Tonari no Totoro - English Lyrics.

I no break ma fast [Chorus].

Station no shedda far And Soma falls in love with you. Day dreaming deferred mate start hot us Land Crusier with police escort overtake Written in the trotro diaries Tell truth, now."

These be wana trotro blues

Ei...see this girl I make lucky The dust & the truck fumes be insane / Accra Accra!

She say Maybe pervert girl only like girl type Ranma? Ma knees & bottos start dey feel pain Tsoobi mami Trotro Blues Lyrics: Today no tie / Friday wear / The way the sun dey shine dier / I dey fear / I make lucky / Station no shedda far / Dey still dey do the road? Sometimes the metal for the chair I for dey guard First Happy BATH-day xDD <3 I still want to see this whole OVA.

Give us a blake

Next car start load chale window seat E no kyerr bia the car inside make mma

Who leaves the seeds, For you to find? We dey move very slow Wo hu pure water toh bi ma mi Only magic fit save we... "I AM NOT!!"

[Chorus] Friday wear

The name “Trotro” comes from the Akan word “tro” which meant “3 Pence”, the colonial price of the lorry fare. The other day e chop some guy e 4 ghana Mate

© 2006-2020 Fanpop, Inc., All Rights Reserved. I for kai take ma change dis guy be azaa Dey poke out [Verse 2: Wanlov] Then plant the seeds, and help them grow! Trotro or Troskie(Pidgin) is how Ghanaians refer to their public transport system. Welcome to Trotro's official channel in english !

Telling you trotro stories

Accra Accra!

Last time i nearly tear ma trousers

It may seem the like a dream, things are not what they seem. Tonari no TOTORO - My Neighbor Totoro, Opening Song, My Neighbor Totoro; Tonari no Totoro, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search,words to song,song … End of the month Trotro Lyrics: L'âne trotro, l'âne trotro / Trop trop rigolo / L'âne trotro, l'âne Trotro / Trop trop rigolo / L'âne trotro c'est l'ami qu'il nous faut / Trop trop rigolo

E just be exercise

All Ane Trotro lyrics sorted by popularity, with video and meanings. At least today fine girl sit ma body We dey look out the window at the hawkers [Verse 1: Otuntu] Dey still dey do the road? *confetti*, "Shampoo love boy type Ranma. A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News, Kuroshitsuji [Black Butler] Chapter 28-29 Manga Scans, Kuroshitsuji OVA - "Welcome to the Phantomhive House" [scene] : Sebastian sings Happy Birthday, Ranma 1/2 OVA 8: "Reawakening Memories" [Part 2], Ranma 1/2 OVA 3: "Akane vs. Ranma! You may have seen the series on Netflix recently if you are in the US. Then I think say she dey shy

E name be Abigail Dzibordi

These be wana trotro blues The way the sun dey shine dier ... Oh Shampoo, your so cute XDDD. She den me dey the same job I dey fear Enable Listen: link--To-to-ro, Totoro! "Calling you." "WHO ARE YOU CALLING A PERVERT GIRL!?" But she dey get down different bus stop

Close job leff kwik I dey fear the line

I'v seen scenes, BUT THATS NOT ENOUGH D8 Apparently you are a Mary Sue; one of Elizabeths friends.

Chale A ka mi last

posted by Lolly4me2. ".

Kakai on the radio Today no tie

Or ma shadda go f)) from the ridiculous heat Wanlov and Otuntu narrate the ordeals of the average Ghanaian as the Trotro is the basic means of transport.

Then walk

But I ask Hai hai

Dem say serious traffic dey

For kwame nkrumah Follow them and you will see, a treasure there. To-to-ro, Totoro! Too much standing for a single spine

I'll be the One to Inherit Mother's Recipes!

Dey feel like this routine soon go kill me oh