How did the transatlantic slave trade impact the Kongo kingdom. Which of the following describes the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the latter half of the nineteenth century? Small variations within individuals of a particular species made them more likely to reproduce successfully and thus to pass their genetic material to the next generation. Why is Frederick II considered to have been an enlightened monarch? Which of the following characterizes the purpose for which the Committee of Public Safety was formed? Charles commissioned Magellan to find a western route to Southeast Asian spices. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Virginity at marriage was not important, and divorce was acceptable. What did Spain do in an attempt to meet its revenue crisis when its American silver mines started to produce less silver after 1620?

What did the early factories in England resemble? Why was Lord Macartney denied a formal audience with the Qianlong emperor? What agreement resolved long-standing tensions between the Catholic Church and France? He wanted Russia and its people to become westernized.

It gave Spain rights to one-half of the Atlantic and gave Portugal claim to the other half. He made the renovated palace of Versailles the center of his government. How did Ming farmers improve the fertility and health of rice paddies? Regardless of their style of government, all European powers of the seventeenth century sought to assert central control over which of the following?

How did moderate republicans in France in the late nineteenth century seek to win loyal majorities? What commodity did China most seek from Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries? Where did the French philosophes and their followers gather to discuss the ideas of the Enlightenment?

He argued that the fact that the native culture of Brazil was different from European culture did not make Brazilians inferior to Europeans. African slaves were used in the American colonies in part because the number of Native Americans available for labor had been reduced by which of the following? Disease, particularly malaria, and famine. Which of the following statements best characterizes the use of slaves in Songhai? Women in Southeast Asia were responsible for managing the annual rice crops. He argued that the fact that the native culture of Brazil was different from European culture did not make Brazilians inferior to Europeans. What did Mary Wollstonecraft believe should be learned from the example of the French Revolution? What change to Mongol culture pacified Ming-Mongol relations? Which of the following best represents Adam Smith's economic theory?

How did the Industrial Revolution affect the work life of the typical laborer in England? The amount of time the average worker was on the job increased substantially.

By the 1700s, England faced a severe shortage of which of the following? In the early sixteenth century, natural philosophy was still based primarily on the ideas of which Greek philosopher. Socializing was no longer confined to the home. How did the Napoleonic Code affect the rights of women in French society? Which of the following is true of the introduction of railroads, steamships, and steam-powered factories in Russia? Which of the following was secured by the English Reform Bill of 1832? How did the Navigation Acts help the English build their colonies in North America? How did the growth of the railroads change British industry? Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass.

Which of the following was a consequence of the scientific revolution? What challenge did James II pose to his country when he became king in 1685? What did the Treaty of Tordesillas of 1494 accomplish? To establish diplomatic and trade relations. Why did women in Southeast Asia enjoy higher status than their counterparts in China and Europe? His state revenues were substantially larger than those of any European monarch. What happened to the empire of the Turkish leader Timur after he died? By establishing free compulsory elementary education for both boys and girls. Lower prices resulting from the use of slave labor. Rigaud was part of the free colored elite that resented the growing power of former slaves such as L'Ouverture. Which of the following was used for currency in West African trade centers? In contrast with many of his contemporaries, what Enlightenment thinker maintained that the refinements of civilization threatened the intrinsic goodness of mankind? To address threats to France from within and without, Which of the following describes the economic system that was established by the Committee of Public Safety, A planned economy with egalitarian overtones in which the government set maximum allowable prices for key products. Who served as first minister of the French crown under Louis XIII and strengthened royal control? What was the purpose of Nurhaci's banner system. Which of the following describes the baron de Montesquieu's political ideas? How had the relationship between husbands and wives changed by the late nineteenth century? They taught native peoples European methods of agriculture. They took control of a large portion of France's North American claims. It increasingly confined women to low-paying, dead-end jobs. Austria and Prussia threatened to intervene in France to restore Louis XVI's rule.

How did the triumph of science and technology in the nineteenth century affect European thought? Cover of 'Essais' by Michel de Montaigne from 1588. In his previous essay, “Of the Power of the Imagination,” Michel notes the power of …

He argued that God allowed evil to exist as a means of allowing humans to exercise free will. What English philosopher wrote of the idea of a social contract in his treatise Leviathan? How did tariff protection help to spur on the industrialization of continental countries? He argued for a separation of powers among various classes and estates but still supported the sovereignty of the French monarch. Because of the good conditions available to them there, many Jews moved to which of the following empires in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries? Kabuki theater originated in short sketches depicting what subject matter? Why did AndrÉ Rigaud resent the rise of Toussaint L'Ouverture?

Montaigne, The Tempest, and Pocahontas Posted on April 5, 2012 by knwils3 The uncertainty of what constitutes one as savage, as well as the idea of imposing cultural traditions due to a false sense of superiority, appears in Michel de Montaigne’s essay, the movie Pocahontas, and the play The Tempest. What did Piri Reis create by combing Western and Islamic knowlege? Which of the following was characteristic of labor before the 1830s?

What did Friedrich List believe about the promotion of industry?

He wanted to return England to Catholic absolutism. What colonial territory did France remain in possession of after the 1763 Treaty of Paris was signed? In France, how did the expansion of the vote to all adult males damage the radical republicans in the elections of April 1848? How did the British government respond to the complaint of American colonists that they were being taxed without representation? How did the attitudes of the colonial elite toward their European homelands change in the eighteenth century?

What did Charles V of Spain commission Ferdinand Magellan to do? Which of the following countries became well known for its strong military in the eighteenth century?

What brilliant seventeenth-century physicist developed a series of mathematical laws that explained the principles of motion in the universe? How did the people of the southern Swahili city-states undermine Portuguese dominance?

What did Henri de Saint-Simon believe was the key to progress? What was the primary purpose of Lord George Macartney's mission to the Qianlong emperor? Christianity had become associated with rebellion. How did the composition of the industrialists change as industrial development matured? How did new Enlightenment ideas about race depart from the previous grouping of individuals into "nations"? What militaristic African kingdom entered into the slave trade in the eighteenth century and centered its economy on capturing slaves for European traders? Michel de Montaigne - Michel de Montaigne - The Essays: Montaigne saw his age as one of dissimulation, corruption, violence, and hypocrisy, and it is therefore not surprising that the point of departure of the Essays is situated in negativity: the negativity of Montaigne’s recognition of the rule of appearances and of the loss of connection with the truth of being. What steps did the French king Henry IV take to bring religious peace to France? What happened to Genoa after its rival Venice took control of the spice trade in the fifteenth century? In the early 1500s, Muslim shipping in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea came under the control of what state?

France's industrial production developed gradually, without any detectable burst or acceleration, while Germany and the United States saw a spectacular rise in industry after 1860. What European country was the first to grant women the right to vote?

Maintaining the political institutions of the Ming Dynasty. Which of the following best characterizes the Qing state's approach to establishing its authority? What Songhai king led his people to economic prosperity but was killed by his own son due to the lack of an adequate apparatus for succession? What was the central idea of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution? Michel de Montaigne was an important scholar and philosopher of the French Renaissance.Today he is best known as a Renaissance Humanist who developed the essay as a form of communication. The Dutch practiced widespread religious toleration. Why were aristocratic Spaniards who had fought in the reconquista especially interested in exploration?

What was the most agriculturally advanced state in Europe at the end of the seventeenth century?

Those advances did not lead to overall industrialization of the country. The empires experienced larged population increased that land could not support.

What defined the elite class in Ming China? Most Jews improved their economic situations and became middle-class. Why did the eventual acceptance of coffeehouses in the Islamic empires represent a revolution in Islamic life? The Tokugawa era saw the emergence of what component of modern Japanese capitalism? Which of the following contributed to China's population growth under the Qing? The Ottoman Empire annexed Syria, Palestine, and Egypt under the leadership of what sultan?

His attempts to increase revenues to pay for the Thirty Years' War. The emancipation of Jews throughout Europe in the nineteenth century resulted in which of the following by 1871? Wealthy African merchants or African states. "Without children you are naked" is a proverb of which West African people? Who wrote the book Geography, which assisted late medieval explorers in their travels? The early industrialists in Britain were often from what group or groups? By deserting their towns and relocating to northern cities. Under which system did Ottoman agents take Christian youths from the provinces and have them raised for service to the empire? Increased economic competition benefits all classes of society. In the "June Days" of 1848, the French Republican army clashed with what group?

All the latest content is available, no embargo periods. They commandeered resources to use in building up territory and recruiting samurai. They took control of the Asian spice trade. A new international scientific community linked through journals and learned societies began to develop.