come leh we go gyal, i say come leh we go, come leh we go gyal, 2 paramaribo, pack up yuh grip gyal, and come leh we go, come leh we go gyal, 2 paramaribo, sweet man (sweet-man): a male version of a sweet homan, sweet rice (sweet-rice): rice pudding served at hindu religious ceremonies, tamarind (tam-ar-ind): iz one type of food me na kno how 2 descrube, kinda sour but sweet, tamarind balls (tam-ar-ind-ballz): u kno same ting az da damn tamarind but in ball shape i guess, tamarind sauce (tam-ar-ind): i tink iz da ting dem doez give yuh wid da polowrie at hot n spicy, tarbaby (tar-bay-bee): sum1 da really black. well, fuh de “v” yuh could include “vex” buh neh na no if dem othas no wha da mean, U FORGOT LIX (licks) meaning u go home and someone beat u rass good. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It was light and fast. An yuh frens call yuh stink man. Lol im totally American but its always fun to reimmerse myself in my Guyanese culture, its SO funny, queh queh is a drumming ceremony typically performed the night before a wedding of a guyanese girl. i.e – “ker yuh rass da side.”, bleddy – inspired from Britian’s “bloody”. Lie like skyte: As a fifteen year old rising star, I decided to tackle a beautiful twenty year old East Indian miss who worked at miss Chan cakeshop on Wellington Street adjacent to metropole theatre.

It’s also a nice way of preserving Guyana’s rich oral culture for a new generation. fuh appreciation (fuh-a-preesh-ee-aish-on): this iz when yuh rass doez go by sum1 just 2 hang a lil while but u na hungry but u fee; guilty cuz u tink u a insult dem if yuh na tek anything so u doez tek am fuh da appreciation. Don’t you know that there was some column or something in the 50’s called Puttagee Punkus? An when dem come to themselves dey wipe the tallywally head off wit newspaper and sometimes the words Graphic or Argosy was left printed on it. Pengey: see Totee Afro-Guyanese  |  February 25, 2017 at 7:06 pm, 86. brux- broke. Allison  |  February 27, 2009 at 6:41 pm. As a young copper I met a Quli man who lived obliquely opposite Vigilance Police Station, in Friendship ECD where I had a bed in the barrack room. One of the most fascinating boats was the Buckskin. GUYANESE DON’T GO TO A PARTY,WE GO TO A DANCE. Chris…if u na no wha vex mean me vex wit u…lmaooo, Vex — to na talk to nobody, hold wahn grudge, mout tun lilli, mout swell up, Me n coolieman up deh r DJs, hit em up if ayu dese need sum guyanese songs or dem old flim chune or even blak man or white man even spanish man song, awee dese ga all dem ting rass, especially remix. thatz why ayodeze parentz doez say me na wan u jootah, jumbee (jum-bee): a ghost (commonly believed that a sprinkle of salt will make these go away, see all da money da ghostbusterz wan fuh charge u?

Fried agreed. Much much stronger than argue, 22. The joyous winter holidays are upon us, meaning plenty of interaction with family members and all of their personal and cultural quirks.

Then you’re Guyanese to the bone, and this book is for you.’, So reads the blurb on a new and aptly named book called ‘101 WORDS THAT TELL YOU’RE GUYANESE,’ by novelist, artist, and four-time winner of the Guyana Prize for Literature Harold Bascom. You can’t be a real guyanese at all lol………..Queh Queh is what we do the night before wedding……a kind of get together dancing in a circle, im half guynaese and trini and my family is from 35 village in berbice so dil lil dictionary wuh yuh get hya well and makin meh laugh so tail! michelle  |  October 30, 2013 at 2:47 am. Founded as an online publication in 2008, Brown Girl Magazine is a multimedia company based in New York City with global reach dedicated to South Asian self-expression, cultural anchoring, and dialogue. dhall roti (dal-ro-tee): iz roti wid some grind up dhall in am, now if ur like me wid way 2 much time on ur handz u alwayz a wonder what the hell iz da point of eating dhall roti or dhall phurri az some otherz may call it with dhall. State closes case in Parika fuel dealer murder, > You chicken tje curry. In a culture known for its colorful expressions, the following proverbs and translations will hopefully allow you to understand and connect with your relatives without any of the linguistic barriers that have so often prevented first generation kids from understanding what the hell is going on. I now suspect that action probably mimicked the actions if the cuffum fish. Guyanese supported me well. 16. Den if yah hada couple of dem crawling pon yah han, den yuh eat dem too, an if yuh eat plenty, plenty a dem, den dem women seh, dem man get instant cock stan, ting get hard till it hut.

Cassandra  |  May 8, 2009 at 10:12 am, skundle of bundt….is just the “sk” and “b” switched around and really means is bundle of skunt…aka a whole set of stupidness or alot of crap, 27. Dah gyal got plenty brains! Guyanese started attaching themselves to it—liking it—commenting. 9. Get your facts straight. English duck – When a coolie person tries to speak proper english!

Ps. Copyright 2019 Kaieteur News / All rights reserved | A. That meant that he had to shelve plans to attend the Guyana Prize ceremony in November. i agree…….. skunthole … a truly GT thing…. okay bai (y), 85. me fuh live in de US for laaang time and people does carry on like dem nah fuh understand what me fuh sayin.  

Enter your email address to subscribe for FREE to this website and receive notifications of new content by email. “I was just like you, Budday. In Nigeria they use oo or ae after many sentences e.g ( If you don’t bring me de money oo, I will shoot, I will shoot to kill oo. I am Guyanese but I see a lot of the words are different from what we used in my era.

i believe it iz some sort of fruit as well in guyana. Thank you. natashabrowne  |  December 26, 2012 at 8:56 pm, 55. Man a swimming in it. story (store-ee): a problem between u and someone else, sugah cake (shu-gah-cake): ayo rass na coolie if yuh rass na kno what this iz, i ain’t even gonna bother 2 define diz, sundar popo (sun-dar-po-po): i na care if u luv him, hate him, or just na care. 5 min read. Eh budd-e….awee 3 couldnt sleep da nite.

Frowsy: Stink or funky like You’re a SKUNT or by replacing trini CUNT with SKUNT like u SKunt stupid or wah? youu gett itt mod rass yuhh runn offf!! fahget-forget Every time I worked the 12:00 to 8:00 night shift the man would come over to the station to play two man card games and dominoes. Your item reminds me of a song we sang as children, ‘there was a Quli man named buggerbattee an he lived with a Quli gyal called sooorebattee.’. Looking forward to seeing everyone post the same picture of pepper pot and bread to their Instagram on Christmas morning. Toggle navigation Wiwords. ‘101 WORDS’ is also available as an eBook for those with Amazon Kindle Readers, or with the Kindle app on whatever electronic device—phone, tablet, iPad, one owns. Malaika  |  April 29, 2009 at 8:10 pm, (you may have a duplicate because stupid wireless just died and I had to retype/resubmit), 30. But it would have come from ouistiti or wistiti which some dictionaries recognise. I thought I did know me! Biden is gaining on Trump in Pennsylvania as more votes are tallied. keep it real……….. Burglary is when you break and enter. No skunt is used in this and many other variations in the USVI regularly. 42. Spiced with anecdotes and illustrations, Bascom uses his story-telling skills and his talent as an illustrator to explain the meaning behind words like ‘fat fowl’ and ‘coona-moonoo’. how donkey a bray Deh = There After the sweetness comes the bitterness. ORIGINAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Informations sur votre appareil et sur votre connexion Internet, y compris votre adresse IP, Navigation et recherche lors de l’utilisation des sites Web et applications Verizon Media. tittavate-(tit•eh•vate)- when yuh does touch something or make am up how eeh nah supposed to deh. cutlass (kut-lass): u rass may tink diz a one machete. Man, this is no nancy story, I saw one of dem sitting on the koker at Sand Hill in the Demerara River and as soon as she raised up she right han, I was gone, man, long gone. 10. pot (pot): therez only one damn way i can put diz, a liberty avenue gyal wid way 2 much make-up on. AIE YA FUCKING MUDA CUNT ITS CURRY CHICKEN NOT CHICKEN CURRY. It’s a hilarious read I promise! stchew yuh teeth (stew-yuh-teeth): iite diz hea iz when yuh doez mek da sound wid u teeth when u rass probally damn annoyed at something.

yummy, play fresh (play-fresh): to hit on someone. #6647 (May God Bless His Soul) introduced me to a beautiful East Indian lady when we were stationed at Reliance Police Station, Canje. wid me naked eye. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Contact: 624-6456; 225-8452; 225-8458; 225-8463; 225-8465; 225-8473 or 225-8491. I born in Guyana and I left when I was really young, most of the words I can still remember because of my parents and friends. i got fuh say, de word dat stick out de most is starbai and stargyal Balay (bay-lay): when u doez use the rolling pin (belna) on something, banga mary (ban-ga-mary): one type of fish abedeze got in guyana. Lebbeh lip – disfigurement of the lower lip caused by the constant sucking of fingers especially the thumb. Den dem put raw rice in muslin, tie it, making a ball like shape at the bottom, put oil above the tie, put it on your navel, light the top of the muslin dat is saturated wit de oil an den put a thick ten ounce glass over it. Bobby  |  February 6, 2009 at 6:34 pm, 20. 8. basin— like a big bowl u gotta admit he’z earned a place in diz dictionary, he iz da immortal kaise banee, kaise banee, polowrie bein chutney, kaise banee man, suriname (sur-i-nam): anywayz itz a country in south america. They would disappear into the bush without a ripple of evidence of their presence. In the hands of the experts they can deliver with great speed. how yuh go foget TEEF under da t’s????????