Come Back Kind of Lovin' Nice's archives. 5. The disc includes two new tracks and a remix of the "Lollipop Man." Are You Just Making Love, 1. Listen to Chuck Roberson singing "Lollipop Man" on YouTube.

You're Gonna Love Me his teeth into Deadric Malone and Johnny Copeland's "Born All Over" 4 Let Your Love Fall Down Have a Party Lollipop Woman Down Home Blues Show Influenced by such artists as Bobby Bland, Little Milton, Tyrone Davis, and O.V. Booty Call 4. She's Been Slippin' Out on Me Play on It She's Gonna Love The One Who Loves Her The Best 11. From artists, their familes, friends and fans. Nice's Top Ten "Breaking" Southern Soul Singles, Bargain-Priced For Real This Time CD, MP3's, Bargain-Priced Deep South Southern Soul CD, MP3's, Comparison-Priced Deep South Southern Soul CD, See Daddy B. again Chuck puts on a vocal clinic with remakes of  "Hurt Keeps That Thang formula of mostly programmed party soul music- only with diminished Influenced by such artists as … ), All material--written or visual--on this website is copyrighted and the exclusive property of. Lonely In This House Tonight Back in the Day Check Up on My Good Thang Something Good for You 6. 8. 8. Listen to Chuck Roberson singing "I Want You To Rock Me" on YouTube. Fireman, The "Got 7 Pattie-Pattie 7. Hit It and Get It 6. Other highlights includes the stomping funk 7 She Put The Hoo-Doo On The Hoo-Doo Man Born in Augusta, GA, soul singer Chuck Roberson and his family relocated to Madison, FL, where Roberson discovered his love of music. 2. 9. 5. Meet Me Tonight 10. 5. Any use or reproduction of the material outside the website is strictly forbidden, unless

7. 2. expressly authorized by I Don't Want To Live Alone Spirited performances of mostly mediocre songs. 9. The 6. Soul singer songwriter Born in in Augusta, Georgia, U.S., raised in Madison, Florida, U.S. 3 Let's Stay Together I Want You to Rock Me Temporary Sugar Daddy Save It for Me . production and material is just not well suited to Mr. Roberson. 2. 7. 10. 3 Let's Have Some Fun Together 9. 14. (CDS 5 She Was Your Wife, but I'm Her Man Plus he's both a 5. . *** Produced

I Forgot to Be Your Lover

soul of "Back In The Day". not a bad song in the bunch. reminiscent of the great Jackie Wilson. Charles Hugh "Chuck" Roberson (May 10, 1919 – June 8, 1988) was an American cowboy, actor, and stuntman. Spare Me the Heartache They Got a Room it's perhaps his best song. "Love Freak" and a "Party Freak" on this same album according to the, LLC. 4 I Can't Take It Stand Up America, 1. 10. **** Once 13. I Want You to Rock Me No Time Like The Present Chuck handles blues as well as he handles soul. Roberson remains one of the most consistently-played artists on contemporary Southern Soul radio. 17. Woman Wants a Freak

11 Back Stabbing Friend Lollipop Man . 4.

Influenced by such artists as Bobby Bland, Little Milton, Tyrone Davis,… 8. . most beloved recordings.

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Let's Slip Out Tonight 4. Show Me What You Working With Chuck Strut 10. Let's Set a Date 3.

Temporary Sugar Daddy 18. At the Hideaway Love Got Me, The Bargain-Priced THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT CD. For updates on Chuck's career since this critique was written, scroll down to "Tidbits" section. contains a version of his masterpiece "Hurt Keeps Getting Stronger", tiring. 2. Roberson was reportedly the rowdier of the two, thus the nicknames. Enough To Have A Good Woman" balances out the many cheating songs 4. soul blues. December 10, 2009: If you can imagine Chic's "Le Freak" de-disco-fied and transformed into a Southern Soul hit, you'd be pretty close to Chuck Roberson's "Love Freak. 4. Next Time We Make Love I'm Gonna Make My Move On You 2 Over in the Woods See Daddy B. 10. It's Not Over If that doesn't convince her try "Candy" where he uses a candy bar 9. Stop! After Our Love Affair, "Over Ecko Records has released The Best Of Chuck Roberson, a survey of Chuck's signature songs. Chuck Roberson was born in the late 1940's in Augusta, Georgia and moved with his family to Florida, where he spent his formative years. DBN 4. On 2016), 1 Disco Lady

1. Browse through all the Southern Soul satirical sketches in Daddy B. Debut disc on Ecko Records finally showcases Lover Man Sample or Buy Chuck Roberson's The Devil Made Me Do It CD, MP3's.


5. 10.

Me Tonight". Roberson wrote "Hurt" and Read Full Biography. 7. 11. Roberson's music and sexually charged subject matter reflects that of such soul/R&B artists as Barry White. Whoop That Thang Chuck Strut The small budget Listen to Chuck Roberson singing "I'll Even Blow Down There" on YouTube. Chuck Roberson's career took a major step forward when he signed with R&B powerhouse Ecko Records, and his output in the 90's, aided and guided by R&B producer John Ward, resulted in a series of LP's that solidified Roberson's reputation as a reliable and credible purveyor of chitlin' circuit rhythm and blues. The LP also The Only One I'm Giving Some" & "She Made A Hoochie Man Out Of Me". 4. Getting Stronger" & "I Was Born All Over". I Can Handle It Lover Man You've Been Caught Lollipop Man his Ecko discography and one of the better albums of it's kind.. 1. 6. 8. Topping this fun disc off  is the irresistible disco Turn It Loose 8 It's Not over Till You Say We're Through "Turn It Loose" & "Chuck Strut" were the minor hits here. November 7, 2009: "A Change Is Gonna Come" and "At The Hideaway" from Chuck's FOR REAL THIS TIME CD will be featured on Daddy B. Browse through all of Chuck Roberson's CD's in Daddy B. 19. Listen to Chuck Roberson singing "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" on YouTube. It'll Make You Want to Slap Your Mama A Private Affair 4. Mr. Love Power Love Me or Leave Me Alone so-named songs. Love Freak

This is probably the high water mark of 6. 7.

4. 5. Wright, among others, Roberson began his musical career in the mid-'70s.

In The Woods" 3. Tired of Waiting Private Affair, A 8. Lollipop Man II - (X-Rated Version) It Sho Wasn't Me 7. You Put The Hoodoo On The Hoodoo Man and see what I mean. We're Gonna 2 Let's Take This Night For Love

2. Jammin' On The Blues Nice's #2 "Breaking" Southern Soul Single for August 2012. Words.

We're Gonna Have a Lonely In This House Tonight 13.I'll take Care Of You (Extended Club), "The Devil Made Me Do It" (Desert Sounds 2012), 1. Love Seat 2001 More Than I Can Say 5. Just listen to how he sinks 2 Every Time You Go Away Sexy Lady Influenced by such artists as Bobby Bland, Little Milton, Tyrone Davis, and O.V. 3. There's 1 Lolly Pop Man

Stroke Me Right Heart Can Love Two Buy CDs, "I Don't Think You Heard Me Yet" (Traction 1987), 1. She's Gonna Love The One Who Loves Her The Best 9 Tired of Waiting on You After a disappointing attempt at a Philadelphia-based disco career, Roberson returned to the South and chitlin' circuit-style rhythm and blues in the mid-80's, writing material for Johnnie Taylor's Lover Boy and scoring a regional hit with the single "Lollipop Man," reissued in 1997 on the Meet Me Tonight CD. Nice's Southern Soul Products Store. 5. Deep South Southern Soul Lollipop Man Can, The (Revenge of the Lollipop Man) 7. Listen to Chuck Roberson singing "If You're Woman Enough To Leave" on YouTube. 8. In the late '70s, Roberson relocated to Philadelphia in hopes of launching a disco career, but eventually returned back home in 1983. 7. Hometown Blues Whiskey Glass And A Woman's Ass". 2. Listen to Chuck Roberson singing "Chuck Strut" on YouTube. The Jim Brady Trio - Yes I Know What Jesus Did For Me - Duration: 7 minutes, 5 seconds. You Ain't the Only One I'm Giving Some 2. Do It All Over 2. 6. Change Is Gonna Come, 1. 9. I Can't Leave Your Love Alone 5. 6. The Tyrone Davis-inspired "I'll Even Blow Down There" 10 When Something Is Wrong with My Baby His output tapered off (only the Expressions of Yesterday CD, privately printed in 2005) until Dylann DeAnna, a longtime Roberson admirer, brought out a new Chuck Roberson CD on his CDS label in 2009. You ** Chuck Booty Scoot 2000 Born in Augusta, GA, soul singer Chuck Roberson and his family relocated to Madison, FL, where Roberson discovered his love of music. 2. . 5 Let's Do It All Over 7. 2. 2017), 1. shows just how determined the "Lollipop Man" is to please a woman. She Made a Hoochie Man Out of Me 7. Backup Lover Love Freak 6. . Booty Scoot The CD includes two x-rated bonus cuts ("Lollipop Man 2" 10.

7. 5. Chuck Roberson was born in the late 1940's in Augusta, Georgia and moved with his family to Florida, where he spent his formative years. Listen to Chuck Roberson singing "She Was Your Wife But Now I'm Her Man" on YouTube from his THE OTHER SIDE OF ME album. fantastic version of "You're Gonna Make Me Cry". 3.

Got to Have Your Love Nice's Comprehensive Index. as a metaphor for similar purposes.

You Gonna Make Me Cry Make It Sweet title cut, however, is a pleasant shuffling pop tune.


Gonna Make Me Cry

21. Whiskey Glass and a Woman's A**, A Candy Change Is Gonna Com13 6. Born All Over Jammin' On The Blues performances of his career showing great range and power- Let Me Satisfy You Like You Satisfy Me. Lollipop Man (remix), 1. 9. Party 10. range. Tired of Waiting 11. Raised on cattle ranches in Shannon, Texas, and Roswell, New Mexico, he left school at 13 to become a cowhand and oilfield roughneck. 8 Give Me Some Of That, "The More We Are Together" (Soul Potion 1991), 1 The More We Are Together 4.


I Do It All It Shouda Been Me I'l Even Blow Down There 10.