Excellent items are almost entirely free from blemishes and other visual defects and have been played or used with the utmost care. With that said, you are playing on a uniquely thin neck (its comparable to a standard guitar) that can be tricky playing the Low E string. Interesting choice for pickup selection. Kevin has a passion for the original Travis Bean aluminum neck guitars but as a touring musician did not want to take his prized Bean guitars out on the road, his solution was to start building his own aluminum neck guitars! The fact that you can play guitar chords with pretty much ease, is amazing.

Comes with a Road Runner hard shell case.

(1961–1975 and in select reissues) Fender Mute. bring your gear straight to your home, free of charge?

The Bass VI never caught on to the extent that the four-string Precision Bass and its derivatives did. Do a fast pass and you really need to come straight down on the string. Curved fingerboard (rosewood), radius 7.25" / 184 mm, 21 frets. Electronics mentioned above were all passive electronics. The VI had an offset body similar but not identical to that of the Jazzmaster/Jaguar. You'll still get the trustworthy service you've come to Please check the fields highlighted in red.

Website is very user friendly." This guitar is all original and is in excellent condition.

One downside worth noting is that the bridge has no height adjustment. No hassles.

And if a product‘s defective or damaged, call us at 800-zZounds (800-996-8637), and we‘ll email you a prepaid shipping label so you can easily return it to us at zero cost to you. If you have ever had issues with high action on your Bass VI don’t worry ECG has got you cover with this aluminum neck. Comments: Doesn't get more metal then Electrical Guitar Company! Thank you. This format was previously available as a 1962 vintage reissue model made by Fender Japan in 1995. The Fender Bass VI, originally known as the Fender VI, is a six-string electric bass guitar made by Fender.

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Bass guitar, for sure. Most of the other main features are similar to the Vintage Modified model. The Bass VI, recently resurrected in hot-rodded form by Fender and in its classic form by Squier, is a six-string bass guitar.It was designed and offered as a special kind of bass guitar during its original run from 1961 to 1975, and it is designed and offered as such today.

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Want our best price even faster? Our success in meeting the needs of our customers -- since 1996, we‘ve satisfied over 1,000,000 people -- is due in large part to the fact that zZounds only hires experienced musicians to answer your calls and emails, and they are never paid a commission. Style of Music: Rock, blues, punk, metal. That‘s why we have absolutely free ground shipping on every single order shipped within the continental United States. Shop with those who respect your privacy —, Read all 3 Squier Classic Vibe Bass VI, with Laurel Fingerboard, Gator Transit Series Electric Bass Guitar Gig Bag. The original 21 jumbo frets are in very good condition.

This bass has a lot of bottom end, and depending on the which pickup switch you have turned on, is amazing for leads and rythym guitar.

Nothing quite like this Bass VI!

The scale length is 30", as opposed to the more traditional 34" scale used on the Precision and Jazz Bass models. It has a slightly wider width at the nut than the Vintage Modified Bass VI (1.685" vs. 1.65") and is equipped with narrow, tall frets.

It departed from the concept of the Fender Precision Bass in having six strings, a shorter scale and thinner strings, and a mechanical vibrato arm.

Perfect for someone looking to play faster arpeggios/riffs or some one with a light touch. Learn more about Fender electric basses. Grover tuners.

Marshall Origin50C Guitar Combo Amplifier (50 Watts, ... Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster Electric Guitar. Solid body (alder) fretted electric bass guitar, six strings in six courses tuned E-A-D-G-B-E an octave below the standard guitar tuning. Like other Fenders of the time, the Fender VI had a 7.25-inch fingerboard radius. Throw in 6 strings that use standard guitar tuning and you get some incredible tonal opportunities.

Introduced in 1961 as a competitor to the Danelectro UB2, the Bass VI's 30-inch scale, trio of single-coil pickups and Jazzmaster-style vibrato marked it out as more of a natural lead instrument despite being designed to be … Call us at 800-zZounds (800-996-8637), and we‘ll provide you with a lower price on the phone. Most of the other main features are similar to the Vintage Modified model. When the Fender Jaguar was released in 1962, it used the Jazzmaster body with its unusual lead/rhythm electrics and the floating tremolo, but with a short scale-length neck, the Bass VI switch panel and two unique "toothed" pickups. If you have ever had issues with high action on your Bass VI don’t worry ECG has got you cover with this aluminum neck. The Bass VI was closely related to the Fender Jaguar, with which it shared styling and technical details, notably the Fender floating tremolo. Engineered to mimic the function of the Bigsby vibrato-tailpiece, it was more elaborate than the synchronized tremolo of the earlier Fender Stratocaster, and was claimed by Fender to be superior, but it failed to achieve the same popularity. Original Squier single coil pick ups and wiring. Case: Comes with a Road Runner hard shell case. In 1970, as with the other Fender basses in production at the time (excluding the Precision Bass), the Bass VI was also offered with a black-bound Maple neck with black rectangular block inlays. Weight, Dimensions, and Manufacturer Part Numbers 3-Color Sunburst Shipping Weight: 14 lbs Shipping Dimensions: 50 x 15 x 4 in