Blue Chips” for this project. So NCT U or NCT overall got overshadowed. hen/one hen, two ducks/one hen, two ducks, three squawking geese...”. The melancholy dynamo: Deceased Artiste Robin Will... On the 'vulgarization' of Genet's 'The Maids', The 'announcer's test' and the nonsense lyric, The Insidious Doctor: Fu Manchu in the Media (part 1 of two), Sisterly Menace: Deceased Artiste Ann Prentiss, “Mean Jerry”: the underside of Deceased Artiste Jerry Lewis, The Insidious Doctor: Fu Manchu in the media (part two of 2), When ‘Eraserhead’ spanked Jerry Van Dyke’s daughter, Catch It While You Can: 'The Uncle Floyd Show' online, A ‘dirty story’ told by Deceased Artiste Michael Lonsdale, Stephen Kroninger's Drawger blog (many, many pitchas!

'Dear little duck!E was an elephant,Stately and wise:He had tusks and a trunk,And two queer little eyes.Oh, what funny small eyes!F was a fishWho was caught in a net;But he got out again,And is quite alive yet.Lively young fish!G was a goatWho was spotted with brown:When he did not lie stillHe walked up and down.Good little goat!H was a hatWhich was all on one side;Its crown was too high,And its brim was too wide.Oh, what a hat!I was some iceSo white and so nice,But which nobody tasted;And so it was wasted.All that good ice!J was a jug,So pretty and white,With fresh water in itAt morning and night.Nice little jug!K was a kiteWhich flew out of sight,Above houses so high,Quite into the sky.Fly away, kite!L was a lily,So white and so sweet!To see it and smell itWas quite a nice treat.Beautiful lily!M was a man,Who walked round and round;And he wore a long coatThat came down to the ground.Funny old man!N was a netWhich was thrown In the seaTo catch fish for dinnerFor you and for me.Nice little net!O was an orangeSo yellow and round:When it fell off the tree,It fell down to the ground.Down to the ground!P was a polly.All red, blue, and green,--The most beautiful pollyThat ever was seen.Poor little polly!Q was a quailWith a very short tail;And he fed upon cornIn the evening and morn.Quaint little quail!R was a rabbit,Who had a bad habitOf eating the flowersIn gardens and bowers.Naughty fat rabbit!S was the sugar-tongs,Nippity-nee,To take up the sugarTo put in our tea.Nippity-nee!T was a tortoise,All yellow and black:He walked slowly away,And he never came back.Torty never came back!U was an urnAll polished and bright,And full of hot waterAt noon and at night.Useful old urn!V was a veilWith a border upon it,And a ribbon to tie itAll round a pink bonnet.Pretty green veil!W was a watch,Where, in letters of gold,The hour of the dayYou might always behold.Beautiful watch!Y was a yew,Which flourished and grewBy a quiet abodeNear the side of a road.Dark little yew!Z was a zebra,All striped white and black;And if he were tame,You might ride on his back.Pretty striped zebra!

You are old, Mrs Windle, the schoolchildren called,

So nisce it really helps a lot especially to the young learners. AN IDYLL At the same time, the Beatle had befriended a Nigerian conga player named Jimmy Scott-Emuakpor, whose favorite expression at the time was “ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, brah.” Feel free to sing it that way next time you hear the familiar tune. Dean, born Kwon Hyuk (b. Nov. 10, 1992), is a South Korean alternative R&B singer-songwriter, rapper and producer based in the United States and South Korea. who told Jerry Lewis about “the announcer's test,” a

Which 1959 Jan and Dean US Top Ten release started with "Bom ba ba bom bab um dab um dab um wah wah wah Bom ba ba bom bab um dad um dab um wah wah wah Bom ba ba bom um dab um dad um dab um dab"?

(which most likely spawned Soupy's awesome. One of we never told secrets in classes. The jacket Dylan "borrowed from James Dean" can be seen on the iconic cover sleeve of his 1963 album The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan. (it has its own podcast, on which more below; I'm sure there Then girl groups of the 1960s kept this tradition going with hits like The Crystals' "Da Doo Ron Ron."