Lana Lang makes a brief appearance as a teenage cheerleader at Smallville High; she is there shown to be attracted to Clark. An adult Lana continued to dress much more gracefully and elegantly than ever before, while still wearing jeans and sleek tops on occasion.

smartypants22. Shortly after these events, the New 52 Clark Kent dies. As Lana is fighting Corben, he and Lois explain his back story and why he went to become a hired gun after his last meeting with her. [28] Lana becomes obsessed with making Lex pay for all his crimes against humanity, which causes her to develop the Isis Foundation, using $10 million she stole from Lex. Lana left Smallville to protect Clark, as well as went to go on her own quest in protecting the world.

She spends about half of the series ignorant of Clark's secret. [39]Michael Ausiello (July 23, 2008).

Kaitlyn Small (half-sister), Lana goes thrugh with her plan, purging M1dn1ght at the cost of her powers, ending Superwoman. When confronted by Superman she detonates these Kryptonite caches, creating Kryptonite dirty bombs that fill the air with Kryptonite particles, forcing all Kryptonians to evacuate the planet.

[7] Despite her gritty transformations and the hardships she has endured, Lana is a compassionate and optimistic person who deeply values life and considers the opportunity to protect and save lives to be an amazing gift. '24' Villain's Alive!". She found herself without any family before she graduated from high school. [2] She often states that she feels isolated and out of place and dreams about leaving Smallville forever for something more. Suddenly, another gunshot rings out and Lana is shot from the back. any Comic Vine content. Lana moved and rebuilt the Isis Foundation since Chloe Sullivan is currently running the Watchtower. Lana insists that she's not the red kryptonite monster anymore, since she's been neutralized. [56], Lana makes her first literary appearance in Smallville: Strange Visitors, published by Aspect.

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While in side her mind she was face with a new darkness an evil female version of The Brain InterActive Construct, or Brainiac, that look like her but covered in tech like armor, apartly nano-technology was base on the liquid was formed from the ashes of the Kryptonian black box. Kreuk contends that Lana went to Lex because "she knows she will never really love him." His high school sweetheart, Lana Lang, is arguably just as important to his story. Later, she absorbed Kryptonite into her power suit and he was permanently unable to come near her. Before she goes after Skyhook again, she tries to talk John Henry out out of seeking revenge, to no avail. Kreuk thinks that Lana "lived in her head a little bit"; she was intelligent enough to read classical books, but would also read romantic novels "on the sly". Lana is an accomplished horseback rider [8] and an avid reader.[9].

Lex loved Lana and was afraid to lose her, so he set up a fake pregnancy in order to get her to marry him. Archived from the original on August 28, 2008. A farmer, who happened to be watching young Clark and Lana flips out when he saw both floating so he started firing at them with his shotgun. Certainly there have been plenty of them in the past — we can probably bet on more to come.

In a 1996 episode of the live action series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Lana Lang is played by Emily Procter. As a result, she leaves Smallville to go on her own quest as Clark can no longer get near her without the kryptonite radiation hurting him.

Lana has occasionally shown that she puts her own thoughts and feelings before others. As the first season progresses, Lana grows closer to Clark, while Whitney begins to distance himself because of his father's medical ailments. Stacey Haiduk acted out the character. They share a heart-felt goodbye, and she departs at hypersonic speed. Who does Lana Lang end up with in Smallville? [40], Kreuk enjoyed the fourth season because it gave her the chance to stretch her acting abilities with Lana's storyline involving the spirit of Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux.