Because I had a full beard, and they loved my beard. So, it made it easier. That was perfect advice.

And season five, we had to stop because of Corona but it’s another dimension of Pote as well. I found that very crazy and interesting, how cold you can be.

And then, you know what’s crazy is, it’s I auditioned, and I booked Suicide Squad 2. It’s good.

I’m like, “Oh, the new neighbors, they just moved in.” So, I got dressed, and I said, “Mommy, I’ll be right back. Just go all out. You never know what could happen. And then, you see me pulling focus, the focus guy, just messing with him as I’m walking in. I do my job, try to make my partner look good. The night before, I think I went to bed around 3:00 in the morning watching Argentinian movies. So, he put it on. And, how do I not go crazy?” Because, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve done it. But unfortunately, we were supposed to start filming Queen of the South in February, and they needed me to be in Panama in February for the movie. But then, I added that. Don’t go over the top. And then, they brought me back for Far From Home. So, you can imagine how many times I could say this line to make it interesting to me. Hemky Madera. I booked a great role, an amazing, amazing role. Then a few days later, they called me, and they said, “All right, Hemky.

It’s just make the character real. I got tapped. It’s a funny movie. And then, the wardrobe designer, we started talking over the phone, and I explained to her how I see him. That’s always been my motto.

He also has feelings, and he’s also a very good person.

Because if you start judging, then you’re already lost.

I just wanted to put more dimensions. Then I saw the soap opera, and the actor who did a great job in it, but it was more comedic. It’s interesting what clothes and the accessories does to a character. We love you!” It happens to be Josh and Mark, the showrunners.

But it’s one of those things that they brought me for one scene. I knew I was just way too young, but I said, “Let me just do my best, and see what happens.” Because one thing that I’ve learned through the years is never give up. They had a conflict of scheduling. They just moved next to me at that time. So, you find your ways, your technique, your way to keep yourself sane, that’s how I saw it. If he’s not filming Queen, it’s going to be great.” And as soon as I got it, I went to them to say, “Guys, this is New York. I also went all out. Use all the props that you can. So, let’s see what happens on the next one. Learn how your comment data is processed. That’s a gift for you.

I called that the paid honeymoon in London, because I had one scene. I sent it in on Thanksgiving day. This was our first birthday in 22 years not together so I had to get creative and Hemky … They’ll print anything you want.” So, I went and got a big, extra large, extra, extra large t-shirt. You can record it on your phone, you edit it on your phone, you send it. More than in the room… I go full on. So, they were trying to find somebody, but it was, “But that’s Hemky, Hemky’s right there.

Do you know how many bodegas are Dominican?