They had to special order it because I wanted this deep metallic blue finish, all their floor models were flat colors. I'm not familiar with the ST Series Kramer guitars.

Mine was good for hard rock/heavy metal tone. I owned a 1986 (?) Powered by Invision Community. The first potentiometer for the main volume control .. The ST600 remained the same as before. Hardware was black and

We will email you when the item is dispatched, and if the item is due to be sent via courier - you will receive tracking details so you can follow the item to your door. You can still use online finance (where applicable) or pay as normal using Credit/Debit Card or PayPal, whicever is easiest! Of course, I was always a fan of the 'try 10 of them and pick the best one, but I had a Focus with 2 HBs and the FL Licensed trem that worked great.

The Product: electric guitars; Series name: KRAMER STRIKER SERIES. sometimes had a strange non-locking type trem with fine tuners on the

The tone that was common in the mid-80s. YKRAMER66112. This item is on pre-order with our supplier. Kramer Striker Series 605ST - Red - 2nd Hand.

I believe this guitar is from the budget category of Kramer, even though It wasn't by any means a cheap guitar when I bought it.

It is difficult modified..It has two potentiometers.. It's a 00's, made by Musicyo/Korea, by Gibson's Kramer specifications. Add to compare list.

I bought it back in 1986. Add Details. came out in 1986 and was the twin to the Focus 6000; no pickguard, 3

Here's some photos:, This is my primary guitar.

Overall Condition: GoodDings and Scratches: SomeFret Wear: A Lot. By now, the bridge of choice was the Floyd It was my first guitar. 1988 Kramer Striker ST605 Maple Guitar Neck. The

© 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. The Kramer Striker 605ST was made from around 1988 to 1989. Think 80s heavy metal. Learn More, We understand the importance of online privacy and are committed to complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

The Focus series being a little higher in quality than the Striker. Equipboard breaks down the gear, tools, and products used by artists, pros, and influencers in their craft. I had it fixed twice, but it kept doing the same thing. I ran across one today as well at a pawn shop, a Striker 605, Neptune NJ made if I recall.

The ST700 Get in touch with us if you want to come and try this item in store. Back of neck has little to no wear. Floyd Rose II floating tremolo system w/ locking nut. Is it worth it ? the majority of the Focus lines involvement with completely similar If you aren't happy after you buy it, sell it to me. S8 0XL Probably not a bad deal if in good shape.

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At the time I didn't know anything about guitars.

Kramer ST605 (1988) Overview. ST300H substituted a humbucker in the bridge position as opposed to

FYI: I just inserted the link for the page that had the pricing on the 1986 models. The 400ST being the Randy Rhoads type body(same as the Focus 4000) with locking non-tuner Floyds.

The Strikers If it was a Focus, it had on Original Floyd Rose. locking non-tuner Floyds.

"Designed by Seymour Duncan" HSS pickup configuration. was close to the Focus 7000 bass but had only a single Jazz bass style 80's heavey metal...that's the main reason I'm considering this axe...I own a Tele, a SG, an old Fender Lead l, and a few more, but nothing specifically metal...and I was 15 years old in 1986 (the year of metal m/:evil: m/ ) so metal was a big part of my growing up...but I never owned a "metal" axe...I'm picking this one up after work !!! and eventually it pulled the jack out of the guitar and F'd up the wiring. Great guitars. Headstocks. GBP these basses had a classic-y type headstock and maple or rosewood board. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. ST605 was the the same as the ST600 but had a bound body. That was the one with the kinda square pieces at the end, right? Fender Player Stratocaster - MN - Polar White, Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s - Heritage Cherry Sunburst. How are the pick ups (HSS configuration) ?

I think they're made with plywood bodies.

That Floyd is non-locking and not case-hardened steel like the originals (I own a 100ST and 300ST Striker). I have it in the gig bag case that it came with. the rear such as the original Floyd Rose. It was like the ST600 model but with body binding. the bass. Ah, this brings back memories. Not great, but certainly not bad. The Kramer Striker 605ST was made from around 1988 to 1989. My first guitar (well second because I had previously owned a cheap flying V style guitar I ordered out of a JCPenney Christmas catalog) was a Kramer Striker 500ST.

Here is what the suggested retail prices were at that time:

metallic silver, candy red, violet, fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow ×

Perfect for metal, it's surprisingly versatile, altough it can be too much sometimes.

Clear editor.

The Striker 600ST came out in 1986 and was the twin to the Focus 6000; no pickguard, 3 on/off switches, coil tap(some without) and a volume knob. I used to have a Stryker 400st in the 80s.It was shaped like a Jackson Rhoads.Pretty good for a cheap metal axe.The Floyd is single locking and doesn't stay in tune as well as the OFR but its easier to change strings too.Body is plywood of some type,The pickups are some kind of budget Duncans IIRC.mine was always REALLY dark sounding for some reason.pots and/or pickup change might have fixed that but i didn't have a clue back then let alone the money.Anyway well worth $100 if in good shape these generally have nice necks too.