Remington offers 12 and 20 gauge Premier sabot loads with both JHP bonded lead core bullets and solid copper hollow point bullets. A smoothbore "slug gun" with rifle sights will usually shoot groups in the 3" (6 MOA) range at 50 yards/meters, making them satisfactory deer hunting weapons at short range. 12 gauge shotguns having a barrel length of 18” or greater and cylinder bore.

Savage Arms 110 FCP HS Precision: The Practical, Tactical .338 Lapua MAG – Part 2 of 3, Savage Arms 110 BA: Rebirth of the .338 Lapua MAG – Part 1 of 3, Shotgun Slugs: 20 Gauge vs. 12 Gauge - Part 1. The main characteristic of a sabot slug is the plastic carrier or sabot, which is of bore size or sometimes a little larger to enable the sabot to engage the rifling found in modern slug barrels. It, too, is recommended for both smooth and rifled barrels.

The difference in retained energy at 100 yards is considerable. These were common projectiles for muskets and shotguns--any sort of smooth bore long arm--for a long time.

These resemble Foster type slugs with one important difference: the wad remains attached to the base of the slug. When fired, the full force of the round is delivered to the target, minimizing the risk. The sharp shoulder and flat front of the Brenneke mean that its external ballistics restrict it to short-range use as it does not retain its velocity well. Take the proven performance of our super-accurate patented bullet and transform your favorite rifled barrel slug gun into a firearm that outperforms some centerfire rifles. – Thoughts After Multiple Months & Range Days, Savage Arms 111 Long Range Hunter: The Deep Threat – Part 3 of 3. It is also the most recent innovation.

The common misconception is that the shotgun slug has an extremely short range as well as a very poor trajectory.

Height of bullet trajectory in inches above or below line of sight if zeroed at 100 yards.

The 12 gauge Core-Lokt Ultra sabot bullet is a .50 caliber, 385 grain HP semi-spitzer. The fins or rifling is easily deformed to pass through choked shotgun barrels and do not impart any significant stabilizing spin on the projectile.

Brenneke makes a 3” Rifled Slug in 12 Gauge that is moving a 666 Grain slug out of your barrel; that’s larger than some of the bullets topping off .50 B.M.G. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. What one should you buy???

and the remaining energy at 100 yards is 2325 ft. lbs. Such accuracy would be considered unacceptable from a rifle, of course, but it will take deer at 100 yards. |

Unbelievable what that slug did to that large deer at that distance.