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Bring the liquids to a rapid boil in the bottom of the wok and then stir in the rest of the seasonings: Chinese five spice, salt, white pepper and red pepper flakes. Set aside until time to serve. Flameo, hotmen. Give the egg a quick scramble without stirring it into the other ingredients. Stir in the wonton wrapper strips and fry until crispy. When you make a purchase through an affiliate link on my site, I may earn a little bit of cash on the side (at no extra cost to you) to help keep my kitchen running.

Saute for 5-6 minutes then stir in the apple cider, lemon jucie, garlic and ginger and heat until the garlic is frangrant. Remind me to get the recipe later." Iroh likes his eats and drinks, that's for sure. Dumplings is a food chosen initially from the Avatar Wikia's listing of Air Nomad food, and then solidified and expounded upon by the fact that the Air Nomad society takes much inspiration from the high altitude, spiritual culture of Tibet, where vegetarian momos (dumplings) are a common food. Saute for 5-6 minutes then stir in the apple cider, lemon jucie, garlic and ginger and heat until the garlic is frangrant. Give the egg a quick scramble without stirring it into the other ingredients. Avatar tells the story of young airbender Aang, who awakens after spending one hundred years trapped in an iceberg to discover his world is at war. Make a well in the center of the wok and add an egg.

Stir until the cabbage is starting to wilt but is still crisp - another 5 or so minutes. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Appa - yip yip! Read our disclosures here. Even though Avatar went off the air over ten years ago, many still consider it to be one of the best children's shows ever, and its recent arrival on Netflix has led to a resurgence in its popularity.