@JohnO You can read the full guide -> Here. It had to take a tremendous amount of time.

Ratings – S, Tier 2, Royal Huntsman – Type – Attack.

It’s always advised to focus on the good characters in these types of games(from the start) if one wants to dominate in all the game modes such as campaign, PvP Arena, Dungeons, Clan Boss, etc. Find out in this Raid Shadow Legends tier list 2020 (November ): best champions! Dragon ball legends is an action fighting game with all the real characters of Dragon Ball Z. Dragon ball legends will take you to the past in the Era of Dragon Ball Z. Dragon ball legends is a 3D game with original voice effects of the characters. Element – Spirit. You can’t just rate them like this. AoE, Skills: – Consecutive x3 strikes on random enemy and chances to freeze.

Element – Void. I am big on Gorg. Dunn Ra (B) - Dunn Ra makes this category for three simple reasons. He can become a spam attacker if he wants to, and he has SC shock and other shock moves to deny extra turns. Knowing which cards to select and how to build an arena deck can be challenging.

Element – Spirit. AOE? Skill 2: Changes the type to Steel, and slightly increases the damage.. The second is immortal gear (2 parts to regenerate HP each combat round). Ratings – B, Frontline Warrior – Defense, Spirit. AoE and debuff enemies; decreases DEF and weaken them.

Stun enemies.

Let’s go with my favorite monster, please keep in mind that this is only my personal list and in no direct order.

Ratings – C, Bandit – Type – Attack. AoE. With the best res in the game sitting at a 3 CD, team NER, PER moves and cursing potential, Wyrmlad makes the perfect candidate as a support monster. Once he gets his turn, he wrecks enemies and can steal life and self buff/regen. I think it might be helpful to you when I put here my 20 favorite monsters that I prefer to use (and why) in Monster Legends. Element – Force. Element – Spirit. AoE Healing. These are the God Tier best Legendary Champions in Raid: Shadow Legends. It seems there are multiple ratings for the same champ, such as A in one part and B in another. Over-all, good attacker, but in my opinion not B tier worthy, but he could be depending on how you look at it. Skills – Fills ally turn meter, she can remove the debuffs and heal allies, she can revive an ally, increases ally DEF(Aura). Element – Magic. Ratings – B, Tier 4, Chevalier – Type – Defense. Updated: 2 October 2020. Element – Magic. Again, there are more powerful monsters in Monster Legends and this list is only my personal favorites that should inspire you, nothing more , Your email address will not be published. Missing infernal baroness from demonspawn…, Y had R. Tender as a B + when CB pearly she is a top 5 rare in the game but had elhain as S tier Along with Hordin neither of the do anything for synergy and to be S u have to do ur job and help the team IMO. In my opinion more powerful that VoltaiK and a perfect monster to snipe out special monsters in the enemy teams that will get dangerous. My newbie group unlocked the dragon dungeon to several levels, and all other dungeons at least to level 2 or 5, BUT the spider dungeon defeated me with everything I could muster. All he really has is damage and stun, and his trait is mediocre. Ratings – A, Tier 3, Grandmaster – Type – HP. Ratings – A+, Tier 3, Basileus Roanas – Attack, Force, Ratings – B, T4, Lyssandra – Type – Support. LoL Support Tier List: This Tier List will always display the best Support Champions, based on the latest patch (10.20).. Totally worthless list to me, @Anonymous Ratings fall under S(the best) to C(the worst). He has a mini abyss bottom, curse moves, team NER and extra turn single target CDA to deal with other area dodgers. Debuff enemies. Ratings – S, Tier 2, Luthiea – Type – Attack. Element – Magic. Essence relic big too. I probably just don’t have them set up properly. Aura: Increases friendly unit ATK in faction crypts by 34%, Skills: attacks an enemy; chances to decrease its DEF. I feel like Kronx can go with Gorg. Element – Spirit. This list is not a ranked list! Nowhere on this page does it explain anything. Skills: – Increase ATK Buff(self), AoE. You can use him as a tank for sure and when his turns come up you can be sure that he deals crazy high fire damage to all enemies. Ratings – B, Tier 4, Myrmidon – Role – Defense. Ratings – S, Tier 2, Avenger – Type – Attack. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our websiteGot it! @Darth Legend Your welcome! Thank you for the basics. Ratings – B+, Tier 4, Roshcard The Tower – Type – HP, Element – Magic. Ratings – A, Tier 3, Warcaster – Type – Support. Bye. lol yes, shes a better farmer n does more CB damage with warmaster, Missing adjudicator, steel bowyer, interceptor, sikara, crimson slayer. Element – Spirit. Ratings – B+, Tier 4, Shirimani – Type – Support.

He’s very annoying for the enemy to deal with, especially with the healing back up he can use wasting your enemies skills nice to get a victory at the end. Ratings – A+, Tier 3, Tayrel – Type – Defense. Ratings – C, Elenaril – Type – Attack. Simply. The arena tier list … Ratings – C, Word Bearer – Support, Magic, Ratings – C*, Duelist – Type – Attack. Submit Here. Lord Champfort has amazing skills; debuff the enemies, increases ally HP, AoE attack, and more. Element – Void.

Her move damage is lackluster over-all, with her AOE being bad. A – Very Good And also, missing Adjuticator and Elthain… Also your list says the preserver is HP magic but she is defensive attack. Ratings – B, Tier 4, Knight-Errant – Type – Attack. It's a nice gimmick, but Zizania isn't able to execute it sufficiently.

Some guides said yes, and that S = superior or super. Plus the massive damage he deals, of course . It’s also difficult because you don’t see the exact stats in the info screen. Ratings – B, Tier 4, Adjudicator – Attack, Magic, Ratings – B, Tier 4, Elhain – Type – Attack.

I got Tephra from a previous race and please don’t think that he’s not a top notch monster despite the fact that he’s slow. Skills – Grant extra turn, damage increases based on enemy max HP, ignores the buffs such as shield, block damage, Increases ally ATK in all the battles(aura skill). First of all, the AoE is honestly pretty underrated. Thanks for sharing.

She could be the best in B. Nitroblaster got more viable with mythics as his dots take away the same percentage of life.

Love the game and all the information is helping me make the best choices available. Drakor (E) - Drakor is all in all, lackluster. Tier: – B, Tier 4, Jaeger – Type – Attack. C = 3 etc Aura: Increases HP of allies by 33%, Skills: attacks an enemy, chances to inflict CRIT.

Skills – Poison debuff, copies, and places the debuff on all enemies, decreases the target’s max HP.

April 29, 2019, 1:40 pm, by Great list. Dealing good damage and has the ability to revive an ally gives Undertaker a place on this list of best monsters here for sure. Mansa Musa – … Not only giving 200% damage boost to allies his Ethereal Blizzard will take 50% of stamina from ALL enemy monsters which is a very helpful thing (in addition to the good water damage dealt), Actually my favorite fire monster in Monster Legends (if you would point a gun at me, I also love the other ones). A - Wyrmlad (#1) , Grakon (#2), Ugluk (#2 tie). The stats are pretty good.

Still missing the Steel Bowyer – Dark Elves, Attack, Force. Debuff enemies. A,B,C,S what do these letters mean. Ratings – A, Stalwart – Type – HP. Ratings – C, Axeman – Type – HP. His skill makes enemies drop like flies dealing more than 50k damage easily and the ability to heal himself by 50% makes him so crazy overpowered that you should get and take him! The fast whip and the stun and sunburn will help you control the enemy team and put a lot of pressure on them. Element – Void.

He has skills that have denial potential, but he has low speed.

Stag Knight – Role – Support. I really like how the enemy team has to deal with him and you can play your win condition easily and when the countown reaches the end he might even kill an enemy. You can acquire this champion from the summoning portal. The blue slot on Future and Vegeta Family are firmly held by SP SSGSS Vegito BLU and SP LL Vegeta (Majin) BLU. Element – Void. You also have the chance to make enemies bleed for 3 rounds which adds vers helpful extra damage so a sure thing for me that he’s on that list of best monsters here. C. Zizania (D) - Zizania is a cool elite for introducing pierce. Decrease DEF Debuff on target. April 29, 2019, 12:42 pm, by Hey thanks for compiling this. Tier List spreadsheet breakdown - SB Overlord Kartana. With support, Ugluk can easily destroy an enemy tank, and potentially another enemy monster, making him A tier.

Not really.

Element – Force.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If you have a chance to get him you should really try to do that! I won’t disagree with any of the ratings, but in my experience, Justiciar is probably my best champion. A tier (Superb) Wyrmlad (A) - It's no question that Wyrmlad makes the top tier. Where’s Jareg? Kind of agree with Subhero – Lich is can be a real monster. Missing Rotting Mage – Undead, support, Spirit. He's fallen from S Tier to Tier 1 due to some unfortunate circumstances. Skills: – attacks an enemy multiple times, decreases SPD(enemy).


A+ = 7 You should update it! You can get him through the summoning portal using the shards. This actually disables the enemy tank, leaving the people behind it vulnerable until the slow tank gets a turn. Also, devs may adjust the stats in updates. Element – Force. Ratings – A, Commander – Type – Support. He might have even gotten less viable, as his niche as an attacker is being taken by mythics.

Skills: – attacks one enemy, buff CRIT RATE for all allies. For those of you who took the time to comment negatively—you either didn’t read the list carefully (Dude who was complaining he didn’t understand what the letters meant and the list is worthless when there’s a full key/legend at the top of the list) and those who complained about your ranking (why don’t you do a better job and then you can complain)…those people are trolls and whiners are don’t do anything worth discussing so they have to hate on your hard work. Buff allies; give them a shield. Ok so I had to Google what the letter “S” means in the rankings… is a champion with the letter S higher than those with the letter “A”? Skills: – transfers all debuffs from self to the target. Ratings – C, Tier 5, Cataphract – Type -HP. What are the top-tier legendary, epic, and rare champions in RAID? He wants to be an attacker, but the moves have somewhat lackluster power. The Boss Hoss Ratings – B, Squire – Type – Defense. Ratings – A ~ S, Tier 2 ~ Tier 3, Errol – Type – Attack, Element – Force, Ratings – B+, Tier 4, Abbess – Type – Attack, Element – Force, Ratings – A, Tier 3, Martyr – Type – Defense.

AoE Poison + Daze is amazing for crippling the damage on any attacker or monster in general.

Decrease DEF of enemies. Debuff enemies; HP Burn effect. He’s very powerful but in some cases you can really hurt yourself with him. SPD Buff for all allies. Kael is rates A while Athel is at S? Is there any way to get in contact with the people who did the spreadsheet to get these added? Reduces buff duration(enemy). The debuffs that he applies to enemies are – decrease in ATK/ACC/SPD. Rowan – Type – Void.

Ziz is extremely underrated, I like it.