This particular bike is from 1997, a couple of years after Klein merged with Trek (Gary got Trek’s distribution network, Trek got Klein’s design elements). You probably don’t consider this Klein Quantum Race road bike from 1997 all that special. Sure, a lot of money thirty years ago but if you had bought a Cunningham back then, today you could show up at a gravel-road race or mountain bike event and never pay for beer at the after party. By affording the fatigued triathlete a place to rest their upper body after exiting the water and by reducing the frontal area of the cyclist, these goofy-looking handlebars made this bike fast. Current Price $198.00 $ 198. You’re in the market for one of those “All-Terrain Bikes” that everyone is talking about.

We may have never heard of the brand, or the builder in question may have died decades earlier. Do Not Sell My Personal Information - CA Resident Only.

Easy. Alright, if you didn’t watch TV in the 1990’s and find this little riddle irritating, here’s the answer: We’re talking about the Seinfeld apartment-set Klein. A bike like this would be perfect for riding one of these new events.

Urs Freuler, a Swiss track racer on the Atala team for most of his career, won the world championship points race almost every year for a decade. The frame, built with a second top tube, is meant to be strong and provide stable handling even while carrying the heaviest loads. While French component company Mavic (who was manufacturing most of the components) promised not to tell anyone about the super-secret wheels and bike parts, they of course provided the French Olympic team with identical equipment. If you weren’t fast (or simply couldn’t be pryed off of your bike between motos), you tried freestyle. We’re going to enjoy some miles on this bike! Gianni Motta won the Giro di Lombardia, the Tour de Suisse, and the 1966 Giro d’Italia as the leader of the Molteni team (and I bet you’re surprised to know anyone besides Eddy Merckx ever won a race for Molteni). If you had fairly smooth, open terrain and/or you stayed in the saddle most of the ride, you were a fan. Nylon rims, like the aluminum rims that they were replacing, were plenty strong. Carbon fiber was still looked upon skeptically in 1998 (especially in mountain bikes) so malleable thermoplastic with its hypothetical repairability was an easier frame material to sell. One of the original Marin County mountain bike guys and an inductee in the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame, Charlie made his contributions to the sport as an idea guy. We reconfigured the bike to be a better representative of the Panasonic custom program. We think that the three-color fade showcases Mike’s skill as a painter too, an ability that is often overlooked (unless you’re Dario Pegoretti) in frame builders. So the rear suspension design on this one is a four-bar linkage with a Rock Shox Coupe Deluxe spring unit controlling the action. The flat purple paint dresses up a rigid and robust frame made from True Temper steel tubing. Those are my two bikes, a yellow 1987 Diamond Back Arrival (on the car) and a black & yellow splatter paint 1988 Diamond Back Arrival. Modern disc brakes are fabulous. The 6400 groupset brought Shimano Total Integration shifting down to a more affordable price level than Dura-Ace. In 1998, the Specialized bicycle manufacturing corporation almost had full suspension mountain bikes figured out. Coker cruisers are built with 36″ wheels and sport a really, really long wheelbase.

The Ariostea and Buckler pro teams raced the Carbitubo to great success, sometimes even with these cutting-edge (literally) Spinergy Rev-X wheels! People who love the technical aspect of bicycling can get good-looking high-performance bikes in all kinds of random usage niches. Coming up with just the right mix of parts was quite a task itself. We’re not sure, but we have a theory: Owning and riding a 1989 Bridgestone MB-1 marked you as a no nonsense insider, a superior athlete and a savvy shopper all at once. The skeptics were sure that the plastic rims would break easily (ignoring their own dented rims) as compared to metal. They’re Magura Race Line HS33 hydraulic rim brakes, and they’re the most powerful mountain bike brakes you can find. Yet this bike has generated more talk in our shop while it’s been on display than just about anything else. The idea was that the smaller front wheel helped the rider maintain a lower, more aerodynamic body position and in team events the smaller front wheel allowed the racer to stay closer within the draft of the rider in front. The Araya rims are laced up using 2mm wide bladed spokes, and we have 25-year-old Barum track tubulars sheltered inside of the tire covers. They manufactured polished and anodized aluminum bike frames at a time when painted steel was the norm. There have been more stories about this bike than we can count. They didn’t have to swap tires, shifters, stems, or handlebars on their “almost” perfect bike with the stuff they actually wanted. They'll fit the bike to you (spoiler alert, bikes actually have a proper fitting guide that makes riding much more comfortable), instruct you in its proper use and maintenance and also be able to sell you quality extras like lights, locks, etc. Outfitted with the latest in mountain bike equipment, this Arrival is a showcase for the cutting edge of technology from the time. Think about the finesse it takes to maintain traction with 26 x 1.95” Specialized Ground Control tires and a rigid fork. Cables were routed inside the frame for a smooth finish. While we like to be accurate in our descriptions, we don’t really care if a particular bike was made in 1952 or if it was 1953. This Trek 9500 from 1992 shows us some great leaps forward as well as some serious stumbles in mountain bike evolution. Funny thing is, 30 years after my first ride on a mountain bike I’m riding a pretty old-fashioned looking Ritchey that’s made out of steel tubing. He got quite a deal. Maybe people aren’t nostalgic for their old Schwinn Cimarrons because they fell on their heads a few too many times while riding their next bikes. Want the whole bike under 20 pounds? No off road use allowed via all the warning stickers on the frame. Instead of reproducing the original headtube badge we thought this would be a good place to honor another defunct bicycle company, hence the “American Flyer” badges on the head and seat tubes. Sometimes a tri bike was merely the model endorsed by a successful pro athlete. Second is the development story and what the Superbike represents. 1987-1988 7-Eleven Huffy (Serotta) track bike.

Red Control Tech handlebars to match the Ringle seat post and handlebar stem. Cloud, Minnesota put the aluminum tubing to good use here, with sparkly mid-sized tubes (compared to skinny Vitus frames or fat Klein and Cannondale bicycles). Tall riders could get a stiff bicycle frame made out of aluminum that weighed significantly less than steel. Somebody out there would probably also like to point out that Sean Kelly, the Kas team star, used toe clips not Look ski-binding style pedals (and standard brake levers) in 1988, so our bike is all wrong. They featured cycling peronalities Gene-O along with Pineapple Bob and Karen teaching Bridgestone riders everything from proper descending techniques to sewing up a patched tubular tire to lubing a chain with melted beeswax. Kmart (394) happyforu19 (273) eshoppingstar75 (270) zillashop68 (138) work4best (125) GrowKart see more (107) hivepeeks ... sisimaner_7 Road Bike Shimano 21 Speed Bicycle 700C Mens Bikes Duble Disc Brakes New. The components here represent great ingenuity and some really fun style. Get a high quality custom Panasonic bike of your own design in two to six weeks! Bikes that were sold in large numbers could fall into one of two camps. Elements like slack head tube angles, forks with a lot of rake, oversized (and force-directional) Japanese steel tubing, wide Bullmoose handlebars and fillet-brazed frame joints are all in fact either Ritchey firsts or ideas that Tom championed. The fork has more rake to it than you’ll find on most bikes, a feature helps to smooth out the ride. Some of the ideas were pure genius, and took the bike world in new directions. Do you have a dropper seatpost on your new mountain bike?

1990 American Bicycle Manufacturing (ABM) M-16. ABM didn’t sell a lot of road models, and as far as we know, this bike didn’t even have a model name apart from “road bike”. The Bridgestone already had the goods.

Check out the smooth fillet brazed lugs on the bike, the head tube lug just melts into the top tube….

Please take a minute to review our Privacy Policy. Thirty years later, with a little luck and some help from Ebay, here is the replacement for the yellow bike. This model does have a great mix of parts for 1994. The normally round frame tubing on this bike has been flattened into octagon shapes. They had great numbers in wind tunnel tests (and still do today) and could turn a mediocre bike racer into a rocket. Not only was the Milano a success for Bianchi, it was a suggestion for other bike brands to follow Bianchi onto radical new paths. Specialized, GT, Diamondback, Klein, Cannondale, Mongoose, and even Bianchi were producing more popular mountain bikes than Trek. Titanium was around if you looked hard enough and aluminum was everywhere. Campagnolo Chorus components compliment the Italian frame, as does the San Marco saddle, Italmanubri handlebars and stem. Sold by sisimaner-7 an eBay Marketplace seller. The folks at Merlin pioneered the use of titanium for mountain bike frames, they figured out how to make titanium frame tubing internally butted, and with design help from Tom Kellogg of Spectrum Cycles they came up with this road bike that you see here. 1989 was a great year to be a cyclist (or a gear junkie). There’s a time trial bike that looks like it’s made from melted wax. Imagine doing one of the Northwest Epic mountain bike races on a bike older than the winning rider! Why, if this bike is so cool, will we never see one like it again? This is an STS DS thermoplastic dual suspension bike from GT Bicycles. Aluminum tubing in larger diameters led the way. This was a terrific “American” mountain bike that was almost entirely produced in Japan.

If you were an amateur bike racer in those days it was pretty common to see a bunch of these bikes lined up at local road races. This was important, as you wanted the bike to look good with your matching Oakley sunglasses (that were big enough to cover your entire head). Look ski-binding style pedals in white and red. You probably have a list. Utilizing his experience as a motocross mechanic (and his physics degree), Bontrager bikes began with custom mountain bike rims and steel frames. Twenty-five years later, surviving Slingshot models are usually the more common off-road variety.

and save. The original air-sprung suspension took an edge off of the big hits, but the rebound was really slow and you had to rely on the tires alone to absorb small bumps. Sears home. These bikes come in all color and design so that you pick the one they love the most.