In other words, the one that sees the motion does not record it but the triggered camera does. I have checked all the settings in my phone according to the help guide. Mounting either cameras is simple enough. Currently just paperweights. Now for over a week I had the mode set to Home with all options disabled for all the cameras. I moved things to 4/5, and motion started being detected properly, but later it stopped working again. @AnkerSupport Thanks a lot and you are welcome! Let us know if there’s still an issue afterward by emailing our support -

I suppose Eufy could delete the files that are recorded during events not in the activity zone, but at this iteration, they have decided just to suspend notification. A place to share configurations, best practices, tips, and complaints on the new Anker/Eufy EufyCam. I have tried Arlo as well and still prefer Eufy. Pleasure YamYam, have to call out where credit is due. The eufy cam is not only because of this overpriced! Always great feedback for their business and on point with what people generally want/think. So it seems to be something to do specifically with the cameras triggering an appropriate movement response.

Our day is your tomorrow. Very odd, assume it was update related and will get patched. I excluded the area we park but with only one exclusion zone I can’t do both. Have tried many iterations of sensitivity, human or not, zone or no zone, and results are spotty. I’ll follow up again with them tomorrow. My problem is the distance at which it detects motion. I put sensitivity all the way up which makes no difference, Noticing the same, I have been so mad that I thought about selling my eufy cameras, glad I saw this post. Reposted this since my original post not using the crosspost format caused confusion. Will try that later today. OK … but to be honest: So my question is: Why not making it right from the beginning?

How many cameras may be connected to each base station, and may more than one base station be used in a single home. I am climbing up to take it down, remove battery and resync every two to three days. @Ads_Eufy Not yet, sadly … except the post from @AnkerSupport yesterday above. How quickly does this camera alert you of motion detection? Absolutely disappointed. ... sensor detects motion and body-heat from a moving object,it wakes up the camera and the camera starts recording.-The AI engine analyzes the figure to determine if it is human or not.-If a human is detected, the AI engine matches the face to the internal database to determine if it’s a trusted face. save .

Now, if I set the Motion Detection Sensitivity to level 5 it does detect motion at 21 feet. I walked around in a circle near the light and it stayed on the whole time. This system avoids monthly fees. In this case, please set the sensitivity level to 5 and see if the issue can be solved. I was like well I don’t see that description on the iOS app then I realized that pic is from a page. If I increase motion distance to 5 the on time is greater and more random. Just ordered the system, paid about $300 for it.

edit: am currently chatting with support through the app to see if I can sort it out. They probably wanted to get the feature out so its out. The kit also comes with a pair of magnetic mounts, for indoor mounting. The rollout (app update) for this feature should have reached all customers these days.

So frustrating. Have been having some instances where my video doorbell wont catch motion happening at my front door. However, I think the first issue you bring up is the way it is because Eufy is using IR motion detection to wake the (battery-operated, remember) cameras … I noticed my base station was updated the other night, but not sure what the update was for. It would be so easy and not costing much worktime to set up a (moderated - so onl eufy can post) thread in this forum where every update is posted and detailed all changes are logged so every customer can see and check what has changed, fixed, added! Is there a way to re-start the camera without physically accessing the camera? Fuck yeah, sick of getting alerts because my doorbell thinks my kids slide is a person.

Very much appreciated … and your are hell damn right … eufy should pay me for all the lifetime and love and passion i invest and sacrifice since over a year since the kickstarter campaign. This would make every customer possible to set a zone or multiple zones to cover the area he wants motion to be detected. When motion is detected the camera will start recording footage. They are the experts and let them deal with it. But why the camera does not record the motion as a video and send notification? @Kevin79 Just need to double check the settings in the App. I chose eufy over ring and nest. First of all and the main reason why i say it is ill-conceived i will show you here: What the …?! But i still hope they know what they have about/with me and i still hope they will ship me some eufy cam solar panels and eufy cam range extenders for free as a sign of appreciation Leastways as soon as they will at all exist! The EufyCam 2 has two motion detecting cameras and a HomeBase 2 hub. So I reformatted the SD card - didn’t help. Range from the base station is roughly comparable with the edge to Eufy. eufy … I don’t agree with it, but that’s how it usually goes. I called Eufy and they are VERY, VERY decent to talk too. I think eufy will consider this and make changes to the recording settings very soon and let the user decide whether to record when out of the zone or not. My biggest issue is the light constantly turns on and off every 30s (motion distance 1-3).

(but normally expected by eufy/anker and not (only) other customers). Maybe just the Base reset was sufficient. I have rebooted the camera, the base and re formatted the SD card. Thank you very, very much for that acknowledgement! I’m just learning about all of this stuff, your comments and suggestions etc are easy to understand. I didn’t notice that the provided SD Card wasn’t entirely in it’s slot.