We are monitoring vote counts around the clock, talking to sources, and channeling the firehose of news into comprehensible information. That fact might provide a useful lens for evaluating her donations. Some of the nonprofit organizations she donated to include Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Black Girls CODE, Blue Meridian Partners, Center for Policing Equity, George W. Bush Presidential Center, Howard University, Obama Foundation and the United Negro College Fund. MacKenzie Bezos–ex-wife of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos–announced on May 28 she would be donating at least half of her $37 billion fortune to good causes. Jeff Bezos has not signed the Giving Pledge.

MacKenzie Bezos, the former wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, announced on Tuesday on Twitter and through a Medium blogpost that she has given $1.67 billion to charities to date. Luminate dives deeper, not just in the issues it tackles–civic empowerment and digital rights for example–but also in how it tackles them. Launched in 2005, our Bezos Scholars Program cultivates the next generation of leaders. “The Glasswing is a tiny butterfly with invisible wings that can carry 40 times its own weight,” Scott wrote.

Half of the initial pledge was for education, and no progress in this area has been officially announced yet (though Bezos has posted updates on Instagram). Democrats have a very narrow path left to win back the Senate, Thursday midday update: The latest news with the presidential vote count, How Veep foretold 2020 election recount protests, The “stop the count” vs. “count every vote” protests around the country, explained, The US Covid-19 epidemic hit a deadly new milestone, and help isn’t on the way, How to have a safer — but not safe — pandemic Thanksgiving.

Recognizing that grants are often only the start of social impact, the Enhance program has allowed them not just to fund but develop the charities and social enterprises they support too.

No, Joe Biden did not mysteriously gain 138,000 Michigan votes all at once.

There are other pitfalls to trying to give away money quickly, though Scott avoided many of the biggest ones.

And while it’s common for philanthropists to give grants that are restricted for a specific purpose, paid out over the course of several years or conditional on various benchmarks for grant success, Scott says she did none of that. In general, picking organizations run by people affected firsthand by the injustices Scott targeted was a priority.

The Chan Zuckerberg Institute, set up following the birth of the increasingly beleaguered Facebook founder’s first child, is a prime example. Giving away money very quickly with a minimal process does have some disadvantages. With social responsibility and philanthropy low on Amazon’s priority list until recently, understanding where the recent divorcee may invest her resources is at best a guessing game, though her statement made clear it is a decision to be made with “time, effort and care.”. Her methods, too, are unusual. If it takes months to make a grant and more months for the money to arrive, it may be too late to help. It’s reasonable that many funders don’t want to take that chance. What we’ve learned from the vote count of the presidential race Wednesday. Recognizing the long-term, sensitive approach and expertise needed to address such issues, its why they’ve backed charities like Mankind, where trained service providers work with men in recovery from sexual abuse. Something noteworthy — and oddly hopeful — about the 2020 election: People are ignoring Trump’s antics. Whilst investing in education and supporting families impacted by the issue is no bad thing, homelessness is underpinned by housing issues, insecure income and limited public resources with which to house or support people with exacerbated mental health and addiction issues. Beef is bad for the planet. Joe Biden, if he wins, doesn’t have many options to force out Trump. You can help by supporting Vox's explanatory journalism with a financial contribution today. When the couple divorced in 2019, they were splitting the largest personal fortune in history, estimated at the time at about $145 billion. In some specific fields (say, scientific research), studies have shown that all the effort-intensive work to find the “best” grants is fairly arbitrary; researchers don’t agree with each other’s rankings at all. Are you disrupting the root causes of social issues? Of the nine causes, she has given by far the most to racial equity, with $586.7 million in gifts. And that work takes resources. Son premier roman publié en 2005 s'intitule « The Testing of Luther Albright », quand à son deuxième publié en 2013 il se nomme « Traps ». Far better at investing in root causes are Fair by Design, a collaborative social investment fund focused exclusively on the poverty premium.