i think the wild is MUCH safer than being around a campsite where any scum of the earth humans can go. Are you serious?

My family used to camp at a state park. Stupid me replied with a strong voice: "yes". Camping was free, no cell service, barely a road, etc. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I immediately thought a bear had entered my campsite and so I began to look for paw prints. We were convinced there was a mountain lion fight going on right outside the tent. All is welcome! Dude, the sounds aren't that bad. In the morning, I wake to hear his tent mate trying to wake him in a hushed voice "H.F., there's a skunk in the tent. EDIT: Or better yet, elephants. This story is completely true although I may be a little rusty describing EXACT details saying as this happened about 5 years after my dad passed. AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" The animal next to me got up, and (luckily) ran away. Change the location of this story to "Afghanistan", and they probably did. Some asked I I guess I’m giving WOW A STORY IN THE WOODS super scary! I was going to share my "scary story" but then I read that you want our stories to back up your decision on not wanting to go camping. I had the perfect vantage to see all of this, and was laughing my ass off for several minutes. I hear what you're saying but I don't like the idea of being out in the middle of nowhere, in the bush / forest or wherever, with who knows what around. This also happens to be the same place that the Army Rangers trained. Didn't think anything of it.

I’m now 20, and to this day it is probably one of the most real events I’ve experienced with paranormal occurrences. I worked at a camp in North Georgia and we took kids on the Appalachian Trail around the city of Dahlonega (right where it starts pretty much). A community to share your scariest true life experiences whether it be ghosts, ghouls, cryptids, aliens, humans, or just a scary situation you were in. Press J to jump to the feed. It was a really cold winter night, temperatures drop close to zero here in the lowveld. one even came within like 50 yards.

", over and over. I told this story on letsnotmeet but I’m happy to tell it again. Parent comments that aren't from the target group will be removed, along with their child replies.

This time we stop and look around a bit before we decided to head back to our campsite. maybe it was one of her fellow counselors though. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. We know, it was scary and you don't want to ever meet them again. One nice nights, we just cowboy camped on a tarp because it was cooler and easier than setting up an A frame. ... Backpacking Campfire Stories Creepy Creepy Catalog Ghost Stories Hiking Scary Stories About Camping. I’m picturing a witch crawling on the ground calling you “my pretties”. Woke up one morning, with "something" very warm, rather soft and comfy on my back. A lady came who was preparing to hike the Appalachian trail solo and he set her up with everything she needed. I wait for the noises to stop and then run out to my dad. Her friends didn't even notice she was missing and if we didn't go that far into the woods she would have been lost all night. Press J to jump to the feed. She was wearing dark clothes and was covered in dirt. Press J to jump to the feed. A sheet of thin plastic between you and them, brushing visibly against it, and crying from hunger. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Are you serious? It's a lady crawling on the ground whispering just random words. Holy shit. Packing up camp in the morning, I noticed the food wasn’t there. That's it. About midnight I heard a nose from outside my swags about 1 metre away from me. I went to a high adventure base many years ago, and in base camp on the return side of the trip, one guy left a partially eaten stack of crackers by his cot overnight.

One of his co-workers saw what happened and then informed him that she had come back early after she stopped at a place along the trail to get film from her camera developed and had found pictures of her sleeping, from every night. Camping is fucking great. sounds like you busted her about to transition from human to werewolf/creature, Ugh god , instant imagery is the ring lol, I probably would have kicked the face and ran dude.