Welcome to my blog, Nailed It – Cakes. 75 g softened butter, unsalted is ideal but salted is okay too. We’ll see Most likely it will show all the layers, in the “traditional” style I have come to know in this part of Norway.

Add about 1/2 to 2/3 of this on top of the base, then put broken pieces of Oreo cookies on top. This will depend on the size of your dish, and on your oven. Think of Nailed It! To make this combination more Halloween-y, I attempted to make the meringue look like bones, and the coulis to look like blood, for dipping. Anyway, here’s the delicious recipe, translated from a page called Det Sote Liv. 250 ml (2,5 dl) icing sugar Use a steaming tray set-up for best results, and don’t forget the Tangy Soy Dipping Sauce . Nobody here goes on a journey and (thankfully) nobody recalls a vague childhood memory in order to add a little pathos into their bake. I love dressing up, so for me it’s all good.

This might take some time, though if it takes more than 7-10 minutes, it might be that the meringue mix sits too low in the mixer, and you have to use the mixer by hand instead.

Separate the egg whites from the yolks, discard of the yolk or use them for something else if you can, Mix sugar and egg whites until you get stiff peaks. Nom. His goatee bristling as another underbaked, oversized donut is daubed in neon blue icing sugar.

Perfect for all occasions, tween or teen birthday parties, One in a Melon or Sweet to be One first birthdays. Directions here. 4 eggs (egg whites only), best at room temperature

It didn’t look amazing, so you might want to play around with this to find a better one .

Tell me about it in the comments! Might invent my own version of it though, with a nice kind of sweetness , Have you all had a good weekend and tried any new bakes? Here we are again, spice cake!

natural cream cheese. 200 ml / 2 dl boiling water, Then either: (this is a bit variable depending on the cream cheese, so you’ll have to adjust as you go).

After a little thought and searching through my recipes, I decided I’d try making homemade cupcakes and salted caramel butter bars. Keep an eye on it though, it varies from oven to oven. After a cavalcade of three tier cakes sliding like the tower of pisa, gynecological-looking icing sugar flowers, and deformed donuts comes something a little more… presidential.

I should have put a good pile of Oreo’s as decoration on top, but I had plans of making piped cream stuff on the top instead. Nobody here goes on a journey and nobody recalls a childhood memory in order to add a little pathos into their bake.

Each of the six half-hour episodes is set in Nailed It!’s cartoon-like set, the sort familiar to anyone who has ever seen the very similar Cake Wars. Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes, until a skewer comes out clean. Add the remaining cream cheese filling as a top layer, then decorate with even more Oreo cookies – you can try different kinds of Oreo cookies on top, but I would stick to the original ones for the rest of the cake.

Of course, both sounded yummy to my sweet tooth. Heat the oven to 200 degrees Celcius, or 180 degrees if using a fan oven. For the icing, you simply mix the cream cheese and icing sugar together, using an electric whisk is best to avoid lumps. It will be quite thin for a cake mix, but don’t worry – that’s fine. Contestants include blogger Heather who says “baking makes me feel like more of a mom” as she pulls out a tray of deformed cookies from the oven and the camera pans to her kids’ distressed faces. is the new Netflix show in which three amateur bakers compete to recreate professional bakes for $10,000 prize money. The courgettes in my garden are still growing happily, and the fact they are home grown adds an extra “win” to the bake. They might take a while, but they just taste so nice, and really hit the spot for me. A weird quirk of the show, you soon notice, is that not many of the professional cakes they’re recreating actually look very nice. 4 Egg whites You should also pass the coulis through a sieve to get rid of pulps and any leftover bits, though I forgot to do this, so mine is a bit… pulpy?

I will definitely make this again, with the right amount of ingredients this time! 2,7 – 3 dl sugar (270 – 300 ml) – I prefer it at the lower end, as it can get very sweet with the full 3 dl. 4. But it definitely tasted a lot better than the previous one. Sounds tasty, doesn’t it? Pile together and mix together. Meringue bones and “blood” coulis for Halloween! However I will break tradition and make something else entirely! Be very careful not to get any fat in the egg white bowl, as that will ruin your meringue mixture. is not for the seasoned baker.

Join her and enjoy the journey. The US show is inspired by the online trend of cake fails – i.e. Add the eggs to the sugar and butter cream bit by bit, stirring between each addition.

I also did not have enough icing sugar, which meant the icing was very thin. Nailed it was first aired on 9 th March 2018 and by now has completed 32 episodes in 3 seasons including holiday seasons.. You can see the progress of the cake below. Lastly add the courgette, give it a good stir, and you’re good to go! Serve with some extra sauce on the side and vanilla ice cream or double cream! The easiest for the icing is to make sure both the butter and cream cheese are at room temperature, chuck it all in a mixer and pop it on a low speed. You might be lucky enough to have a proper mixer that can cope with this task though.

Butter an ovenproof dish, and pour the cake mix in.

I don’t want to take the credit for this amazing invention, though I don’t know where this lady found it (It says on the website that it is part of a collection of recipes, so I’m not sure if she sourced it elsewhere, or came up with it herself. Birthday cakes are normally fancy, decorative cakes, with lots of icing, right? Slightly different icing to the one on the carrot cake, I’m not sure which one I prefer.

It’s so tasty and sweet, I love it. Today, it is officially autumn in my book.

I dare you to try the garlic one! 100 g unsalted butter

Cut the butter into smaller chunks to speed up melting. 7 dl or 700 ml plain flour. Soon bored by the repetitive format, I brightened things up for myself by imagining Paul Hollywood watching Nailed It! Leave the cake to cool down, alternatively you can save it for the next day.

200g cream cheese This season the show starred Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres as host and judge for season 4 respectively.

Allow to cool, before transferring over to a blender. 225g self-raising flour, or regular flour with 3 teaspoons baking powder 1,5 dl vegetable oil, such as soy or olive (150 ml). Pour it in a cake tin of your wanted shape (I used a heart one, though it’s a bit difficult to see), or in cupcake cups. I checked several places on the cake during baking, and the stick came out clean, yet the cake was practically raw after the first centimetre. Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in Norway, though it is definitely creeping in to the UK as a thing. 125 gr.

View step-by-step instructions for each Crisco recipe to learn how to create delicious meals in minutes. I also made my first coulis! Method: “What makes this cake is the face,” says judge Torres, ignoring the thin wisps of blonde icing sugar making up the most famous hairdo in politics. 1 tsp ground cloves Aziz Ansari’s character hosts on Master of None. 1 teaspoon vanilla essence or vanilla sugar My sister will be lucky if the Oreo cake comes out looking something like this… Ingredients:

Leave to cool in the oven until the oven is cold again. 2 packets milk chocolate mousse, use the instructions on the packet or make your own if you dare! This is simply a giddy and infectious fever dream in which a lack of talent is a prerequisite for entering. Published on Mar 29, 2018 My kids loved the Netflix show “Nailed it” so much we decided to have a go at home.. daddy was made to join in

For cupcakes, I have a few ideas. The cake is creamy, but light, with a heavier buttery biscuit base, as the saying goes.

Next week I will make that birthday cake as promised .

It was definitely full of lovely flavour though. Fantastic! Last modified on Tue 3 Jul 2018 05.44 EDT. Start mixing the eggs in an electric mixer whilst measuring up the vanilla sugar and sugar. Slap or pipe on, whichever you prefer. When you want to eat it, take the cake ring carefully off. The recipe is called “White Wedding Cake Cupcakes.” My son got married at our house in September and I had snacks available for the wedding … Tuck in and be assured it’s actually healthy, kind of, sort of, thanks to the courgette. Carefully separate the egg whites from the yolks; I do this in the messiest way possible – gently in my hands.

As before, the mixture was delicious, haha… But the cake was good too – thick and heavy, but full of flavour. Who eats a cake with a tongue, no matter how much vodka it is soaked in? Leave to rest in the fridge for another half hour at minimum, or until needed. I have now travelled to my home country of Norway, and plan on spending the rest of the month here. Gradually add the sugar, spoon by spoon, until it’s all well incorporated. Almost… I’m so impressed that the fruitful plants love my little plot in the garden for them, so I have been careful to not waste any of it. is not for the seasoned baker. icing sugar. Please try again later. . is a fun ride that leaves its most bizarre moment for last. Ovens have such unique personalities, don’t they. 175g sugar (caster or granulated, I prefer caster). Chocolate mousse filling: those pictures of sad looking sponges or a Buzz Lightyear birthday cake that looks like Picasso picked up the piping tube. Maybe liquorice? I really like the toffee sauce, and if you serve the pudding with ice cream or cream, it makes it that bit extra indulgent. I didn’t actually like it that much, it had a funny kind of sweetness with it. The carrot pieces are there, not too distracting, though I would happily have them smaller too. May 25, 2019 - Explore Barbara Bailey's board "nailed it for kids" on Pinterest. Tip: They sell it in Ikea! 3 Eggs Mix kefir and jam well in a bowl, electric whisk always preferable. Whilst the cake cools down, you can make the icing. 1. 2 ts cinnamon Rest in the fridge for 30 minutes, or more if the instructions on the mousse tells you to. And I really mean that! I can hand on heart say that if you get this recipe right, it’s just as good as a restaurant one. Look! 1 ts salt For other times of the year, you could make other shapes and dip them in dark chocolate instead.