 years later and the Kayano is still one of Asics best selling trainers. Michael: Sam about covered our backstory, but unlike the guru himself, I have run in the Kayano once, many years ago (I believe it was the Kayano 15 or 16), simply due to the fact that my preferred trainers at the time - the ASICS GT-2000 and DS-Trainer - were sold out at my local running store. The ASICS Kayano is a support shoe, and it excels at preventing excess pronation. Yes, the toe box is very similar to the toe box in the 26s. As the more support oriented offering the ride here focuses on a neat combination of rock solid rear to mid foot support and a nice flexible toe off. Women’s shoes were once narrower versions of their male counterparts, but now, there have been small changes made to the cushioning and drop to accommodate how women run. ASICS seemed to agree that the future may see a lightening of the exoskeleton while retaining its purposes. The forefoot has diagonal ventilation holes reminding of the MetaRacer. ASICS has released their newest version of Kayano, the 27.This is one of ASICS legacy models (it has been around since 1993), a shoe that keeps runners coming back …

Erik, the toe box on the right foot is horrible. Ride: 8.9 (50%) Fit: 9.5 (30%) Value:9 (15%) Style: 8 (5%). Since the Kayano is ASICS premier stability trainer it is equipped with all the best technology they have to offer. An overall snugness was felt throughout the shoe but especially in the midfoot and toebox. It is longer and more prominent on the medial side (top below) than the  lateral side to provide arch support on the inside of the foot. The ASICS GT 2000 9 is a moderate stability trainer. Awesome Inc. theme. The original named GEL-Kayano Trainer launched at the then astronomical price of $130. replacement, but it’s still an even-keeled, well-balanced, and actually quite enjoyable ride. We purchased a pair of Asics Gel Kayano 27 from runningwarehouse using our own money.

You slip your foot into these with a resounding solid clunk, Locked in, locked down! The slimmer tailored fit of the 26 continues in the 27s. This web site uses cookies. Lowest price in online retailers shipping to Canada, TJ Jones lives in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife and toddler son. Sam: the Arahi gets its stability from a combination of its broad inherently stable footprint and a firmer foam (but not too firm) medial J Frame. Transitions are slower if with a more even feel lacking the toe off snap of the Kayano but with more front cushion. And that effect, in conglomeration with the rest of the upper, is a really impressive one. The deeper flex grooves make for a smooth transition from heel or midfoot strike to toe off. The ASICS Kayano 27 is a premier stability trainer built to last. Wear to date is minimal and given the thickness of the rubber the outsole should keep up with the expected durability of the midsole and upper. Your consent remains valid for 6 months unless you withdraw it. Also the reviews about durability are what attracted me to the Asics. Available: June 8, 2020, RELATED: ASICS launches carbon-plated Metaracer. Sam has been running for over 45 years and has a 2:28 marathon PR. ASICS has undoubtedly conserved a lot of the “old” here - I think the exo-skeleton could be replaced with something lighter and thinner to the same effect, and the amount of padding on the heel considerably reduced in favor of a sweeping or tapered heel - but maybe that wouldn’t be the Kayano. Tracking cookies: It feels ever so slightly bowed and when forces are applied during the stride I sense an impulse forward off its front when headed to toe off. Michael: I tipped my hand in the “Midsole” section above, but the decoupled forefoot really allows the K27 to open up - while I found it clunky at anything nearing tempo pace (I think it’s just a little too heavy to easily pick-up and put-down quickly), it is a smooth and stable ride, and the outsole plays a big roll in that. He has completed 3 full marathons and countless half marathons. They are a well balanced shoe that provides excellent stability no matter the distance or the pace. Review Our Cookie Policy Accept. Flytefoam Propel is the upper layer of the midsole. I “accidentally” ran a 1:15 half-marathon in the Forza 4, without even really realizing what I was wearing. ASICS GEL-Kayano 27 Review: A Refined, Smooth Runn... Nike Zoom Pegasus 37 Multi Tester Review with 15 C... Brooks Running Ghost 13 First Run Video Review, De... New Balance FuelCell 890 v8 Multi Tester Review.