I disagree with this post, I got the 3 AWS Associate level certifications in a total of 87 days and it changed my life.

I assume networking is easier too. I’m wanting to work with AWS but I have no degree. It’s 12 weeks of full time training and they can help you connect with employers. No doubt if you put the effort into obtaining all 3 associate level certifications, creating personal projects to showcase your skills, and generally eating, sleeping, and breathing AWS, it shows your dedication to the field and companies are going to be pretty willing to give you a shot. Press J to jump to the feed.

The whole point of cloud is that you're building infrastructure via code.

The world is continuing to migrate, like our company is. Our clients' technical and business needs are constantly evolving. Or you could just add a bunch of physical servers, that coincidentally we host.". Part of the point I was trying to get across (that I didn't very well) was that this isn't a brain-dump type of scenario where you can spend 1 week cramming, obtain 1 cert, then walk into a 6 figure job.

I thanked him for the advice and continued down the CompTIA path. From here, you can take your AWS CCP or SAA certifications as an added credentials. You HAVE to teach yourself. Entry-level positions include working as a cloud engineer or architect, whose duties involve creating a network using cloud-based servers and services.

It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Showcase your public portfolio on your Linkedin or CV.

If you read other threads in this subreddit, the advice will be that you need to look at either Udemy or Cloudguru to study and take the practice exams to pass.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://tutorialsdojo.com/top-5-free-aws-review-materials/. There was only one course I had taken in college where we talked about AWS, and it was made clear to me that this was a mid-career cert.

I've started at help desk, than moved to a tech support in other company, which led me to a Solutions Architect position. When I interviewed, I had no practical experience with AWS and was still two weeks away from my first certification. My old company (recently purchased and transitioned) hired sysadmins out of college and required either an OS cert or AWS within 90 days of your hire date. Its what you put into the account that matters. I actually did what just this, got all 3 associate certs, landed a cloud engineer job at a hot tech company. Removing any references to "developer" or "software engineer", you're now looking at less than 3% of jobs that reference "aws" in the listing. It takes hard work and dedication to get there. Very few jobs require certifications, often they prefer but will often hire those without. Some of the best sysadmins I have worked with didn't even finish HS, though I would not recommend that to anyone, they just got lucky. Browse 1-20 of 39,186 available Entry Level AWS Engineer jobs on Dice.com. Launch a simple Wordpress site using LightSail or Elastic Beanstalk. AWS is nothing magical. When I was looking for work, about six months ago, a head hunter told me to get aws certs. The only caveat is that you demonstrate the ability to perform the duties asked of you and also be able to think on your feet especially within your own domain. Training website. I have less than one year of AWS experience but I self demoted (in title not salary) from being the dev lead at another company to being “just” a Senior Developer for the opportunity to lead the company into actually being cloud native instead of just using a bunch of EC2 instances. hiring manager looking at two help desk applicants: one without any certs, one with the AWS CSA).

This is SPOT on and what I did, great insight!

In fact it varies from person to person. Good pay, and you can work on certs while you are already an Amazonian.

It is overwhelming. Frequence is a leader in local advertising sales automation and workflow software. Proper usage of AWS means you rarely interface via the web console and more through the api. While CompTIA certs help give you a great foundation of knowledge, they are a dime a dozen. Job Type: Full-time Permanent Industry: B2B Financial Software-as-a-Service.

Being able to talk intelligently about projects that you have worked on will only strengthen your position, as well as avoid trivia questions because no matter how good you are you can't know everything.