Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. Thanks, I knew I was forgetting something. The inline design helps reduce muzzle rise during automatic fire. France adopted captured StG 44 for colonial Foreign Legion units.[22]. The StG 44 was an intermediate weapon for the period; the muzzle velocity from its 419 mm (16.5 in) barrel was 685 m/s (2,247.4 ft/s), compared to 760 m/s (2,493 ft/s) of the Karabiner 98k, 744 m/s (2,440.9 ft/s) of the British Bren, 600 m/s (1,968.5 ft/s) of the M1 carbine, and 365 m/s (1,197.5 ft/s) achieved by the MP40.

There is still a need for battle rifles today. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. The U.S. Army's adoption of the M1 carbine in 1941 proved the utility of a small, handy, low-powered rifle that required little training to use effectively. New semi-automatic civilian reproductions of the MKb 42(H), MP 43/1, and StG 44 are being manufactured in Germany today by SSD (Sport Systeme Dittrich) and distributed by HZA Kulmbach GmbH[26] in the original 7.92×33mm Kurz chambering and accepting the standard magazines. After World War II, the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc states supplied allied regimes and guerrilla movements with captured German arms, such as the StG 44, along with newly manufactured or repackaged 7.92×33mm ammunition. This gun used a unique gas piston-delayed roller-locked action derived from the short recoil operation of the MG 42 machine gun but with a fixed barrel and gas system. To get a good clarification of the differences between both rounds, there has been a weapon platform that has variations that chamber both ammo types. [15], Some 822 million rounds of 7.92×33mm Kurz ammunition were produced from 1942 to 1945. As a result, the optical sight base, grenade-launching extended muzzle thread, and bayonet lug were removed. [33] In September 2013, a photo showed a Syrian rebel with a Sturmgewehr 44 hooked up to a makeshift remote weapon station. Talks have been made by HMG (Hill & Mac Gunworks) to mass-produce a StG-44 replica in different calibers, including the original 7.92×33mm Kurz, but also more modern calibers, like 7.62×39mm, 5.56×45mm NATO and .300 AAC Blackout, but these have yet to be released.[27]. As mentioned before, the main difference between the assault rifle and battle rifle is the size of the cartridge fired from the weapon. The main bodies are made from what looks like a hi-strength zinc alloy (Zamak). Kits were distributed to convert M1 carbines to M2s. The Spanish CEMTE and later the HK G3 family are heavily infulenced also by the MP43/MP44/STG44 family. By the end of the war, a total of 425,977 StG 44 variants of all types were produced and work had commenced on a follow-on rifle, the StG45.

Hosted by Command Sergeant Major T. S. Decker (ret. The German army had been attempting to introduce semi-automatic weapons such as the Gewehr 41, but these proved troublesome in service, and production was insufficient to meet requirements.

RWS offered two rounds, one with a 7 mm bullet and one with an 8 mm bullet, both in a 46 mm case. Originally known as the MP 43 (Machine Pistol) for Nazi political reasons, it was renamed the "Sturmgewehr 44" after its successful introduction into battle on the Eastern Front. The standard rifle for the French military. [15] While the StG 44 was capable of fully automatic fire, German soldiers were directed to use it primarily in semi-automatic mode. [13] A late-war U.S. assessment derided the StG-44 as "mediocre", "bulky" and "unhandy", declaring it incapable of sustained automatic fire and prone to jamming, though the report accepted that its accuracy was "excellent for a weapon of its type". Seeing the possibility of a propaganda gain, the rifle was again renamed as the Sturmgewehr 44 (StG 44), to highlight the new class of weapon it represented. since the Stg-44 was the daddy of the AK-47 is it superior , it shot a 7.92mm round and the AK-47 a 7.62mm round so I guess it does more damage , I also belive it was more accurate but I don't know if superior ; Sturmgewehr 44 - Wikipédi

So get your hands on a high powered battle rifle if you can and get to the range. StG is an abbreviation of Sturmgewehr. Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more.

I wrote an article comparing the two back in 03-04' for Bravo Company USA. The first prototype 7.62 mm M1943 round was created a month later and used the 7.92 Kurz design method of using the same caliber bullet as their standard rifle round (7.62×54mmR) in a shorter case. This device consisted of a large scope, rather like modern starlight scopes, and a large infra-red lamp on top, the scope being able to pick up the infra-red that would be invisible to the naked eye. The Sturmgewehr remained in use with the East German Nationale Volksarmee with the designation MPi.44 until it was eventually replaced with domestic variants of the AK-47 assault rifle. It was also found to be exceptionally reliable in extreme cold. The 7.62×39mm cartridge, however, was more directly influenced by the 7.92×33mm cartridge used in the StG 44. In January 1945, a magazine was introduced fitted with a fixed plug to restrict its capacity to 25 rounds.

It was still used by other public security formations thereafter.

Intermediate rifle rounds have an effective range of 300 meters. In a somewhat unrelated development, Mauser continued design work on a series of experimental weapons in an effort to produce an acceptable service-wide rifle for the short cartridge system. The Kar 98k was retained as a specialist weapon for sniping and launching rifle grenades, while MP 40s were used by vehicle and artillery crews and officers. With battle rifles firing full powered rounds while assault rifles firing intermediary powered rounds, what is the main difference between the two? The StG 44 was the first real assault rifle, so in that sense both the M16 and AK are descendants of that same concept. The meeting concluded that the 7.92 mm cartridge was an important development and that the Soviets needed to design a reduced-power round. Assault rifles are now the standard service weapon in most militaries around the world. AK47. It came too late to have much effect on the war, but did influence the Soviet AK-47 that was introduced three years after the war concluded. Fifty rifles were to be delivered for field testing in early 1942.[15].