Duffy uses idiomatic phrasing and indirect speech (as we can imagine the crowds using this phrase) to show how the crowds mock the woman, who could do nothing - apart from being tall. they are defined by their beauty. The woman's tall-ness has arrived unexpectedly. 3.6 Key features: Internal rhyme, Our persona is cast out of the realm of normal and into the world of other, as we read she is now "eye-high" with street lamps. Becomes the shop itself. 13.2.1 Use of alliteration, assonance. Link to Beautiful, The Diet, The Woman Who Shopped. I like the way Duffy mixes personal history and yes, shock tactics, plus she leaves just enough darkness to leave us guessing and wondering.

Pragmatic as ever, she decides to purchase a "turret". extensive expectations, more women having rights, patriarchy, opportunities and technology. Stereotypical view of women.. 8.5 Hostility towards male figures in this poem. 11.3 Importance of imagination and individual expression.

The use of a semantic triplet: "colder, a loner, no wiser." 2.2 Their bodies are presented as a means of identity and

3.3 Theme of media expectations being placed on women. I just used MWord and made jpeg images from screenshots. Vietnam: 1955 - 1975.

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Link to Tall and The Handmaids Tale. Peaceful tone, Like her, we wonder what it must be like to see a dead person, and what expression might cross our brows if we did. Theme of women in society taking up space, link to The DIet.

about her future, possible achievements, and allows her mind to be

3.4.1 Descent into anorexia as the poem

Search. Hubpages is good for this. In the final line of the first stanza we have a description of "her clothes", heralding the outward signs of other-ness. 10.2.1 Marks turning point in the anthology. both Duffy and Catherine Marcangeli.

society. Duffy might be saying, despite women having unique and exceptional talents, especially talented women are viewed as grotesque. industrial convergence emphasises progression of

New Possibilities with ExamTime's Flashcard Maker, Repaso prueba Revalida Enfermeria 2016 Parte:2, seis procesos de la ARH. Yet this does not deter her from continuing on her walk. About “Feminine Gospels” 2 contributors As the title suggests, the focus of Duffy’s collection Feminine Gospels is women. Linking historical markers to everyday reality, the point of this Gospel in Duffy's collection lies in the capitalisation of the word "Bricks". The ravine is named after "baba" or an "old woman" who was sold to the Dominican Monastery where the land is situated. The internal rhyme forms a series of rhythmic beats designed to mimic the action of walking: "down-town", "whooped" and "stooped", "stared" and "scared", "heart" and "chest" and "turned" and "fled". Beauty ideals Here, the tall woman desires to enter a bar.

8.2 Isolation of women, especially older women, by society.

This self-referential behaviour is the first time the character has looked at a reflection of herself. After an introductory module in which we think about the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy in general and the collection as a whole – and especially the implications of its title – the course continues with a reading and analysis of each of the twenty-one poems in the collection, one by one. Perhaps this is deliberate, as our persona goes on to get dreadfully drunk. Key features: asyndetic listing, internal rhyme, Key features: rhetoric, sibilance, caesura, litotes, Litotes: each stanza starts with a measure of time, 'not tonight', majority of which reference the future, Structure: trisects unequal length lines. As women were not actually present in any of the events, Duffy may be It would seem, despite the "chanting" of the crowds, she was unable to cure anyone. 12.3 Daughter is a symbol of hope.

Feminine Gospels. growing with the child throughout the poem. 13.2 Very personal poem. The religious leit-motif enhances the isolation the character experiences, as her special gift has become so extreme - she's now "thirty foot - growing" - and she's "no wiser". Some of these text boxes were very similar to this form of poetry. If she created her body to form a weapon, she's successfully adapting her gift of tall-ness to a new environment. These pieces take a long time to write and compose and draw on my years of experience as an English Literature teacher. The

2.3.1 Chronological order of women throughout history.