Talking a/b fengshui I have a friend that's really into this. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

West-facing rooms, however, can be problematic, regardless of whether or not they have shingled, foam core or glass roofs and may benefit from the application of vertical shading in the afternoon. What direction does the house face? Whatever your sunlight needs may be, you can design your home with your new builder to take advantage of any orientation you choose. ANSWER -- For general cleaning of your butcher-block counter use hot soapy water regularly. We're in central Oklahoma, zone 7. However, since the driveway will be directly north facing, we could have issues with snow and ice not melting/clearing fast enough. Snow melt matters in the midwest, I'm from Indiana. Run the tiles lengthwise from the front of the house to the back, just as if you were doing hardwood floors, which would be the same direction. Everyones lifestyle is unique, clearly learned if on GW for long, and your/family likes/dislikes are most important. Though if we build a back deck, we'll eat out there in the summer and miss it, but at least then we'll be in the shadow of the house and be cool.

We had such a MBR in our last house in CA, on the second story, so it took almost all night to cool it down! The dining and living rooms (in the front of the house) aren't used much during the day, so it's not as important for them to have light during the day.

Thanks to the foresight of the original owners, there are mature deciduous trees on the south east and south west corners, so the house is spared an early heat up as well as the worst of the late afternoon sun. The best light.

Nowadays there are so many innovative ways to design a home that helps save energy.Look at Frank Lloyd Wright's homes and the way he used large overhangs and natural materials to make the home design part of the landscape. It was the home that held the MOST good health, harmony, peace, and tranquility.The one I hope to build one day soon will be right next door facing the same direction! Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.

The living and dining room are on the north side and won't get hot until very late in the evening around August. While there are advantages and disadvantages to having a house face different directions, one thing that I have always looked for is a detached garage, then you can have windows on all sides and cross ventilation it maximized. PLEASE pick my rug, coffee table and end tables!! Some of the lots I like would be south facing and I am afraid of the house seeming too dark. I also understand that if you have a craft or art workshop, you want northern light, which I have here and it works well, so you might want to add that in if that's a consideration. Also we have trees on the west side. Kitchen and FR get morning and early afternoon sun (passive solar), LR (where TV is, so not a great choice for summertime after-dinner TV viewing) and DR get the sunsets, we like to sit on the porch rocker and watch. There is one interesting point about west-facing rooms during those hotter weeks of summer. I'm in New England. Too often, the beauty and importance of diffused light is ignored in sunroom planning. When I click on YOUR Houzz personal page, you have an idea book.

Site the bldg on the North side of the lot, with outdoor space to the South.

Look at the very top of that opening...the piece that goes all the way across. East. North facing entrance gives prosperity while East facing gives fame.

is the most important aspect. When we built our home we took into consideration which rooms would face which direction and what views they would have. We have decided to build a typical southern style home with front and back porches but that's about as far as we've got. People love a bright cheery kitchen or family room, even when they are north-facing, and that is what north-facing sunrooms will deliver, even on a cloudy day. My absolute favorite home, was exactly as anita55's----facing north and sloping down to a lake in the back (south). This is because I crave sunlight in the winter and this way, the sun would be hitting the various rooms as I use them throughout the day. This will be the only drawback. Dry the surface with a clean cloth or paper towel. But the cold would be offset by the kitchen stove, which would have had a fire going all day, and which would make the room one of the warmest in the house. Depending upon nature of work other direction can also be preferred such as if you are dealing with construction or Steel business than South facing can give you good results. I can't solve living room dilemma. Other than insulation, I'd like to enlarge the back porch on the west side to extend all the way across the back of the house, and we have plans to add another window in the eating area of the kitchen on the west wall for better cross ventilation.

An added bonus: during the summer heat, the sun is brightest on the other side of the house, leaving the kitchen and porch comfortable and cool.

The most important thing to consider when utilizing Feng Shui principles in your building orientation is the lay of the land & the roads & waterways. I realized it is because I truly enjoy sun pouring into my kitchen in the morning. in winter time, snow melts faster on our driveway than the driveways on the opposite side of the street (facing north).

Some systems also want to use your birth date, & the build date of the house; personally, I don't go there. K1B 5N3, Telephone: (613) 738-8055 That afternoon west sun is really hot in the afternoons (summers), and drapes are always closed.For our new construction, we have the home oriented north/south with the living areas facing south. This is especially true on hot summer days, from mid June through mid August, and after about 2:30 or 3:00 p.m. when the sun sinks lower in the sky and starts to strike the sunroom’s vertical glass more than its more reflective roof glass. BUT, in a perfect world where the views were all equal and there weren't any constraints, I would like to know what you think is the best way to orient a house (which way would the house face?). North facing sunrooms, especially where the interior wall separating the sunroom from the original house has been removed, can have a stunning impact as the original north facing rooms become more exposed to the sun’s diffused light. Without additional information, it's impossible to say. Think it depends on where you live really. I am considering it.

We are coastal here and when the backyard face east, it can get a bit cold in the evening.

Not magnetic south, but solar south (varies about 10 degrees from magnetic south depending on your latitude).

Still, a heads up would have been wise - on his part. ITs because the west sun is so hot you can't be by the pools in the afternoon.