He missed her, he missed seeing her smiling face, he missed her touch. She felt an odd sense of hatred towards Zeus. "What was she to you Bell? “Father.” Artemis greeted him coldly. His thin, malnourished body felt wrong against her side.

Apollo showing up at her camp randomly became an occurrence even more common than before. A look of terror passed over his face as he seemed to realize something. "Hermes sent me that Artemis Fowl book! Close enough that she could feel his racing heartbeat. She returned the stygian sleep it to the trunk before turning to Thalia. "Stop calling me a Princess, will you?" Zeus called her attention that made all of them look at the blushing goddess. "Uhh…a little help?" He needed to find Artemis.

I didn't mean to hurt you…” she said carefully, trying not to scare him away. Athena the most favorite daughter of Zeus, the greyed eye princess, the warrior and the maiden. Then I pulled my shoes off, and put my head on my pillow (which was stolen from Egypt and was made from Egyptian cotton) and fell asleep instantly. But he was Tbh I might end up adding some stuff before i upload the next chapter which will probably be in a few days. “No it's fine.. i'm fine…” He takes a deep breath and continues. “Ok..” He murmured, not sounding convinced. I thought Zeus was going to have to… you know do that so me again. Zeus is gonna kill me." Apollo’s state reminded him far of his own thousands of years ago when the giants locked him in a brass jar so long ago… but he looked worse.. Or he would have if Artemis hadn't given him nectar and ambrosia. Apollo came in too. He just stared at the ground like he was lost, he looked up at her. Gaea and Tartarus turned into their Roman forms, Terra and Tartaros. And I mean adopted fully your father’s genes are replaced with my own.”, Sage couldn’t help what happened next, she squealed and hugged Percy “THANK WOU THANK WOU! As he drank color slowly returned to his milky skin. Ten days since bell killed Artemis. Apollo always flinched when he saw the bolt. Because two very, very, VERY vengeful and powerful people that held grudges had them in their sights.


He didn't flirt with them. Gaea smirked “Please Husband, he’s quite strong to have enough energy to give those three demigods the blood energy to do what they did.”, Hermes stood up and ran to his son Pan and pulled him into a tight embrace “It’s good to have you back Son.”, Pan hugged him back “It’s good to be back Father.”, “Mother,” Athena whispered and ran up to Metis and cried into her shoulders “I-I thought you were gone forever.”.

It was more blood than ichor then.” Artemis made a face. If you don't pay, then I have the choice to NOT tell Apollo to pick you up, then when you're late to whatever Zeus wants –if you show up at all- you'll be the one in trouble, not me." “Are you here to mock me? He tried (and failed) to swallow his panic. Artemis watched anxiously as Poseidon glared at Zeus, still ready to protect Apollo. I told him. A golden net covered him, and the stench of Greek fire filled the air. Because I'm your…” Apollo visibly cringed. She grabbed the end of the branch and began to pull it down. It brought tears but also a smile to his face. And he clung to her presence. Thalia, I need you to prepare a cot in my tent. Hermes was sitting in his chair, this time with a straw to his mouth. For a second Protogonus turned into a modern day librarian and then turned back and smiled “No one has used that name in centuries for me Perseus. Hermes continued to stare into the flames in silence not knowing what to say or do. "Pft, now why would we do that? They all witnessed how Eris changed from being terrifying to less terrifying for Apollo and that's a good thing actually. Zeus and Hera were on the porch of their palace, talking about something in the starlight. “Will you repeat that?” She asked quietly.

May I?”, Athena smiled “Of course but... Percy you won’t...”. Me, my brother, The Nice Tartarus, The Good Gaea, And Pan,” Selene stated. ", "The only god in here that suffered a 'bad fall' was Dionysus. Hermes took it as a go ahead but don't expect a reply. But she couldn't hide her smile. “This was caused by my- our fathers lightning..”. for her. It had been so long since Artemis had seen that smirk that she didn't even care. I grumbled as I made piles of what went to Zeus, Apollo, Hades, Poseidon, Athena, Ares, and who ever else was getting mail which was almost everyone. OVER HERE! If he was hurrying.

I risked a glance down to the snow cover earth, and found myself at least 300 feet above the ground. I think that when I first started screaming for you to help me..” he laughed weakly, no humor involved “Father had just hit me with his Master Bolt and- that was the final straw before I gave up. Apollo was shaking, his eyes downcast and his hands clasped in his lap. Thalia knew what had happened with Apollo 13 years prior.

I can't remember anything for a long time before either of those.. Stop denying it to yourself." Hermes knew she was in pain the loss of her closest friend would do that to anyone even the gods. She pulled him closer to her protectively. Artemis summoned some nectar and offered it to him. Their love story is one or the love stories Athena admired. Hestia and Hermes sat around an open fire staring into the flames reflecting on the events that had taken place over a week prior. I bled so much I'm surprised no deities rose from my ichor..” he smirked to himself. PEWCY WOU’RE MY DADWY NOW! hermes apollo zeus hades athena aphrodite poseidon ares artemis demeter hera hephaestus percyjackson dionysus greek hestia gods greekmythology olympus greekgods 952 Stories Sort by: Hot

“Apollo just because i missed then doesn't mean i enjoyed them-”, “No I- Apollo- It's just not you if you don't make your horrible poems.”. All this time he was drowning his sorrows he didn't once give a care for his goddess own well being.

Percy and Artemis both grew blushes of red or gold on their cheeks “HUH!

Artie She heard him whisper. She just wanted to protect him from Father. While I don’t approve of the treacherous whore that my brother has seduced she will give birth and unfortunately will go to Camp Half-Blood. She was starting to understand what Apollo meant when he used to try to explain why he was protective of her. Gorge asked. Shocked.

Not by a long shot. He stared at it for a moment before he grabbed it, drinking it like he hadn't had any in months- a chilling thought coming over her. But when I did realize it was you I was ecstatic. But everything only got worse.. ", "Hey Apollo. Aosh Hatchi's Guide to Writing Fan Fiction, https://percyjacksonfanfiction.fandom.com/wiki/My_Little_Moonlight_Chapter_2:All_Hail_Lord_Perseus?oldid=180881. "Probably. She needed to make sure nothing like this would, Ares had never really liked his siblings much, but this was, Thalia, I need you to prepare a cot in my tent.

Read about the teachers in the next chapter! Not that I could before, hence that I was at my physical limit.. “Why the god of the faded of course milady” Metis replied with just as much toxicity.