But in context with the story at that time it was just weird.

Keep it up! remember this. Hoon and jae hee and their tragedy and their fight to escape their misery. Where is the moral of a doctor here?

it will be really NONSENSE if hoon will end up with quack. She would sacrifice a lot for hoon even her life...the only weakness maybe perhaps is that she always want to die before hoon...Seung Hee was also very kind to Soo Hyun too....when I don't dislike Dr Oh Soo Hyun, I can't like her as much as Jae Hee. We all know that your screen time had been reduced but you're amazing !! Its funny that Jong-Suk's drama took over the spot for Lee Bo-Young's drama and their dramas both has action, suspense, and conspiracy in them after they worked together on "I hear Your Voice". I support soo hyun park hoon couple! I fell for him when he came down the stairs, went out of the door and started checking the patients.

And i actually love jin se yeons character cuz shes such badass here.

Her love is a selfish one, yes ur right she loves Park Hoon and may want to protect her but in the expense of innocent patients she manipulates to get what she want? Lili Jul 09 2014 10:47 am The actors don't matter. I have some sneak peeks already in fact...I have a feeling I will definetly like the drama.. luna Jun 10 2014 3:03 am This is my first drama for all the cast. Victoria Feb 20 2015 8:56 am haha if her role was that borring its not her fault , that's the director whatsoever's problem ok people! So sad to me. I want to see suzy as the lead actress, i want to see her takes another role cause i know she can, she is doin great with her previous drama and i know she's a good actress and have a great acting, so i do hope she will get offer the role and accept it. A Hoon told her that they will never be together because her father sent his father to the north. Doctor , genius , unlike NK can produce one , he is so well dressed in the poor country like that ? you will end up carrying all the pain. haha I love park hoon and doctor quack! I wish the store could have ended in a better way, but I am not the writer or the director! Maybe some people judge me immature, but that's what I feel, I don't mean anything. JSY isnt bad at all. she is good to portraying characters if she casting in exciting writing projects, because jin se yeon was purely talented I don't like the idea why that production choosing jin se yeon in this drama ?? It's not my fault to ship hoonhyun.

Kang sora your beautiful fighting! After the eps goes by, why JaeHee and ParkHoon be awkward like this.

Does anyone know the real name of the nurse from Ep 5, i think her name in the show is lim hwang seo! And the show ALREADY proven the FACT hoon would not give up his moral values like jae hee does.

:( I'm still crossing my fingers. Park Hoon became a genius like chest surgeon. jin seyeon in my daughter the flower as kotnim.

Wow it's jin se yeon and LGS what a cute couple..go girl i love you <3. thats makes me go back to my point which is Park Hoon and Oh Soo-Hyun are a perfect couple and they should be together .

In here she isn't. Both, JSY and LJS will be more famous after this one. He deeply fell in love with Jae Hee (Jin Se-yeon) in his high school.

Omg, looking at the comment, I thought i was the ONLY one wishing Kang Sora and Lee Jong Suk to end up together!

herie Jun 04 2014 10:51 pm Coz I'm trying to feel HoonHee, but I can't.And yessss, Se Yeon act is really good. .and thats one of the value Hoon and Jae Hee have....thats the relationship i envy..this is the reason why I rate it 9.5..and only because Hoon and Jae Hee were already dating since the start of the drama doesn't mean their bond is not strong..it is just the opposite.. yoon Jun 09 2014 1:58 pm I'm still for HoonHyun couple :D I wish, but I think this drama will not have a happy ending.

But gawd i can't ignore the second and male lead of the drama. Best of luck. heartskyn Feb 01 2015 8:00 pm I'm starting this one without expectation, because I didn't know all the cast. Sorry not judge sora and other actress.

Great job kang sora! Prijya Feb 10 2015 4:56 pm

myo May 26 2014 7:45 am Pff i hate people like you seriously you don't even know her to say that, and even if you don't like her acting say so but not that you hate her... and you saw just one of her drama you can't juge her for that. Fighting.. kyaraa Mar 03 2014 8:27 am What is the essence of that. they are both who are not afraid to share their emotions with each other. She is surely a promising actress!!!!!