Publishing with Tapas is quick and easy. hide. imho: only good point it's the forum. Webtoon Canvas. It began to grown organically. Number 1 thing that makes Webtoon better. And due to the competitive nature if the contest, my comic's ratings shot down to below a 3/10. Basically the most appealing reward you can give them for their support. Then, after you wait to post the new post, you have to recreate the old post all over again. So Tapas is clearly the better website to host your comic on right? 100% Upvoted. Because we sometimes do. maybe just sometime tapas pick someone from the ground and give a limitated highlight, but it's quite useless. Just a head up/warning. Thank you very much for your informed guidance. creators paid to date. So if you want to have a traditional page format for your comic just make sure you can read it on mobile. If you want to post something before a draft you already made, you have to delete the post and create a new post. On the other hand, this makes it much easier for small creators to gain a following on Tapas. What does the group think about Webtoon and Tapas (or any other comic publishing places)? You could also link it once in a while in your author's comments with a short note of your main "selling point". How do they compare? Overall though, the sites function largely the same though - vertical scroll comics are more popular thanks to most readers being on mobile: similar genre categories, newly updated, popular, and weekly picks sections for readers to find new comics, and (perhaps most importantly) to find success new/small creators will generally need to find most of their mew readers off-site, through social media and other self-promotion. The biggest difference between the Webtoon-style and conventional … As of writing the script for this video we have 994 subscribers on Tapas, and 12,031 subscribers on Webtoon.

Sadly, all of these points are destroyed by the one fact about Webtoon. This can be especially helpful for comments on older pages allowing you to respond and let the reader know you are still listening. You seem to have researched it thoroughly. I do my the vertical style with huge text and sometimes still receiving comments saying the font is too small LMFAO and the whole too short comment too, I think it's just depend on what sort of readers you gather. Feel free to chat with us there! I'm not going to change up my format. another little problem it's they re more "manga oriented" (so yeha, if u re planning to do a BL manga, look like u have got an easy jackpot XD lol)BUT they ve got more audiance than tapas, plus their management about readers it's quite wise: they dont push the readers in only 1 direction, to the "big names". 2 days later, 2,000. It will improve the quality of life for both your creators and readers. Want to have a private chat with another user? It is possible to communicate with readers on webtoons but due to the way the site is built it is much more difficult to carry a conversation or notice if anyone replied.

As of writing the script for this video we have 994 subscribers on Tapas, and 12,031 subscribers on Webtoon. Featured storiesSee all. I'd have to google it to find it as a tapastic reader. And then no one else came and we proceeded to lose subscribers for the next few years as Webtoon started to grow. Tap is more user friendly and uploading is easy. Reading the story vertically. We will be making more helpful comic videos soon! Now it’s important to note that comics can be posted on both websites. And change your name back to Tapastic or something, because Tapas is spanish for snack and it really messes up your google search-ability. So far haven't had any complaints or "too short" comments despite only having 2 pages an update. I created a sort of hybrid format whereas each 2 page spread can be linked vertically. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Which one was more successful for you? ). I don't like the feeling of just throwing my work out and not getting much feed back and I feel Webtoons does a lot of that. Otherwise, post it on both of those sites and any other site you wish.With said, let’s go over what this video will be about. Readers, just read both sites, although Webtoon usually has the bigger community. Now it's all up to you! episodes. How many page views? Including views, likes, subscribers, and comments. If you’re on Tapas, just send them a message! But it isn’t just notifications for comments and likes, it is also for messaging! I uploaded they first 3 chapter of my series on Webtoons (my series currently has 7 on Tap) and well I really hate the format of the website. So in that aspect, I do very much prefer audience communication on tapas. It is actually through our comic that we have learned so much about these websites. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. We have plenty of members who can answer your questions and give you tips regarding publishing and breaking into the industry. How do they compare? In addition to finding collaborators, this is a great place for feedback and advice. ), oh, i didnt know about that quite scared about the BL legion fans plus i dont like the gender so what i know it's what i read here and there's strange how type of comic it's liked based on platform O_o". Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an advertisement for Tapas on the internet. Let’s take a look at what Webtoon has. But on Tapas they give you the details on the entire past year of statistics. They do all look very similar, but trust me they are very useful. I put enough work into it; I'm not going to change it up for the sake of "popularity".

If you have ever spent more than 5 minutes on a collaboration forum, you would know that there are far more writers looking for opportunities than there are opportunities. I’m looking for advices about web comics and this was very useful. and to me, after 1 year + here, it's a HUGE delusion. Why is publishing episodes so much easier on Tapas?

I still like both places, but I've got 766 subs here and 4.16k over there, and I've only been there half as long.

Thank you! Well, they can still go to the Tapas forum I guess. This is just a personal observation from me but LGTB+ contents aren't exactly as popular on Webtoon as Tapastic. Do you mean webtoon format (vertical scrolling style) oriented? I have seen quite a few for Webtoon though. How much better are notifications on Tapas? I don't understand why they didn't have a "delete your account" option in the settings section. Way more interaction over there in terms of regular commentors.

Because actually, webtoon readers do not like manga oriented. What do they do differently? Oddly enough, Tapas was leading the subscriber battle at first. Negative or positive stories welcomed. 58.7K. Webtoon will ONLY email you if someone responds to your comment in particular. I'll make the adjustments with the Tapas for Webtoons- that's a whole big clusterf**k altogether. Keep in mind that I love both of these websites and enjoy comics from both sites. Actually, readers there seem to be okay with traditional page format so long as it's readable on mobile (huge text and bubbles). However, with the new tipping program in the Tapas app, I hope to maybe turn the tides? I don't deny there are BL fans on Webtoon, but GL is even a smaller niche compare to BL in general, so I'm not surprised if GL doesn't do as good as BL, and BL/GL in general doesn't do as good as straight romance on Line Webtoon.. (Though hey, there IS a featured GL webtoon while there has never been one for BL as far as I remember) It could be because a very large portion of Webtoon readers is young girls ¯_(ツ)_/¯. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. save. After reaching the 1,000 mark people began to naturally come across our comic. So this one is a bit petty, but I stand by it.

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Brittany then finishes up the lettering and formatting and gets it all ready with a new scrollable layout for the internet. (Though that doesn't stop Webtoon readers from enjoying a legitimately good BL/GL comic and some of them do make it big. Ask for help! Is it just me or have Webtoons readers gotten more understanding and positive lately?I could swear, despite me going back to daily 1-page-updates (since I forget to even update at all if I don't lol I'm a clutz) on there, the "why so short" comment is much less rare these days and the comments are blooming with love and appreciation. And now I'm stuck with an extra account. Meanwhile Tapas gets 8.89 million views in a month which is 5 times less traffic. 2 days later 4,000. u can know how many or who like what, where s it the new comment and how it's going with statistic.BUT after that, tapastic it's a fail. Unless of course they are about completely useless stats. It can also be good for feedback and support.

We started our comic on Webtoon and Tapas roughly the same time in july 2017. For example, with the same comic I got to over 2000 subs on Tapas, but only ~200 or so on Webtoon - but while I feel like I plateaued a bit on Tapas, even mid-tier popularity on Webtoon can mean tens of thousands of subscribers. At the end of the day, being able to schedule posts, and in any order, is a huge quality of life improvement. On the topic of audience, one thing I noticed is that my comic that will be centered around an interracial lesbian couple is going beyond expectations here on tapas so far, whereas it still hasn't broken 100 followers on webtoons. We started our comic on Webtoon and Tapas roughly the same time in july 2017. share. This is because Webtoon is backed by Naver, the internet giant out of south Korea. This allowed them to grow into the giant they are today through advertising and connections.But let’s give some specific examples here. Your email address will not be published. If you add a very small banner to your updates (goes both for tapas and webtoons) where you mention that little selling point you've got, and just casually link it in the author's notes, that will actually be more effective and appear less naggy than if you constantly mention it in author's comments is what I've noticed. The Strange Gameplay Loop of Chao Gardens, Journal Entries, Short Stories, and Our Future. Tapas is also a little more creator-geared than Webtoon, community wise: they have some good forums to meet other creators to talk shop, there's better tools and analytics for creators, and there's also a higher percentage of desktop readers (still the minority compared to mobile, but a bigger slice than Webtoon.) And let us know in the comments what’s your favorite, whether it be on Webtoon, Tapas, or any other website. And some do.

Since I've posted my comic (shameless plug) on both sites on the same day in December, LINE Webtoon has reached 2.2k views and garnered 300 subscribers (just reached that number today, actually ^^), and Tapastic has only reached 600+ views and 35 subs, after a lot of advertising and some participation in the forums. Honestly I'd say the percentage of people that are uneducated on LGBT matters in general is larger on Webtoon than Tapastic. Oh.

Actually, readers tend to be harsher toward BL/GL manga and the majority of them get low rating because of that. Want to stop having private chats? Me personally have seen all sort of readers on Webtoon and have a fair share of them myself so despite updating roughly 20-30 pages an update, too short comment is a regular for me. Thus they are also less likely to reply overall. Because the majority of them read comic on mobile, so vertical scrolling format is a nom and work better for them. Publish with Tapas. Webtoons definitely leans for quantity over quality over there. They have a much larger audience. 2 days later, 3,000. Thank a lot. they offer many choice and it's a GREAT thing.