Gold inlay on clock window....Excellent condition and still working with chimes. Double Statue Clock Inquiry LOOKS TO BE MADE OF BRONZE WITH PORCELAIN FACE. The clock …, My Grandfather's Old Clock I only know that it was made somewhere in Europe, probably Germany, and it's much older than me. …, A chiming Mantel Clock I bought this clock for $5.00 at a garage sale and when I got it home, I discovered a key taped inside to wind it up and the date 1867 stamped twice inside …, Grandpa's Waterbury clock This clock has been passed down in the family. The word Pansy is in large bold letters at the top of …. Wanted to see the works but couldnt get into them …, Any value to this clock?

At the top of the dial it says 'Pat Mar 21-76. I know nothing about antiques and am wondering if anyone knows how to get these …, I would like information on how old a Sessions clock is It is a mantle 8 day key clock with the #322P on the inside back along with information on how the clock works and the name of the company. It is about 3 feet tall and 16 1/2" in wide. *Latest example seen with rear escapement movement was The …, Japanese Clocks I know NOTHING about this clock except that I found it tucked away in my Papa's barn last summer. The model is No. Philip Balcomb's book, The Clock Repair Primer gives a pretty good list of what basic tools you should have, without breaking the bank. I have been told its over a hundred years old. The clock and alarm work. I would like to sell …, Big Six Clock I think this clock may only date back to the early 1960's. 8 chimes at 12, 4 and 8. The only thing I found was an article written about "Pull Cord" …, Westbury RIchmond mantel clock Hello, …. model # 444 paton number 1510152529. It has a paper label on the back identifing it as NAVY NO. That is what is on …, L.F Moreau - a nice old clock. Sometimes, however, the dial may have the name of a retailer, or other special name that was requested by the customer. It says REGULATOR on it and it is a 31 day, Jupitor, made in Korea.

Made in New Haven, Conn USA That's all I know about the clock. It runs well, and had a very loud sound when it strikes. What is the origin of this clock. Hopefully someone can help me. high and 8 in. It is about 1 1/2 feet high, very ornate, roman numerals on face, below face painting with oyster shell. It is a horse with a clock shaped like a horse shoe. German Clocks Aprox 8 inches wide at the base.

I'm trying to date my Seth Thomas ship's deck clock. Tips to help you estimate the age and date of your antique clock.

Beautiful red roses are on the top of the …, Wag on wall clock It's from the French town of Paray le Monial and the name on the top is Rorat Monnet. Plate Height 88cm Any one know of this clock. Hi, Dale. The case is made out of some kind of black stone; …. I can not find an identical clock any where on line. With the correct time zone set, the digital display should accurately reflect the current local time. From the …, My old Welch Clock handed down to me. APL 28, 1896 and PAT. A "forgeron" is a blacksmith, hence …, William L Gilber Clock Company "Hawk" Model I received as a gift a "Hawk" model clock made by the William L. Gilbert Clock Company of Winsted, Ct. The design is very unique for the time frame it was made. When I first started my antique clock collection, the first thing I noticed was how little I knew about the clocks I had. He claims it was made in the 1920s, but I'm not so sure. Some of these styles are banjo, OOG, black mantel, beehive, steeple, lantern, iron, cottage, and many more. Says it on front …, Family Find in Garage This mantel clock is a Seth Thomas. My Father-in-law used to go to Europe to buy them and we inherited four of them, plus one from my …, Gustav Becker Clock Purchased in Germany sometime in the 1960's. The electric light is working, but the clock is not.

It is a black mantle, with …, E. Ingraham Clocks My husband recently purchased a clock and I would love to know more about it! I did find a picture …, Sam Sung Watch Mfg.

The clock itself …, Sailboat Clock by United Clock Corp.,,, Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. It measures about 9½" wide and 10" tall and on the front it has a flow blue or Delft style castle scene. My grandfather, when he was alive, knew that I liked clocks as a child, so he gave me an old electric clock. - …, Antique English Robert Williams Grandfather I know it is old and the EXACT make/model of one that is in our family. Harrison has an H&R Block accounting certification, a diploma in Medical Transcription from International Correspondence Studies and administrative assistance experience education. I have concentrated on the American clock companies for my collection, so there is much for me to learn about clocks from outside the US. Door is rectangular with small …, Black Forest hunters cuckoo clock My boyfriend's uncle was in World War 2. It is a wall clock without glass over the face.

"Celluloid, Adamantine and Seth Thomas", by On the front if the clock …, "Gilbert" brass, electric clock, Model 1501 The clock is round with a fence and horse The cab has a light when turned on the red …, Help me restore a Derry Mfg. The clock was made by the E. Ingraham Co. Many clock makers (and companies) put their names directly on the dial and on the movement. All I know is that it was made in Germany. Hello, Face plate has name Thwaite & Reed but no other identification. It's in need of a restoration. The time is on top face and it says "patented on Dec 28, 1875". On the face of the clock it is stamped with Seth Thomas, but inside where the pendulum is, it says manufactured …, Grandfather Clock I have a grandfather clock heirloom. side. I didn't know anything about the Sessions clock but I just loved this …, Ansonia clock...Clueless My Grandmother had this clock and she gave it to me before she passed. The 59.95 was the price of the clock in 1962. As a kid, I remember the chime had a very nice sound to it. I recently found a locomotive mantle clock last week, It's about 14 inches long & 8 1/2 inches high.

and News, NAWCC Bulletin, Volume 34/4, number 279, August 1992, pp. With a G in a diamond …, Mother's Gift This clock was given to my mother from my father approximately 35 years ago and is still going strong however we have never been able to find out the value …, Marble porcelain antique clock It is a Porcelain Mantel clock, two piece.

The problem would have been cause by someone setting the time by moving the hour hand. Does anyone know the approximate year it was made? I am assuming it is a Seth Thomas clock being that it has a trade …, Great, Great, Great grandmother's clock The information found on the clock is "1/20/14 Bouquet No. I have looked for months.

I have …, Eli Terry 1831 pillar and scroll Information on inside indicates the clock was made by Eli Terry and there is a signature on the flip side of the face that dates it as sold in 1831. She was uncertain if it's age or value, but guessed 50-70 years. I've had it about 30 years and it says "Gilbert 1807" on the face of it. Miller". It has what looks like hand painted porcelain scenes of hunting, and all pieces …, New Haven Banjo clock I recently purchased a New Haven banjo clock for my husband for Christmas on Ebay. Made in Bristol Conn. On the Face I had a rough idea of these clocks value, and this one is in exceptionally …, Help me find a value for my clock I bought it at a garage sale for $60. Modern and Reproduction Clocks I have a Ethan Allen (on face of clock) "Colonel Steeple Mantel Clock"(says on paper in side the clock) with German works. I bought this clock at an estate sale over 20 years ago. The label inside …, Help me identify my Waterbury clock  This clock was handed down by my father, to him from his father. Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc. Above: Date stamp from the I have an E.N. The key wind works. Wood, carved with a gold dial on the face and …, Machine Age Leans Toward Frank Lloyd Wright? …, Poppo Cockoo Clock I know little to nothing about this clock except that it was in great dis-repair when given to me. clock. Seth Thomas made clocks in marble cases for a short

Can you help …, Who am I? He had spotted it at work, in a coal storage room, and when the company went out of business, …, Unknown Clock, No name given I really know very little about this clock my grandfather picked it up from an antiques dealer in Guildford about 20 years ago.