In 1976, he was inducted into the inaugural class of the Florida A&M University Sports Hall of Fame. Carr was added to the 1964 U.S. Olympic team only by Bob Hayes’ generosity. Until his day, defenses covered receivers man to man. Hayes is the only athlete to win both an Olympic gold medal and a Super Bowl ring.

It was the fast lane on street corners with my dad.”.

In the 1967 season, Hayes led the NFL in punt return yards, and went on to set an NFL playoff record with 141 punt return yards in Dallas' 52-14 win over the Cleveland Browns. When Dick Hill, Florida A&M's track coach, was asked why he did not change Hayes's running style, he said: ''If you were a baseball man, you wouldn't tell Stan Musial to come out of that ridiculous batting crouch, would you? Bob Hayes, Stellar Sprinter and Receiver, Is Dead at 59.

[12], On July 17, 1975, he was traded to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for a third round draft choice (#73-Duke Fergerson).

Thank the Pro Football Hall of Fame, all the NFL teams and players, Florida A&M University, thank everyone who went to Mathew [sic] Gilbert High School, thank everyone in Jacksonville and Florida and everyone especially on the East Side of Jacksonville. ''I like to see a guy get hit hard and get up and try again. When you run, you land on the outside bottom of your feet and roll inward to absorb the hard shock of your foot striking the ground. In 1963, as a 20-year-old at Florida A&M, Hayes won the 100-yard title in the Amateur Athletic Union national championships in St. Louis. When he left the Cowboys, he was their career leader in touchdowns (71), yards receiving (7,295), average yards per catch (20.0) and average yards per punt return (11.1).

He was so fast that opposing teams had to play zone defense against him because no one man could cover him when he went out for a pass. This was done by subtracting 0.05 seconds from the automatic time and rounding to the nearest tenth of a second, making Hayes' time of 10.06 seconds convert to 10.0 seconds, despite the fact that the officials with stopwatches had measured Hayes' time to be 9.9 seconds,[8] and the average difference between manual and automatic times was typically 0.15 to 0.20 seconds.

Bud Winter of San Jose State, one of the world's leading sprint coaches, once recalled, ''Bob Hayes ran like he was pounding grapes into wine.'' Bob Hayes, sprinter who broke world records, won gold medals in 1964 Tokyo Olympics and became feared pass receiver with Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers, dies at 59; photos (M) Although fully automatic timing was used in Tokyo, the times were given the appearance of manual timing. In particular, it damages your brain, heart, liver, pancreas and your immune system to cause dementia, heart attacks, irregular heartbeats, inability to fight infections, liver cirrhosis and cancer. '', See the article in its original context from. Many people have the mistaken belief that it is safe and even beneficial for women to take one drink per day and for men to take up to two drinks per day. [24][25], On August 8, 2009, Hayes was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

His time was recorded at 9.91 seconds. Carr was so grateful to Hayes that he trained twice a day and went on to Tokyo to win the 200 meter race in an Olympic record 20.3 seconds. The cause was complications from prostate cancer and heart and kidney ailments, the Dallas Cowboys said.

''Fans used to boo me when he got behind me, but how can you cover him running backward when he's the fastest guy in the world.''.