I had my little grunt of the litter C for 13yrs. All his instincts, however, are bad, lol- he wants to tear stuff apart oh yeah- but if you tell him know he corrects the behavior- but by do they love to chew and they are damn good at it with those sharp teeth!

The Red Nose Pitbull like any other dog breed is relatively healthy, but they do suffer from health problems. And I will never own another dog. aren’t they? The most popular bloodline when it comes to Pitbulls is the Colby Pitbull. They also reject many purebreds due to their eye color or coat. At Anchor Chain Kennels we are devoted to breeding only the absolute best line bred American Pit Bull Terriers of past and present.

Also, trim the toenails if they get long enough.

Attitudes like yours only degrade & destroy. Strangers are frightened of him because of his breed and he plays on it lol. no such thing as an evil breed. Hope this helps, What???? personally the bull terrier is one of the best dogs existing then the one who criticizes its existance and or race who go to be fucked because if the person (s) want to banish and although he banished me me too because at this time it is not the dog that will bite it’s me the dog has fangs yes but me too and the bull terrier is one of the breeds very badly considered is very poorly recognized in making nicknames to breeds like american bully, boston-terrier, american, english staff, reno / nevada bull ….. and this has been going on for over 30 years and if it’s not some fucking offices that put shit, are some other very shitty ones who put shit in the dog, Pitbulls never had an aggressive nature. My red nose is 4 and I rescued him when his owner died. I just lost my beautiful 5 yr old pitbull Lily to cancer and reading your post gave me an emotional response I can’t quite put into words. Not one issue with my Pits….

So I was aware that my guy would have to be TWICE as well behaved and trained, than any other dog. Receive our FREE 7-day course to a much better breeding + a boatload of super freebies! The Monster G is very closely bred, hence its physical features are so distinct and that is what makes them so unique. We have 8 grandchildren who move around him freely and as far as Tana is concerned he is one of the kids. My red-nosed pit is the sweetest, most gentle, loyal, loving, empathetic, devoted, beautiful animal I have ever been blessed to encounter. no breed is inherently nasty. Whoa whoa! She’s 8 months old now and is the most loving, sweetest girl we’ve ever had, my first red-nosed Pitbull.

Good on you saving em! I bet you look evil and are just jealous of the perfection you see in these beautiful souls.

I have owned several dogs, and my most recent is a red-nose pitbull. I dont own a pit bull of any type but have friends that do. So, having a registration number doesn’t prove that your Bully is a purebred.

In fact it might even be fair to say that I hadn’t truly understood unconditional love before he came into my life, I thought I had, of course.

The Red Nose Pitbull is popular not only because of its red coat and nose but also for its gameness and amiable nature.

We are looking forward to obedience classes which I think is super important. I have a very close bond with mine and don’t know how I lived a full life without him!, i bet you wouldnt say that to his face!. i love him. She’s4 months old & the sweetest animal I’ve EVER seen! I truly miss my sweet boy. pitbullls deserve to be in the world more then you two amy ..why?

Crate training is an effective way to curve that destructive habit.

eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'americanbullydaily_com-banner-1','ezslot_0',117,'0','0'])); Keeping a red nose pit is essential for its health and physical well-being. But yes, my red nose APBT is loyal and a lover. Keep your stupid comments to yourself. I have a female Red Nose and a male of the black coat color. she only growled. The first thing to do is find a breeder that has an established reputation for producing high-quality pups. ALL DOGS CAN ATTACK AND HURT, but often times its a BAD owner giving the dog a bad rep. Having a pitbull is like practicing safe gun control.

Lips and toenails are red, and the eyes are either red or amber. Red nosed APBTs is just a color, not a type.

its been 3yrs now and i would not take a million dollars for him he favors my lady more then me and im fine with that also i am almost 50 yrs old and sam is my first inside dog and i love him hope to spend years with him my grand kids play and love all over him my daughter now has rescued them a wonderful pit named boone.so my point is give these good dogs a chance before you put them down any breed of dog can be mean they just love to be loved !!!!!

Pit – me and my wife has raised them okay our kids are well behaved kids how are your kids do they stay one place without running around, does your kids cry for attention ours don’t they play and run, does your kids show aggression towards our kids (otherwise A Bully) ours don’t,it’s how you raise them is there out come of life, A dog is only as smart as it’s owner, you can train any dog to be mean, that is not the dog or the breeds fault get a clue.

List of different American Pit Bull and American Bully bloodlines If you know of a line that is not listed here let us know . sorry. Needless to say they all 3 were and always will be the Loves of my Heart.

People need to understand that its all about the people that the dog has interacted with in life. Other bloodlines have been bred into the Carver line, muddling the line, but you’ll find that a pure Carver Pit Bull is still one of the more popular and desired bloodlines, as they are known to be the best “all-around” Pit Bull.

Wow. If you are looking for Red nose Pitbull breeders, then you’d out of luck. His name is Cullen and he is just like my son. Just had to put my two cents in. Indoor Dog Potty During Winter – Good Idea or Not? Raw dog foods are good to eat and healthy depending on the preparation. Sir if you’re that pathetic put a gun to your temple and don’t miss :). In his day, Monster G was a friendly and agile guard dog. ALL DOGS OBEY THEIR MASTERS IF YOU CANT CONTROL YOUR DOG YOU ARE A BITCH IN HIS OR HER EYES.. Stop judging the breed my pit bull is a chocolate red nose apbt… Love your pets!

Jumping from 2017 to 2016 and back to 2017? My Buddy also loves to dress up, and have clothes put on him by kids too!! There is no sure way of breeding a Red Nose Pitbull since it happens by chance or is random.